How To Identify Furniture Manufacturers? (A Complete Guideline)

Identifying furniture manufacturers can be daunting if you don’t know the correct ways. Honestly speaking, finding out furniture manufacturers’ details isn’t as challenging as it sounds. To complete the task quickly, you must know how to identify furniture manufacturers using different methods.

Furniture usually contains a label or stamp of the manufacturer, often found in the drawer or on the top portion. Using Google Lens will be a great solution for finding the manufacturers of furniture. Besides, social sites also help to know or identify details about any furniture manufacturers.

It’s not possible to guess which method will work in this case. So, you should be aware of all the ways that may guide you to identify your furniture manufacturers. 

5 Effective Ways to Identify Furniture Manufacturers:

Having antique or vintage furniture at home is great as it enhances the beauty and brings a different vibe to the space. It’s recommended to have a solid idea about the manufacturers as it will help to know more about any furniture. There are some common yet effective methods to identify furniture manufacturers. 

Way-1: Check Labels or Stamps

This is the most basic way or method to identify furniture manufacturers. Manufacturers want to advertise their products to consumers. This is why they add a label or logo to their manufactured furniture. Check the furniture from every angle and look for any marks from the makers. The stamps are generally placed on the front. 

If you see and mark and don’t understand what it is, you may visit Worthpoint. They have a collection of furniture marks. There is an explanation for every mark. Hence, you will be able to decode the mark and find some details about the company.

Way-2:  Google Lens

Here comes the most interesting solution to identify furniture manufacturers. If there is only the logo and no text or name of the manufacturer, take a picture of it and search on Google or use Google Lens. This app will be a great option for detecting the manufacturer. 

Here is a step-by-step guideline to detect or identify furniture using Google Lens: 

Step 1: Find any significant mark on the furniture. If there is no mark, look for something unique in the furniture. It can be a flower, texture, or anything.

Step 2: Launch Google Lens and point the camera at a mark or object you found unique on the furniture. Tap the shutter button.

Step 3: Wait till Google Lens shows any result. If it detects any text or logo, it will be easier for Google Lens to show the exact result. The method will work only if you find something unique in the camera.

Way-3: Visit Local Manufacturers

Here is another alternative to finding furniture manufacturers. This way recommends visiting local manufacturers and seeking their help. As they deal with different brands and types of furniture, you may get an idea about the manufacturer from them.

Take a clear picture of your furniture and ensure the texture and the design are clearly visible. Show it to the local manufacturer and hear their feedback.

Way-4: Check Company Websites

Popular manufacturers have personalized websites that contain all their products. Websites are designed to make users find furniture of their desired design. Visit popular furniture websites and check if there is a similar pattern to your furniture. 

There are lots of furniture manufacturers available nationwide. Every manufacturer has their unique pattern of styles for their furniture. Don’t worry if you didn’t get your manufacturer from the list. This will work as research of the different companies, and you will get a vast idea about manufacturers and their unique patterns.    

Way-5: Visit Furniture Fair

If you have antique or vintage furniture and are desperate to know about the manufacturer, a furniture fair can be a good option. There are famous furniture fairs held worldwide. Here is a list of some of the famous furniture fairs around the world: 

  • High Point Market – High Point (United States of America)
  • ICFF – New York (United States of America)
  • Salone del Mobile – Milan (Italy)
  • Imm Cologne – Cologne (Germany)
  • Maison & Objet – Paris (France)
  • 100% Design – London (United Kingdom)

Exploring the fair may help to find the details of the antique furniture you have. There will be so many manufacturers with their popular models. You will notice a distinctive pattern in each individual brand. This may lead you close to guessing your furniture manufacturer.

Way-6: Using Social Media

Here’s the most intriguing method for identifying antique furniture on social media. Due to the large global user bases of Quora, Reddit, and Facebook, these platforms are popular among the mass of people to discover any hidden meaning.

Generally, on these platforms, there are users around the world. You won’t need to wait for a long time to get your question answered. On these social sites, experts respond to queries asked by anyone. 

Take a picture of your furniture and provide as much detail as you can. Post the image and the details on the relevant group or threads. If anyone identifies the furniture, they will respond for sure. 

How To Identify What Era Your Furniture Is From?

If you know the furniture’s age, it will be easier to figure out the manufacturer. There are basically three kinds of furniture available. Check out the classification: 

Furniture TypeAgePopular Manufacturer
Antique100 years oldGillows of Lancaster, John Taylor & Son
Vintage30-100 years oldErcol, G–Plan, Nathan
RetroNew with the old designHKLiving, Jolina

Related Questions: 

Who Is The Largest Manufacturer Of Furniture?

IKEA is considered one of the most known and largest furniture manufacturers. In the meantime, Bernhardt and Kohler Co are also giant furniture manufacturers that produce quality products worldwide. 

However, it’s quite tough to name the largest furniture manufacturer because there are bags of manufacturers in the furniture industry. 

Is There An App To Identify Furniture Styles Or Models?

There is no specific app designed to identify furniture styles, but it’s possible to identify furniture using Google Lens and the LikeThat app. These apps are designed to help customers with similar furniture and furniture of their desired design. 

Google Lens is the most popular app for identifying furniture styles. It detects the signature mark or manufacturer result and shows the relevant result.

LikeThat is a decor app that has a huge collection of furniture images. Take a clear snap of the furniture and see the result. Once the image is uploaded, LikeThat will show the location of the shop that has the same furniture. 

What Is The Meaning Of Furniture Serial Number?

The furniture serial number is added to keep the products identifiable. Every piece of furniture has a unique serial number that helps consumers retrieve details about their product. Furniture may have serial numbers and manufactured dates as well. The date is usually written as YYWW(YY – Year, WW – Week). 

Some of the antique furniture contains serial numbers for different purposes. The number may indicate any specific model or style created by the manufacturer. The manufacturer also has a different serial number for individual craftsmen.  

What Do People Call A Furniture Manufacturer?

There is no specific name for the furniture manufacturer as only one person is not crafting the products. People who craft furniture are usually known as woodworkers or woodsmen. The woodworkers make only the structure, and individual professionals do the rest. 

The manufacturer collects raw materials and required goods for crafting furniture. Professionals then construct the products. Once the product is ready, they are presented in the manufacturer’s outlets. 

How To Guess Any Antique Furniture?

It’s not possible to tell the exact age of antique furniture, but marks on the furniture will provide some details about the product. Furniture over 100 years old is considered Antique, and 30-100 years old furniture is considered Vintage. Find the model and search on the internet about the product to know more about the antique furniture.

Details about furniture are generally found on the inside of drawers or the lower edges of pieces. If the year is mentioned, only then it will be possible to find the exact year of the furniture manufacturing. Otherwise, just find details about the model and guess the age by comparing it with the other products.

Final Words: 

I am confident that you have no questions left about how to identify furniture manufacturers. The guideline will help anyone struggling to find detail about any furniture. Stamps or labels help to know about the manufacturers. Social sites are very much effective for finding out details about furniture. Visit different manufacturers’ sites to learn more about patterns, textures, and designs.


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