Marble Office Table: Know All Necessary Factors To Use

Marble Office Table

Working people spend most of the day at the office table. That is why the plan to update the table elements is always going on. The touch of novelty on the office table enhances the work ethic. The marble office table has become very popular as part of the office furniture update.

Moreover, a marble table can add even more luxury to any modern office. Marble tables come in a variety of sizes, designs, and styles to meet your needs. You can even install a nice marble table for your home office. It may be your best choice considering its beauty and durability.

You must be looking for a reliable platform to learn about the marble office desk. You do not need to move anywhere else because this article will help you know the details. Will. Hopefully, after reading the whole article, you will find the answers to most of your questions.

5 Trendy Marble Office Table Design Ideas For Larger Space:

An office table is used not just for continuous work, but also to witness many discussions, decisions, and various projects. Your table space can be small or large. You have to choose the table design accordingly. So, find out what marble table design you should choose for a larger space.

1. Oval-shaped Table

Office meetings or conference rooms are quite large. These places require large tables where several people can sit together. In this case, an oval marble table plays a significant role. It does not usually contain computers or official documents. Around 6/7 or more people can sit comfortably and take part in any discussion.

2. Rectangle-shaped Table

Rectangle office tables have always been popular. Along with the beauty, it provides ample space that is needed for meetings or conferences. It can be installed in a large office room. The most amazing part of this is that you don’t have to use your legs around it. With just one support, it can stand.

3. U-shaped Design

This shaped office table is quite suitable for large spaces. However, it is slightly different in shape from a wooden U-shaped table. One side of the table gets a little heavier because it is narrow on one side and wide on the other. Due to this, support is used at both ends under the table to keep the balance. This type of table is used for meetings or planning.

4. Modern Faux Marble Desk

This white marble table is best suited for laptop use. This office desk is simple to look at but suitable for work. In addition, you can do the writing work, including keeping laptops and other documents on the table. The front open and sturdy drawer is ready to carry your essentials.

5. Customized CEO Table

A marble CEO table is prepared with excellent design. Many drawers cannot usually be installed on a marble table. This is why it is made in different styles which can be used in any room, big or small. This type of desk is more suitable for laptop use. Also, there is enough space to hold important files.

5 Marble Office Table Design Ideas For Small Spaces:

Some different designs of marble tables can be used for small office spaces. Due to this, you need to know which designs can easily deal with small space. Here are some great office table designs for small spaces that are discussed below:

1. L-shaped Marble Desk

L-shaped desks are quite effective for small spaces. This is even better in case you want to set up a home office because it will save valuable space in your home. Also, this design is used a lot so that many people can work together in less office space. It is made to suit at least two employees. In addition, there are facilities to keep the obligatory things.

2. Rectangular Writing Desk

In addition to operating the computer, many other types of official work are performed. In this case, you can install a nice-looking writing desk. This small table with a very simple look will appeal to anyone. Installed in a small space, this office table provides enough features for performing your daily office work. Also, you can work with your laptop on the top. 

3. Monarch Space-saving Table

No matter what you use the table for, it should be space-saving. Use this sleek black-marble table as the best way to save space. As beautiful as it looks, it is also small in size. The table top has enough space to work with a laptop. In addition, there is a drawer on the side to hold the necessary things.

4. Slender Legs Office Table

It is one of the most recommended marble office tables that people always like. You can easily furnish your small office area with slender legs tables. You can use your laptop with ease. Not only that but there is also enough space to keep multiple files or documents you need. Also, its slender black legs are nice to look at.

5. Bookshelf Office Table

Another marble made of a table that matches the small space is the bookshelf office desk. There are special advantages to using this table in any small space compared to other tables. It is suitable for use on desktop computers. A separate shelf under the table allows for keeping your PC. Also, it is suitable for keeping all other essential tools including several document files.

