How To Have A Yard Sale Without Tables? [By Minimum Effort]

How To Have A Yard Sale Without Tables?

Everyone wants to make good cash. There are many ways to make a good earning. Having a yard sale can be one of them. In current times, a common question asked more frequently is, if you can have a yard sale without tables.

You can sell yard tables If you can decorate a yard well. Not only that, you can sell any used product here. Some strategies you need to keep in mind to fill the lack of tables. This strategy will help you finish your yard sale quickly.

This article will let you know the steps to have a yard sale without tables. Moreover, you will also know the descriptions of props that are used instead of tables, and some tips and tricks to increase your yard sales. Let’s get started:

7-Ways To Have A Yard Sale Without Tables:

You may want to do a yard sale, but for some special reason you are not able to use the table, or you do not have a good table for it. But, no panic! Just follow the below steps that I’m going to share with you, by which you can sell your products without a table.

01. Advertising:

Advertising is a very effective aspect of yard sales. Many people are looking for yard sales. When you promote, buyers can come from far and wide. This AD should start about 1 or 2 weeks before the sale starts. If you have a public message box nearby, you can hang your yard sale ad there. You can also hang out at various shops and coffee shops.

Also, on the following day before the yard sale, hang a sign at all street corners around your house indicating yard sale. Write this sign manually so that the text is large enough for everyone to see from the moving vehicle. Also, add direction arrows, date of sale, and time. You can write whatever you want. Remember that everyone should find this place.

02. Hide Products You Don’t Want To Sell:

You should not keep your favorite things that you do not want to sell from the yard sale. Otherwise, you will get tired of answering the questions of the people who come to the yard sale. 

There may be people who will bother you, again and again, to buy what you do not want to sell. If you can’t move your favorite products, at least cover them with blankets or tarps. 

03. Decorate The Place:

Since you will be selling yards, you should keep all your house clean. No matter how good the product is if it is kept in an unclean place. You can create a checklist for this. Hang colorful paper designs around your yard sale. You can hang colorful balloons to create a festive atmosphere. Remember, the more people you attract, the higher your sales will be.

04. Pricing:

If you do not set the price, you will be tired of bargaining with buyers. So, you can set different prices for each product. While this is a bit of a hassle, you should take the time to do it. Set a standard or reasonable price for your yard sale products to make a balance between the products and their quality.

Remember, the price of this yard sale should be lesser than the retail price in the market. This is why many people are interested in this yard sale. You can divide your products into different categories, and set one price for each category, such as $ 1 for kitchen accessories, 50 cents for any book, etc. Hang these prices through a tag. Remember, the product should not have old tags on it.

05: Use Unique “Props” To Display Items:

Since you don’t use tables, it’s best to use “props” to display items. Here I am talking about different types of “props” for example, ladder, vehicle, vintage suitcases, antique oil lamps, coat tree, garment rack, cake stand, and porch.

  • Use The Ladder:

If you want to sell clothes, the best way is to use a ladder. I think the ladder can be used to display clothing items in a good way. You can use all the steps of the ladder to display the clothing items. You can use color paper to enhance the beauty of this ladder. This color paper should be rolled up with tape on the standard frame of the ladder.

  • Use Your Vehicle:

If you have a vehicle, you can use it for the yard sale. This will increase your nobility. People will think positively about your product. It also proves that the quality of your products is good. As a result, the yard will be sold quickly. 

Besides, you can arrange the products on your vehicle, take pictures, and use them in advertisements. I think this will increase your yard sales.

  • Vintage Suitcases: 

Do you have a suitcase/trunk? Many people like this. And to be honest, I think vintage suitcases are a box of secrets. You can use these in different ways in your yard sale. Since the yard sale is without tables, you can pile up this suitcase or trunk. 

You can also put small things on this stacked suitcase. These can also be used as excellent props for photo sessions.

  • Antique Oil Lamps:

If you find your old antique oil lamps, this yard sale will add a new dimension. They may be worn out, but if you can clean them well and light candles or decorate them with flowers, they will look very gorgeous.

No man does not want to see his beloved by candlelight in the dark of night. The soft light of antique oil lamps makes everyone romantic. If your buyer is married, this antique lamp can make him nostalgic.

  • Use Coat Tree or Garment Rack:

It doesn’t look good if you put your clothes on a sheet on the ground.

You can use a coat tree or a garment rack to keep the clothes organized. This coat tree attracts buyers much more than spreading clothes on the ground.

Make sure your clothes are not dirty or twisted. If there is no rack for the yard sale, you can arrange to hang clothes by hanging rope between two trees.

