Privacy Policy Of My Furniture Plan always ensures the security of its users and maintains privacy by all means. We strictly preserve your personal data and refrain from publishing or disclosing them to any third party. In Addition to that, we also don’t trade your information.

On this page, you will know how we get your information, what information we receive and store, and where this information goes. 

About Us:

We,,  are here to share ideas and content on furniture pieces. You are now on our website, and can contact us anytime at the said website when needed. 

Data We Keep And Why:


From the comments, you can post on our website, and we can only extract the information that is visible to you. Apart from that, we need to ensure the safety of our website. For that, we find the IP address that you have used. And for this security check, we use the Gravatar service. Check the terms and conditions of this service here

Apart from that, we never take any other information from your comments and discourage saving your email credentials or use them for commercial or promotional purposes. 


Generally, we don’t give access to our visitors to publish any content on our website. But, if we allow you to do so, kindly don’t add your location to it. If you do so, it can be a security threat for you as anyone can mine your location from it. 

Contact Form:

If you fill up and submit the contact form, we obtain your personal information. You may send information via email to us. When you send this data, we then extract your data from it. We keep this information only to serve you and solve your query. Once resolved, we don’t preserve the data. 

As we get your email ID, we get back to you to know your purpose for visiting us. We don’t use the data or email ID for trading or commercial purposes. 

Log File:

We collect a few log file data to obtain your browsing pattern on our website. This information also includes your browser details, IP address, the pages you have viewed, and the duration you have spent on our website. 

Affiliate Links:

We often use links to products through our affiliation programs with Amazon Affiliate Program, Google Adsense, and many more. We do this to advertise the products that are related to our service. But this doesn’t threaten your privacy. 


We often provide advertisements on other websites on to raise funds. But to embed those advertisements, the websites may deploy some cookies on our website. 

The cookies are applied for various reasons. The first reason is that you are browsing the website via a secured browser. For that, cookies check the IP address. Apart from that, cookies are used for geo-targeting so that the right advertisement reaches the right person. 

You are allowed to monitor some of these cookies. You can accept and decline some of the cookies. But when you do so, we may also lose accessibility to different sections of the website. 

However, it is good to put your data via cookies. It is completely safe and the information stays for one year only. The login data is discarded in two days. So, there is no chance of data infringement or misuse of the cookies. 


For the monitoring of the website and its performance, we use Google Analytics. This is an application to access your usage of our website. It involves your browsing technique, the pages you visit, the duration you spend on each page, and many more. 

All the data extracted by Google Analytics is used completely for analytical purposes. We determine our performance and form new strategies to improve our website. This is the only purpose of information obtained for Google Analytics.

In case you don’t want any involvement with Google Analytics, you can click here.

Duration Of Data Storage:

From the comment you post, we only keep the metadata and the comment. We don’t delete this just to track your following activities on our website. 

When you register to our website, we get to store your user profile data. Though you can’t change the username, you can remove or change the other information. However, the owner also holds the privilege to change the information. 

Your Rights:

You have the right to request your stored data record from us. After reviewing the data, if you think of deleting them, you can ask us to do so. We can discard all your information. However, some very basic information is kept just for our safety.


If you need to know more about our privacy policy, you can mail us at You can request information via this email ID. 

Financial Data:

Kindly note that no monetary data is stored by us. As we use secured payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc., the privacy policy of those websites is followed for the payments. We don’t interfere in this and don’t collect any data.