Benefits Of Using A Marble Office Table: Let Others Know

Even if you like the beauty of marble office tables, there are some special reasons you should know that usually encourage people to use them. Knowing these benefits, you can also advise your acquaintances to use the marble table for different official work. The benefits are as follows: 

1. Beautifies Your Space

The main attraction of marble is its beauty which attracts anyone. Marble tables can add beauty to any place. There are fewer alternatives to a marble made table to update your office furniture. 

These are the top choice of many as they come with lots of modern designs. In addition to office work, you can enjoy your coffee on a marble made table.

2. Comes With Durability

Repeatedly replacing the office table is cumbersome and expensive. One of the benefits of using a marble table is that it lasts for years. With timely and consistent care, you can spend many years with it. 

It may need to be replaced a few years later when you think about replacing it. That is why marble tables are ideal for office workers to reduce table replacement costs.

3. Have Versatile Usage

Office tables made of marble come in some designs that have versatile uses? You can use a table as a computer desk or great for writing. Also, it can come in different looks as per your choice. 

A marble table is enough to fill any look modern, natural, and traditional. Also, this type of table fits equally well in both office and home. Even for the bedroom, this is not bad.

4. It Is Affordable

Businesses should look for less expensive alternatives for furniture. Many people think that marble is so expensive. It is actually a completely wrong idea. This is one of the cost-effective options for the office table. 

Although more expensive than wood, it is less expensive than other natural stones. The cost may vary depending on the thickness and the size of the table.

5. Extremely Heat Resistant

Another notable advantage of choosing marble for office tables is that it resists heat. Since marble is always cold, your office table can give you a touch of serenity even in extreme heat. A comfortable work environment is significant for everyone who spends most of the time on the workstation. 

Marble tables are very useful to give the staff a pleasant feeling for work. So, Whenever you feel tired, a cold touch will probably rejuvenate you.

5 Significant Things To Consider While Choosing A Marble Office Table:

There is no guarantee that you will always be right when you choose a marble made table. There are some guidelines for choosing a table. Unless you follow them, you can make an extremely wrong decision. Here are the things to look for when choosing a marble made table:

1. Measure The Office Space

The first condition for choosing a marble table is to consider the space of the facade. You need to choose a table that fits your space. Use the right size table considering the size of the room, otherwise, work may be interrupted.

In most cases, small size tables are used for official work, which saves space. The large tables are vital for some special needs. Therefore, it is crucial to have a large office room.

2. Determine Length, Height, And Width

You should be careful to choose the right size table suitable for your job. Office tables usually have a specific length, height, and width. These tables must-have features to facilitate computer use and writing. 

You have to spend hours on an office table, so it is recommended to be comfortable. And the right length and height are among the most important comfort features.

3. Think About Marble Colors

Color is one of the top considerations for table selection. Marble indeed comes in many attractive colors. Still, you need to be aware of this. Each color gives you a different work feel. Such white color allows you to get a soothing feeling. You may think you are wandering in heaven. 

On the other hand, black marble tables can create a more fluid feel. So, from the beginning, you should consider whatever feeling you want to get. Black and white combinations can also be used to bring variety.

4. The Finish You Want

Another important thing you must consider. You may have noticed that the marble tables look different. Different finishes are responsible for this different look. Honed marble is the perfect choice for those who like dull and classic looking. In addition, the spots are less understood.

Polished marble tables are more smooth and shiny. People prefer these for office work. However, it allows any stain to be cleared normally. These are good for coffee tables.

5. Things Holding Spaces

Since office marble tables come in a myriad of designs, it is easy to meet your needs. You need to consider the type of computer. In case you use a desktop computer, you have to choose the table suitable for keeping a PC.

It is also essential to see if there is enough space to keep the necessary files. The office table is not only used for holding a laptop, but also for keeping pens, documents, and other things.

