8 Coffee Table Alternatives For Small Living Rooms

Coffee Table Alternatives For Small Living Rooms

If you’re living in a small space like me, I’m sure you have to deal with the dilemma of not having enough spaces for all your things. This can be especially challenging when it comes to furniture items such as coffee tables.

Coffee tables are popular decorative pieces that provide a surface for books and magazines as well as an attractive addition to any living room or den. However if you live in a smaller space then it’s best to avoid these items because this will make your home feel cluttered.

So if you’re looking for an alternative that’s both stylish and functional, then keep reading! In this blog post, I’ll explore 8 coffee tables alternatives for small living rooms along with other topic-related information.

You may also find these alternatives useful if your house is undergoing renovations or repairs and has limited available floor space. I hope this blog post helps make life a little bit easier by providing some creative solutions:

8 Best Coffee Table Alternatives For A Small Living Room:

If your living room is a smaller size, it can be challenging to find furniture that fits. Coffee tables are an excellent example of this dilemma; they’re often too big for small spaces and add clutter. 

But don’t despair! There are a number of coffee table alternatives available to fit any sized space. Here, I present you the 8 best coffee tables alternatives for a small living room:

  1. Console Table:

You can add a console table to your living room. These are often the perfect size and can be used to put anything from lamps, candles, family photos, or even plants on them! 

Console tables can be found in every shape and size. Therefore you’ll find one that suits your needs. They also offer an excellent surface for setting drinks, books, and magazines on.

  1. Tray Or Tabletop:

Use a tray or another tabletop instead of a coffee table. This is one of  the best options if you are looking for something that can be easily moved elsewhere when not being used but will still look good as an accent piece.

A tray can also be used to hold drinks, books, and magazines while a tabletop may work better with something like plants or lamps.

  1. Ottoman:

You can easily add an ottoman instead of a coffee table! Ottomans can be seen in different sizes and shapes. Henceforth it will be easy for you to find one  that fits your needs.

Moreover, you can use them to store extra blankets, pillows, or other items when they’re not in use.You should use an ottoman because they’re more functional and easier to store than a coffee table.

  1. Desk: 

Another great coffee table alternative is a desk that can be used to store items when it’s not being used. These desks are often part of an office set or the perfect size for storing laptops, papers, and other documents. You may also want to use one as a makeshift dining table if you don’t have space in your dining area.

  1. Sideboard:

Add a sideboard instead of a coffee table! Sideboards are an excellent option because they offer more storage space. Furthermore, they are easy to access while also giving you another surface to place things.

  1. Bench Or Chair:

Instead of a coffee table, try adding two chairs and a bench. This can be an excellent option if you have limited space in your living room because it’ll give you additional seating as well.

Coffee tables often leave just enough room for one person to sit comfortably on the couch, so this is another way to make space available for more people.

  1. Book Shelf:

This is a perfect option for those with smaller living rooms or apartments. Book shelves are often large and can be used as coffee tables in order to give you additional surface space. Moreover, many bookshelves have spaces within them that may offer storage compartments where you can store books, magazines, candles, etc. 

Another bonus is that you can decorate them in a way that complements your living room. You may choose to paint the book shelf or display framed photos on it, for example.

Lastly, if done properly they offer an excellent surface space for setting drinks and other items on when not being used. If you don’t want anything on the shelves, they can also be used to store things in.

  1. Side Table:

Lastly, you can use a side table in place of your coffee table! These are often a good option if you don’t want to spend too much money on an additional piece of furniture or space is limited because they’re smaller and usually come as part of the sofa set. Coffee tables also typically take up more space than side tables.

Different Types Of Materials That You Can Place In A Living Room:

Coffee table alternatives for small living rooms are a big deal because of the space they take up. Coffee tables can be large and bulky, making it challenging to have enough room in a smaller home. 

However, here I have listed some different types of materials that you can place in a living room:

  • A Rug:

This can be an area rug or a small one for the coffee table. Either way, this will also add some extra cushion to your seating arrangement and is particularly good if you have hardwood floors in your living room that could use more of a cushion than they already get with furniture on top of them. Plus, it’s good for your feet!

  • A Basket:

If you don’t have a coffee table, why not use an attractive and fun basket instead? This can be filled with books or magazines that are easy to grab when somebody is interested in them and become a display piece for other decorative items like plants or art pieces.

  • Magazine Rack:

This is another piece of furniture that doesn’t need much space to make a significant impact. An empty wall can often be used as a magazine rack, and the shelves will provide space for displaying other decorative items like artwork or plants.

  • Coffee Table Books:

If you have extra room to put one in your living room, why not display some coffee table books? This is another place where you can add some additional decor, and it’s a great way to show off some of your interests without taking up any additional space.

