Can You Use A Bench As A Coffee Table? [DIY Coffee Table Ideas]

Can You Use A Bench As A Coffee Table?

Do you face problems while adjusting old benches in your living room? Well, it is a problem indeed. If you have an old bench and small space, you’ll likely throw it away or may ask, is it possible to use a bench as a coffee table? Well, here is your answer:

Benches can be used as a coffee table. These are movable inside the house, adjustable according to large and small seatings. Benches are used as a coffee table in two ways. One is using these with artistic decoration. Or by attaching upholsteries for dynamic style and comfort.

I have been working in the decorative industry for a long time. So, I can give you some useful tips that will surely help you to transform your rectangular benches into elegant coffee tables.

In this article, I am going to give you 2 DIY ideas on how to transform a bench into a coffee table along with the answers of a few related questions. Hence, consider reading this entire article If you want to use a bench as a coffee table:

DIY Idea- 1: Make Upholstery Coffee Table With A Bench:

Here, I give you the idea of customizing a bench by adding outer materials. Upholsteries bring a natural and dynamic style to your dining room. The fabrics add a texture of color that complements the whole furniture setup. Also creates an eye-pleasing environment inside the room. 

4 Steps To Make Upholstery Coffee Table With A Bench:

Adding upholsteries with your ordinary benches will give you an aesthetic and beautiful coffee table. Now, let’s start the 4 steps to make upholstery coffee table with a bench:

Step 1: Gathers The Needed Tools:

Let’s see what tools you need to complete the attaching work on the bench. The tools are as follows :

  • A Bench.

  • Cutting Saw.

  • Tape of Measurement

  • Foam.

  • Sand Paper.

  • Wood Staple Gun.

  • Upholstery Fabrics

  • Batting Covers.

  • Fabric Glue.

Before moving to the further steps, make sure that you gather all the above-mentioned tools.

Step 2: Prepare The Bench And Shape Its Legs :

Our practical steps begin from here. In this step you have to adjust your bench according to the desired height. The four legs of the bench are the same accurate size. Follow the process as I say :

  • First, decide at what height you want to keep your coffee table. will it stay a bit below the accent chairs, or stay on par with sofa sets? Take a measuring tape and calculate the length from the ground.
  • Now with the tape, measure the height of the bench too. Then calculate how much you should cut from each leg to match the desired length. Mark the cutting area of each leg with a pencil.
  • Flip the bench and take the wood saw. Or you can use an automated saw. If your bench legs are of metal, you’ll need a metal cutter saw.  Cut all the legs from the marked area. Now go to the next step.
  • Again flip and take sandpaper in hand. Now clear the base surface of the bench by rubbing sandpaper all over it. When it’s completely textureless, paint the surface with varnish or wood stain. spread it all over the base and legs through the brush. You can spray paint bench legs if it’s metal.  Leave it for at least 24 hours to dry completely.

Step 3: Adjust Upholstery Materials Together :

Once the bench is ready, it’s time for the upholstery setup. If your bench legs are detachable, then it’s easier for you to complete the setup. If it’s nondetachable, don’t worry. It won’t be a bigger problem. Let’s start the process :

  • Place the main foam block on top of your bench. Cut the foam with a scissor according to the size of the bench wood base.
  • Place the batting over foam and cut it as the main foam. Take out the batting block and apply fabric glue all over the side of it. Place it on top of the foam and apply pressure.
  • Make sure you have attached both things with glue. After that, you can use a batting cover over these two for more protection. cut it in a way so that the ends can reach the further back of the bench.
  • Now put your main upholstery fabric over all these three. Decide how you want your coffee table to look at: will it be kept round in corners, or you will keep it tighter?  According to the need, cut the extra fabrics.

