How To Attach Glass Table Top To Wood? [A Complete Guide]

How To Attach Glass Table Top To Wood

I wonder if you are thinking of home decor furniture to bring a luxury look to the home. Attaching a tabletop to wood can give a glamorous look to enlighten your home. But, if you don’t know the right process of how to attach a glass tabletop to wood, It would be a difficult job for you. To know the whole process, stick to this article.

Before beginning the process to attach the glass tabletop to wood, there are a lot of things, like the transparency issue or the thickness of the glass to think about. I would use epoxy glue too as this is the only method that’s worked for me every time. I just lather the glue on each contact point of the glass and affix it on top of the wood. 

This article will give you all the insights on this topic. Keep reading to be a pro in attaching glass slabs to wood. 

4 Steps To Attach A Glass Table Top To Wood

Attaching a glass tabletop to wood would seem to you a daunting task if you are a beginner. The following steps would help you start the process to attach a glass tabletop to wood. Let’s dive into the steps. 

Step-1: Gather Equipment

Before beginning with the glass attaching process, you’ll have to gather some equipment first. The equipment that you need depends on what method you’ll use to attach the glass tabletop to the wood. Here is a list of all the supplies:

  • Screws, 
  • Screwdriver, 
  • Glue, 
  • Magnets, etc.

I had a hard time trying to fit a glass top to wood. This is because no matter what method I used, the glass would keep moving or it wouldn’t attach properly in the first place. Even that elegant look that you’re opting for may backfire on you for this reason. 

I mean, you’re working with wood and glass where everything’s see-through. So, after deciding on a good technique, take measures to ensure your glass tabletop stays in place. 

Step-2: Make Points

Take your glass slab and place it on top of the wooden base. Adjust according to your liking. Then, mark the contact points of the glass and the wood with a marker (use a washable one). 

When you apply a technique and immediately place the glass top over the wood without any preparations, the glass may not attach very well and keep moving around. If you’re using glue, the glue may dry off before you set it in place. This is why mark the points where you’ll place the glass on the wood. 

Step-3: Cleaning

Wait, you can’t start placing the glass on top of the wooden base yet. You’ll have to clean both of the surfaces first with fresh water. You can use an old rag wet with soap water and wipe the wood. Then, with the help of paper towels, dry the wooden surface as it can swell. 

For the glass, use a clean towel and wipe the glass dry before spray cleaning the whole glass again and use the same towel to clean it. Later using paper towels, dry clean the glass and set both the glass and wood aside for some minutes. 

Step-4: Attach The Glass

Now comes the moment we’ve been waiting for. Follow any one of the methods below to attach the glass to the wood. The following methods focus on all of the criteria and make it impossible for the glass to move around. 

Adhesives, bumpers, suction cups, magnets, and velcros are the most used methods for affixing a glass tabletop to wood. I’ve personally tried every one of them and have gotten amazing results. Find out which one works for you. 

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Attach A Glass Table Top To A Wooden Base

Even though using a glass tabletop sounds like the best option for your wooden table, you’ll also have to worry about design, structure, durability, base, and whatnot. Find and follow a technique that best suits your needs. 

1. Using Adhesives 

When you’re using a large glass top on top of a small base, you’ll need a strong and durable adhesive for this. But, if you’re looking for a permanent solution, I’d suggest using a crystal clear and flexible silicone adhesive. You can remove the glue with a razor blade if needed.

This one will also provide a strong grip and is somewhat sufficient for most glass tabletops. Make sure you put enough pressure on the silicone before it dries out. If it’s still hard for the glass to stick to the wood, then go for polyurethane glue (recommended by pros). 

Put large amounts of the glue till you’re content with the placement of the top. Nobody will be able to figure out what you used to keep the glass in place as the silicone can’t be seen after it dries out. Industrial epoxy glues work best for large bases or tables that don’t have much contact with the glass in general. 

You have to be careful with the glue though as it dries quicker than most adhesives. It’ll be hard to move the glass instantly after placing it on top of the wood. So, get a partner for some assistance and prepare all the essentials in advance before setting the glass in place. 

2. Using Self-Adhesive Bumpers

These adhesive rubber discs are so tricky to work with, let me tell you. They offer a semi-permanent solution and can be easily removed with elbow grease and WD-40 if needed. 

But, that’s not the main point. After clear silicone, the most effective technique used to hold glass is with these self-adhesive bumpers. It’s best to stick with clear adhesive pads as they’ll keep the glass in place besides keeping it scratch-free and protecting it from further damage. 

Simply stick two to four pads under the glass before setting it on top of the wooden table. Just make sure you hold the disc from the sides unless you want fingerprints of your hard work to be visible.

Clear adhesive rubber discs can be found in combos online or in the local store. It’s better to buy them from a local store as you’ll be able to see the exact shape and size of the rubber pads. 

3. Using Suction Cups

Suction cups may not seem like the best idea to affix a glass top in place but it’s a great option for temporary adjustments. It’s more manageable when taking measurements and easier to remove in case you think about moving out someday.

This gives a minimal look to the furniture and secures the glass in place. And like I said, this works for temporary fixings. So take caution if you move around the table a lot. 

Take four of these suction cups. Mark all four sides of the glass. If it’s a rectangular glass, mark down the center of each side. And if it’s a circle, then draw two diameters that correspond to the x-y graph (you drew them in schools, come on) and mark those four points. 

Drill down each of the holes of the cup along with the small cylindrical nub and tighten it if needed. And there you have it, a full-time coffee table now!

4. Using Magnets

Rare earth magnets can do wonders for glass tabletops. Honestly, it’s an underrated option but a great one, nonetheless. You can find such magnets at Cheapot or online stores that sell furniture essentials. 