  • Use A Cake Stand To Hang Jewelry:

There is no problem in arranging your big furniture, but you cannot arrange small things like earrings, nose pins, finger rings, etc. These are more likely to get lost easily. You can use a cake stand so that all the buyers can see the Jewelry products better. 

You can hang small things on this cake stand. You can also hang it on a foam-core board or put it in a teacup.

  • Use Your Porch:

You can use your porch to decorate different items. You can even use your driveway. You can use thick cloth or plastic tarpaulin to keep the products on the veranda or driveway. The big advantage of this is that people will be able to see the product while moving as the products are arranged on both sides of the driveway.

06: Beautifying The Products:

Yard sale is a DIY project. Upgrade your products a bit before selling the yard. You can get a big profit from this. Don’t forget to clean your old things. If you have wooden furniture, try to brighten them up. If it is metallic, you can paint it.

Remember, traditional items don’t need to be colored, because their age will pay a good price. These antiques must be thoroughly cleaned.

07: Be Creative With Sales Ideas:

Since you have to handle the yard sale, you have to be creative with the sale. So, choose a name for the sale. This will attract more buyers. People of any profession should understand it easily. When a customer sees a product, you can show other products related to it. 

Consider what a person needs, such as children not getting benefited from adult things. If you are creative with your sales, you are more likely to sell your product quickly.

5 Tips For Yard Sale Growth Without Tables: 

Yard sales are always a complex and time-consuming affair. In addition, it is one of the best ways to raise funds. With yard sales, you will get rid of your old products while making some money that can bring a smile to your face. Below are some tips to help plan your yard sale so that you can implement your plan well.

Tip-1: Use Technology:

Currently, a large portion of buyers uses social media. So, you should make proper use of it. You will post about yard sales on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to share with your friends. This will allow you to find more buyers. Specify the place, time, and answer everyone’s questions.

Tip-2: Directional Signal:

This will save your buyers from being misled. This is a great way to get everyone’s attention. For this, you can use cardboard or use poster board. Write the texts clearly and mark them with directional arrows. You can use different directional arrows for different categories so that they can understand which thing is in which direction.

Tip-3: Look At Your Price:

Honestly, people think that yard sales are a good thing at a low price. So, they come there. But, if you increase the price without thinking about the customers, your sales will be less, which is normal. The price of a product at a yard sale should be lesser than the market retail price.

Tip-4: Digital Payment System:

Nowadays, people use different apps to pay their bills after shopping. This is something you have to think about, because many people may not have cash. If you do not manage this, sales will be affected. However, you can set up an app like Venmo or PayPal, Square, to collect bills from buyers.

Tip-5: Put A Smile On Your Face:

One thing to keep in mind is that your customers may be from far away, so a smile on your face and a cup of coffee are enough to relieve their fatigue. You will see how much your sales have increased. 

You have to be tolerant like a product you asked for $ 40, if he wants to pay $ 35, you should not be angry. If you give that thing, you will see that he will buy the next product and pay a good price.

Related Questions:

How To Write An Ad For A Yard Sale Without Tables?

Talk about your product as much as possible. For instance, If it is clothes, what is its size, color, what brand, all these things should be mentioned. In this way, you will mention the questions related to other products in the answer Ad. Never lie about the product if there is a problem. This will increase your sales. It is better to add pictures with it.

What Should You Not Sell At A Yard Sale Without Tables?

Don’t sell expensive things here, such as

  • Antiques;

  • Paintings;

  • Quality jewelry.

You don’t even have to pick up high-quality furniture, such as:

  • Sofa;

  • Bed;

  • Cupboard.

When Is It Best To Start a Yard Sale Without Tables?

Starting a yard sale could be a great initiative to make money. But, you need to know the proper time to start your yard sale.  You can follow the table below to select the appropriate time to start your yard sale.

Friday, Saturday, and SundayThe sale Starts From 7:00 am
Beginning Of SpringSuitable Time To start A Yard Sale

How Do You Show Children’s Clothes At A Yard Sale Without Tables?

There is a good demand for children’s clothing in the yard sale. The best way to show it is to use a garment rack. Your main purpose is to keep the clothes above the ground so that the buyers can see well. If you do not have a rack, you can use a ladder, or you can also tie a rope between two poles and put clothes on it.

How Do You Determine The Price For A Yard Sale Without Tables?

Many people think that the price of a particular item should be 10% of what is in the store. Many people call it the “10 percent rule.” If you think your product is new, or you think it should be priced higher, you can set a maximum of 20%.


I think having a yard sale without tables will be comfortable for you. Now you know how to do it. In the case of yard sales, these small efforts go a long way in increasing sales. Take more time to determine the price of the product. Ask yourself if you would like to buy at this price. Hopefully, you can now efficiently sell yards without tables.



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