  • Coffee Table Plants:

Contrary to popular belief, you can have coffee table plants and still be able to put your feet on the ground! The most significant fact about them is that they are low enough for somebody sitting in a chair or couch to see over them. Certain types of plants will even grow in coffee table baskets like the ones mentioned above.

  • Paintings:

There are several ways to display this, but one creative idea is to hang it on the wall and use books or other decorative objects as an accent underneath it so as not to take up any additional space in your living room.

  • Coffee Table Accessories:

You can store things like remotes, chargers, and spare TV glasses in a coffee table basket or magazine rack as well to help keep them out of the way and make your living room look nice at the same time!

13 Tips To Decorate Small Living Rooms Without A Coffee Table:

In this part of my article, I’ll give you 13 superb tips to decorate small living rooms without a coffee table:

  1. Use a bench or ottoman for seating that can be tucked away when not in use.

  1. Put up bookshelves to give off an inviting vibe and create some ambiance with shelf decorating ideas, such as candles, flowers, plants, figurines, etc.

  1. Add accent pieces around the room instead of one focal point. This means using a chair or two in place of the coffee table and piling up pillows to create an inviting spot for lounging.

  1. Add some plants around the room to bring life into it. Adding plants can also help purify the air.

  1. If you lack shelving space, put your books on display by using book stands or wall shelves.

  1. Hang up a sleeper sofa to make it seem more spacious and give the living room some versatility.

  1. Use scented candles, plants, or other items that give off a fresh scent to make your living space feel less stuffy.

  1. Consider adding artwork and decorations, such as wall art with personalized messages.

  1. Place side tables in front of couches instead of the coffee table.

  1.  Use a large framed mirror to make the room feel bigger and more spacious.

  1.  Hang up on art you love. It will add character and personality. It is not necessary for you but something too expensive or fancy artwork.

  1.  Place an accent rug in one of those corners that are not used for seating – instead, use them as coat racks or shoes.

  1.  If you really wish to make your living room look amazing, then you must work with your space to create an aesthetically pleasing look for guests who will feel comfortable while also being used as needed! Coffee table alternatives are not just tables. They are art pieces that can be used in different ways to create a cozy space!

Related Questions:

How Do You Make Space In A Small Living Room?

There are many ways to make space in a small living room. Some are already mentioned above. However, below I’ll give you some effective ideas on how do make space in a small living room:

  • Using an ottoman as seating or for storage when not in use,

  • Using a sleeper sofa to create more floor space and versatility, 

  • Adding plants that can purify the air, 

  • Utilizing wall art with personal messages on it like “Home Sweet Home” (or anything else you find meaning in), 

  • Hanging up art, 

  • Adding accent pieces around the room instead of one focal point.

What Are Some Alternatives To A Coffee Table? 

Some Coffee Table Alternatives can be benches or ottomans that may also double as storage when not needed, shelves for displaying decor and bookshelves with different shelving ideas, accent pieces to create a cozy space (such as wall art and other decorations), different types of framed mirrors for the room.

How Do You Place A Coffee Table Alternative In A Small Room?

As discussed before, many factors dictate where and how much space coffee table alternatives take up. If you are looking for coffee table alternatives to be a focal point of your living room, consider placing them in front of the sofa or couch.

If you are looking for coffee table alternatives as an accent piece, try using them along one wall with other furniture such as end tables and lamps.

Which Accessories May I Use In My Coffee Table Alternative?

There are many different accessories that you can use for your coffee table alternative. Some ideas include hanging up art, adding accent pieces around the room instead of one focal point (such as using an ottoman or bench), and using framed mirrors to make a small living space feel bigger!

Make sure to have some plan whether placing a coffee table alternative in front of the couch or sofa for more seating options. Using a coffee table alternative as an accent piece to create a cozy space with your favorite art pieces and decor.

How Do You Make Your Coffee Table Alternative More Comfortable?

One way to add comfort is by adding pillows on any Coffee Table Alternative you are using! You can also use an accent pillow or two to show some personality as well. Another option is to hang up art on the wall!

What Can You Do With A Coffee Table?

If you have no space for the coffee table, or if it’s too bulky in your small living room, try using an ottoman that doubles as storage when not needed; hang up framed mirrors to make the room feel bigger or use a large framed mirror. 

Furthermore, you can add art. Everyone loves to add character and personality! Coffee tables are not just for sitting-they can be used as an accent piece in your small living space while also being able to have other uses such as plants that purify air or shelves of decor items like candles, flowers, plants, figurines, etc.


Whether you have a small living room or lots of guests, there are plenty of coffee table alternatives that can fit your needs. I’ve covered some great options for any space and budget; now it’s up to you to find the perfect one! If this post helped at all, please let me know in the comments below.


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