Can You Use A Sofa At A Dining Table?

Can You Use A Sofa At A Dining Table

The word ‘fusion’ has so many dimensions, so far interior designing is concerned. One of the recent successful experiments of this arena is taking the dining space to the living room sofas. This is a new trend for the last few years. But can you use a sofa at a dining table for real?

You can easily use a sofa at a dining table, replacing or combining it with the existing chairs. It will bring comfort to your dining. It will also ensure a fresh and new look to your house. The idea is superb for space management too. But you need to choose well-matching sofas for the dining table.

It is a helpful idea if you live in a new-age condo. You can turn your living room into a living-cum-dining space. It will be a pleasant experience if you have a large and spacious apartment. It will also facilitate extra lounging options for you.

I have been in the interior design business for the last 10 years. This article will let you know about all the aspects of using a sofa at a dining table. As a bonus, I will give away some important tips on this too.

3 Reasons To Use A Sofa At A Dining Table:

Reasons to use a sofa at a dining table can vary for people of different leagues. Here I will give you three reasons to do that:

1. To Make Your Dining Space More Comfy:

You may have noticed that most of the modern dine-in restaurants have sofas for their customers to have a meal. The coziness that a sofa alone can offer, will relax your nerves and calm your mind, which creates a perfect condition to enjoy your meal even more.

After all, eating is a basic instinct of humans. If you can make the experience pleasant enough, you will be doing yourself a favor. For the guests, sofas are the most relaxing place to be. They will enjoy your company and your meal even more if they remain on a sofa. 

2. Best Management Of Space:

Most of us are not happy with the total space we get to live in. The scarcity of space is a reality of today. If you cannot change reality, you have to think of a way to cope with it. I believe it is a revolutionary idea to blend your dining space with your living room.

It will make your room look tidier than before. There will be some empty spaces in the house for the pleasure of your and your guests’ eyes. It is a good enough reason for you to use a sofa at a dining table if you have a smaller house.

3. Increased Productivity:

Many of us work from home. Some do creative activities like writing or drawing too. If the sofa of your house has a dining table in front of it, you can use this table to put your laptop or do some writing and drawing on it.

The seamless comfort of your living room along with the useful countertop of your table, will boost up your concentration and increase your overall productivity.

4 Things To Consider While Using A Sofa At A Dining Table:

Before using a sofa at a dining table, you should consider some factors. I am explaining them here:

1. Height Of The Sofa:

The default design of a typical sofa makes them lower than a dining chair. If you do not address this issue, your childhood memories may return, when you had to try hard just to take a look at the dining table

So, carefully measure a sofa before setting it with a dining table. If the sofa is not high enough, you can make it higher by hiring a professional. You can add layers of plywood under the legs of a sofa to do the job.

2. Avoid Sofas With Arms:

While having a meal at the dining table, you should be able to move your hands freely. A sofa with arms can be an obstacle to do that. It also creates an impression of confinement which ruins the idea of comfortability. So avoid sofas with arms when thinking of using them at the dining table.

3. Use A Wipeable Sofa:

Make sure the sofa is made from such a material that it can easily be wiped with a moist towel. At a dining table, no one can be alert all the time to refrain from spilling some juice or any other food item on the sofa. 

Keeping in mind that there will be accidents at every meal, choose a sofa made with soft leather, rexine, or any other synthetic material which is easily wipeable.

4. Keep Cushions:

If you have to move forth and back countless times while having a meal, you can get exhausted. Using a typical sofa will make you lean forward to have your bite. To save yourself and others at the dining table from this unnecessary workout, place soft and firm cushions as a support for your backs.

Commonly Asked Questions About Using A Sofa At A Dining Table:

What Other Furniture Can Go In A Dining Space?

Times are changing. The typical look of the dining space is fading away quickly. To be with the flow, you can add a TV Screen in a dining space. It may spice up the little chitchats of the dinner. You can keep a smart sideboard in your dining space. They are both useful and good-looking.

Can You Keep The Dining Table Behind The Sofa?

Except for mealtimes, you can put your dining table just behind the sofa. By this, you will get a table at your reach to be used for multiple purposes. If decorated with some show-pieces, it will enhance the beauty of your living room.

Can You Use A Settee Instead Of A Sofa At A Dining Table?

Small settees are normally a little higher than sofas. They are also straighter than a sofa. If sofas are too much for you for a dining table, you can easily go for a settee. Settees offer more designs than sofas.

Can You Use A Collapsible Table With Sofas?

You can consider using a collapsible table as your dining table with sofas. This will further enrich your space management. By this, the traditional look of your living room will not be lost and you will not be deprived of a comfortable dinner on a sofa.


Bottom Line:

Growing population and scarcity of space are two sides of a common coin. Humans have always managed to invent solutions for new crises. Effective space management is the answer to unabated population growth. Now that you know how to use a sofa at a dining table, you are now more fit for the new world.


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