6 Maintenance Tips For Marble Office Table: Give It A longer Life

You will surely want your favorite marble office table to have a long life. It is possible only with proper maintenance. So, if you do not know the essential tips for maintaining a marble table, you should learn the shared tips below:

Tip 1: Clean The Surface Regularly

It is possible to keep the marble table surfaces shiny by cleaning them regularly. In this case, hot water or marble cleaner is much more effective. Regularly clean the surface with hot water or cleaner for 2/1 consecutive days.

Tip 2: Use Coasters And Tray

Be careful when using drinks on the table. When placing a drink on your table, be sure to place coasters underneath so that their stains do not fall on the table. It is best if the food items are on a tray.

Tip 3: Keep The Surface Dry

Although water does not damage the marble, keep the surface as dry as possible to maintain its luster. After drinking any beverage on the table, wipe the entire surface with a cotton cloth.

Tip 4: Use Protective Pads

When placing a heavy object on the table, be sure to place a safety pad under it to prevent any injury. Such injuries can lead to permanent and deep scarring. Also, it is better to use a pad even when holding a laptop or desktop.

Tip 5: Do Not Use Acidic Cleaners

Never use acidic cleaners to keep marble tables clean, as this can damage the surface. Avoid applying vinegar and lemon spray as they quickly destroy the marble glaze.

Tip 6: Do Not Use For Other Works

Don’t use your office table for any repairs or don’t stand on top of it. Due to such negligence, the table can quickly lose its functionality and appearance and become unpleasant to you.

Approximate Price Range Of Different Designs Marble Office Table: 

The below part will show you the Approximate price range of different designs of marble office tables:

Types Of Marble Office TableApproximate Price Range
L-shaped Marble desk$169 – $189
Slender Legs Office Table$80 – $100
Modern Faux Marble Desk$300 – $389
Rectangular Writing Table$122 – $139
Customized CEO Table$1300 – $1900
Oval-shaped table$200 – $225

Related Questions About Marble Office Table:

How Long Does A Marble Office Table Last?

With proper care, an office marble table can last for decades. You should know its proper use and maintenance for the longer use. Following some rules, you can use it for ages. If your marble table quickly loses its appearance and functionality, your negligence is responsible for it.

You must remember that the marble table should never be used outside. Also, regularly keep it clean and free of stains. Office tables should not be allowed to be used rough. Above all, your proper care can give the marble table a long life.

Is It A Good Idea To Choose A Marble Office Table Over Wood?

Choosing a marble table is a good idea to bring a touch of nobility to the office look. In case you think about the cost, then the wooden table is good because it is less expensive than marble. However, you have to choose the marble table considering the various advantages. It is easy to maintain and does not stain easily.

The wooden table is also convenient enough to work with because it brings peace of mind. Wooden tables last for decades, but a marble table can last for many more years. Therefore, marble is definitely a better alternative than wood.

Are Marble Office Tables Overpriced? 

The marble tables are considered to be too expensive. There are very few marble tables that meet your budget. Smaller office tables are less expensive, but larger ones cost a minimum of $1000. Marble office tables are not suitable for those who look for a low-budget option.

Almost every office requires one or more large tables. Also, the cost of separate tables for all staff is much higher. It is often called overpriced because it is beyond the reach of buyers.

What Are The Trending Marble Office Table Designs?

There are several trendy marble table designs for office work that are commonly used. Large space marble office table designs include Oval-shaped, Rectangle-shaped, U-shaped, and Customized tables. Also, an L-shaped table, Rectangular desk, and Slender Legs Office Table are the most common small marble office table designs.

Such table designs are very common in modern offices. In addition to these, some other designs are used. Moreover, new trends are coming up every time because the design is updated.

Final Verdict:

Modern offices use the most up-to-date design and material furniture. In continuation of this, a marble office table has become a trend even though it is quite expensive. Also, it has considerable advantages over other table elements. With proper maintenance, the marble tables last for many years.

There are several important factors to consider when using a marble office table, as discussed earlier in this article. Each of the matters mentioned above will be helpful to you in using an office marble table.


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