Step 4: Connect All Materials With Bench To Form Coffee Table:

In step 3, you have sized all materials in the required length. Now you’ll have to adjust it with the bench. So follow these steps now:

  • First place the fabric on the surface. Then put the batting cover over it. Next place the glued foam-batting block over it. Remember the batting side should stay over the cover.
  • Flip your bench and place the wood base over the foam block. The next step is simple. Excess lengths of fabric and batting cover on sides will cover the bench now. All the sides and edges of the bench will be covered with upholstery materials.
  • Now take the wood staple gun and keep stapling fabric with the sides of the bench. Grab the fabrics and push them towards the center of the table. With another hand keep stapling till you reach the corners.
  • You can staple corners according to your wish. If you want to keep it tight, don’t keep the fabric corners loose while you staple. If you want to keep a visible crack on corners, flip the corners of the fabric left-right. As you do origami with papers. Then staple it.

That’s it. Your upholstery table is ready. You can additionally adjust two more things for more aesthetics. One is sewing buttons over the upholstery. Or covering the bottom part of the table with colorful fabrics.

DIY Idea- 2: Use A Bench As Coffee Table Through Decoration:

By following this DIY idea, you can completely change a bench look through decoration and minor tweaks. Those benches are not adjusted with upholstery, you can still use them as coffee tables with a few modifications.

And the minimal beauty will complement your surroundings. Let’s see how you use a bench as a coffee table through decoration:

1. Give A New Look to Old Benches:

The wood base of the bench, as well as the legs, loses shine over time, and becomes dull and faded. To

give them a proper new look you can do the following things:

  • Paint wood color all over the bench or the color that suits your imagination.
  • If you want to keep the natural look, use a wood stain or varnish. This will keep the woody texture over your bench.

2. Cover Bench Top With Aesthetics:

Many decorative elements can make your bench an elegant coffee table, such as greenery, candles, lanterns, books. Place these things in different styles and heights.  That will give the bench/table a mesmerizing look.

Let’s see some of the ways that can help you to decorate the table :

  • You can use a candle and book combination. What it means is you can use candlesticks on one side and keep books on the other. Or you can use candle lanterns for a more elegant look. This combination brings an archaic classic beauty to your coffee table.
  • The second style you can try is the greenery setup. Means bring green color over the table. You can place pots in the middle of the table covered with greens. A small pot covered with wreaths, or a small pot of moss tree. Green pops out and sets a refreshing mood that can make your day and evening.

3. The Tray Placement Over The Table:

A round or square-shaped tray introduces your ordinary bench as a coffee table. This is the center where you keep coffee serving elements. So, decorate it with beautiful things such as:

  • Small lego toys, flowers, showpieces.
  • Small murals, antiques, clay vases.
  • Designed serving cups such as clay, bamboo and sugar pots, etc.

5 Advantages of Using A Bench As A Coffee Table?

The advantages of using a bench as a coffee table are many. Here I point out such 5 advantages:

  1. You can place benches anywhere according to the situation.
  2. Can decorate it. 
  3. Can keep it in small gatherings as a coffee table.
  4. Keep things over it when there is a party in the house.
  5. Benches are safer for the toddlers.

Related Questions:

Can I Use a Garden Bench As A Coffee Table?

Garden benches can be a great alternative to a coffee table. You can either use a garden bench inside the dining room through decoration, or you can select a particular corner of the garden as a coffee place near the bench.

Should I keep The Height Of The Bench Coffee Table Lower?

The height of a coffee table depends on many things such as space,  preference etc. People see coffee tables as a socializing tool. Less focus is given to its functionality. So if it’s kept lower in height, it is good.

Can I Place A Rug Under a Bench Coffee Table For Decoration?

Rugs are placed to set the color tone over the floor. If you place a rug under the coffee table only, it’s not good. This creates a mismatch of color tone over the floor. Either place a rug all over the floor or don’t use it only under the coffee table.

Final Words:

Benches are a good alternative to coffee tables. The mobility makes them suitable in places. Also, the decoration needs minimal work. So if you have old benches, try using them as a coffee table. This will save your space and add a layer of beauty to your living room.


Hey guys, This is Md Muktar Hossain, I have been working on home / office furniture for a long time. I thought I would share things with everyone through a website. If you like my articles, please share them with everyone. Stay well Stay healthy.

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