You’ll only need two or four Neodymium (OD) magnets measuring ½-¾, depending on how big the glass slab is. Take a fastener that matches the size of the magnet you’re going to embed and 

Now, use one of the magnets under the glass and carefully place the other one on top of the base. You can even use a bigger magnet to pull the one you will be using in the stump. 

This works perfectly only because of the stability that a magnet can provide and we all know how powerful magnets can be. These are also called n52 magnets as they’re the highest grade of magnets available. 

5. Using Velcro

Here comes everyone’s favorite choice when affixing glass to a base. Velcros, originally made by NASA, can be used for periodic removals or testing to ensure that your glass fits the wooden base. 

You can use epoxy glue, putty, suction cups, magnets, bumpers, hardware, etc. to permanently attach the glass to the wood after mounting the tape to the wood. Or, you can leave it as it is. No harm will come to the wooden table. 

You must match the velcro mounting tape with the table color. Darker colors like black or gray and a neutral color like white won’t be hard to match but it’s still better to go for the exact color as the base. 

Use waterproof or weatherproof or both together if possible, for best results. This is to lengthen the span of your beautiful little wooden furniture. Attach the tape to the top of the table and remove the sticker from the other side of the tape. Carefully place the glass on top of the velcro adhesive tape. 

Velcro adhesive tapes can hold up to 40lbs weight. So, use the strongest tape available if you’ll be using it on a wooden surface. Scotch and Gorilla are some mentionable examples. 

You don’t have to wait for it to dry or anything, don’t worry. You still may see the tape from the outside depending on how color transparent the tape is. But who can refuse to take advantage of such a cheap but effective technique?

3 Tips To Attach Glass Table Top To Wood

Wood has to deal with weather changes like rain, heat, humidity, etc. throughout the seasons. This is why you can’t be picky with your choices as it’s hard to ensure that your wooden furniture will last for years. Keep these 3 tips in mind before attaching the glass to the table.

  • Silicon needs pressure to permanently stick to the base furniture. It’s called a PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) for a reason.

It takes about a whole day for the glue to dry and lasts for more than 10 years. Try using a fortified smoke glass top that’s pre-drilled. This secures the glass to the log base.

  • If it’s a wooden base with fewer or narrower points of contact, use a dry-erase marker to mark the places on top of the glass that you’ll be attaching to the table.

Opt for a temporary solution if your base doesn’t have multiple contact surfaces. You won’t have to worry about the glass sliding often then. Also, if you’re a person who changes locations often, then opt for a technique that’ll make the glass unmovable but replaceable. That way, you can remove the glass top when you’re moving out.

  • You should be careful when working with strong magnets like N52. They can even bring blood to the fingers—another reason to keep it away from kids. Attaching tempered glass to wood with N52 magnets can be dangerous. This is most people’s choice when attaching it to a wooden table. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Protect Wood Table With Glass Top?

Wood tables can be saved from all sorts of crises just by covering them with a glass top. I mean, the last thing you want your wood to have is scratches, dirt marks, dents, etc. 

So if you use a glass slab, you will still be able to appreciate the wooden furniture and provide an extreme level of protection to the table. It also makes the table look nice and extends its life. 

Wooden furniture that’s unprotected requires more attention and frequent cleaning. Instead of covering that rich-hued table with a cloth, use a clear piece of glass to protect the wood. 

Glass is inexpensive and comparatively easier to find in stores, be it online or offline. Invest in a huge piece of glass tabletop to cover your wooden table with and see how that escalates the beauty of your table  

What Is The Best Adhesive For Gluing Glass To Wood?

An epoxy adhesive would be the best choice if you want to glue a glass tabletop to a wooden table. It is guaranteed to form a strong bond and dries faster compared to other adhesives. 

Use 2-part epoxy named PC-7 to glue the glass to the wood. You can also use branded adhesives like Loctite Epoxy Instant Mix or Loctite 0151 Hysol. Be careful as this attaches the glass permanently to the wooden surface. 

How Do You Keep A Glass Tabletop From Sliding?

If you’ve used any one of the above methods, I guarantee you that the glass won’t even move an inch. All of these techniques provide at least a semi-permanent solution and increase the lifespan of both the wood and glass. 

But if your glass tabletop moves around even after using huge dollops of glue, magnets, or bumpers, then you can use Museum Putty to stop your table from wiggling. 

This is a great and cheap option for temporary fixings. It won’t have the same effect as silicone or polyurethane but it’s reasonable for the price it’s sold for. 

Can You Use N52 Magnet To Attach A Glass Tabletop To A Wooden Table?

You can use N52 magnets to attach even the thickest of glasses. It’s the highest quality magnet available in the Neodymium range. N52 means Neodymium, strength 52. 

Neodymium magnets are made from a combination of elements like Boron (B), Iron (Fe), and Neodymium (Nd) itself. They’re also known as NdFeB magnets. These strong magnets fall in the rare-earth magnet series because of their high build quality. 

Surface tension, solubility, and density—all of these sum up to provide you with the highest strength of magnetization. Neodymium is used to join two heavy surfaces together. 

You can use it to attach a glass tabletop to your wooden base. N35-N52 is the common type of magnet used by many but N52 is highly recommended for holding fragile or replaceable items. They come in different sizes and thicknesses. Choose one that’s best for attaching the pieces you want to attach. 

Final Verdict

Glass can accentuate the beauty of your wooden base with its sheer texture. It’s a non-abrasive solution for sustenance and regular cleaning. You won’t even need expensive cleaning products to keep the glass shining. This way, you’ll be able to preserve the furniture’s polished look for years to come. 

Make sure you read all the cautions and tips given first to avoid damaging the wood and the glass. Augment the functionality and aesthetics of your lovely household just by spicing things up with glass.


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