Simple Office Table Design: DIY And Benefits

Simple Office Table Design

Office tables in corporate spaces need to be neat and sophisticated. No quirky pattern and bright colors are preferred for corporate desks. Especially in terms of design and model, an unornamented and crisp office desk suits the best in offices. Thus the safest option is to choose a simple office desk design. 

Many may deny acknowledging the beauty of a simple desk. It happens due to the lack of professional sense and a refined taste. If you are skeptical about why to go for a simple design, you may need to know the matter a bit more. Don’t worry as I am here to discuss it in-depth. 

To know the perks of simple desks and their various styles, stay with me. Clarify your doubts, note down important information, and then decide that favors you. 

7 Simple Office Table Ideas With Measurement: Unique Ideas

A simple office desk is plain and uncluttered. This may sound mundane but looks elegant and classy. Since the office is not a space to overdo decorations, the best trick is to keep it basic. The Basics are pretty cool and tidy! How? Let’s understand that through some simple office desk ideas. 

1. Rectangular Wood-Metal Desk

A very basic design is a metal table with two legs and a wooden top. Choose any wooden shade between the light and dark shades. The legs would be 28 to 30 inches tall. The wooden top would have a dimension of 50” x 25”. It means that it would be a tidy rectangular table. 

It is a multi-purpose model with adequate leg space. The wooden top can be used for computers, files, project tables, and any office work. Its simplicity and breathable design make a busy office area appear well-groomed. Even placing multiple of them consecutively doesn’t make it fussy. 

2. Single Stand Desk

The previous design had two stands on both sides that extend across the width. Now, what about a single stand table? It is highly admired in contemporary corporate interiors due to its basic yet classy look. It almost seems like the tabletop is floating. 

A 46 inches glossy metal stand with a 55” x 24” inches wooden panel creates a beautiful office desk. It saves floor space, provides abundant leg room, and looks sleek. You may buy a table with height adjustment features for your convenience. It is indeed a choice for sophisticated people. 

3. Wooden Table With Side Storage

Though the design is a bit heavy, this is a good option if you need storage with the table. In receptions and chambers, storage tables are handy. To keep it plain and easy, make a wooden table of 30” in height, 60” in length, and 18” in width; the right dimension for a simple table. 

Add four drawers in total, two on each side. Each drawer would measure 18” x 12” with a gap of 24” of leg space between the drawers on the sides. The solid wood structure makes the table sturdy and durable. The look is formal and neat, quite a compatible option.

4. L-shaped Wood Desk

A more professional way of the desk is an L-shaped wooden table. The table starts from one side and then turns to either left or right, giving an L pattern. Commonly found in receptions and chambers, this design looks royal and classy. Can’t deny that it seems a bit bulky. But it also depicts a highly professional space. 

The height is generally 30 inches. The shorter section is 45 to 55 inches, while the longer section measures between 60 to 70 inches. 20 inches in width would suffice. For extended life and better usability, add drawers to the L-shaped desk. You won’t regret it as it is advantageous. 

5. Minimalist Drop-Leaf Table

A very recent style in office desks is the drop-leaf table. Extremely trendy but very simple and tidy. It is a wooden panel that is attached to the wall. No stand, no extra design, no embellishment. A wooden, metal, or glass slab is screwed or mounted to the wall. 

When needed, lift the slab open and use it. After working, drop the slab down. It would seem like there is no table at all. This is a smart way to manage space and maximize efficiency in a small area. A 30” by 23” drop-leaf table is a good choice. 

6. Glass Top Wooden Table

Want a highly durable and magnificent table that shines? Then there is nothing better than a wooden frame with a glass tabletop. For ages, this model has been very much admired in corporations. A glossy and sturdy glass panel on top of a simple two-legged wooden table looks ravishing. 

A 30” in height, 60” in length, and 35” in width table are standard sizes. Install the exact size of glass which is between ¼ to ½ inch thick. An office that gleams and impresses needs a table like this. 

7. Rolling Plywood Table

You may require a portable table for multiple purposes. A portable table is an exclusive option for carrying files, maximizing flexibility, or even porting food. They look very smart and modern. Comfortable to use, a rolling plywood desk would measure 30” x 55” x 23”. 

As plywood is lightweight as well as sturdy, mounting it on a metal frame is the best option. The wheels remain in good condition with a plywood tabletop. Plywood is a stylish and low-maintenance tabletop too. Therefore, this option would be a smart choice for your office.

Why Should You Choose A Simple Office Desk Design? (5 Benefits)

Why is a simple desk better than a decorated desk? Quite a common query that makes people confused. To understand the matter, you must know the benefits of having a plain office desk. Have a look. 

1. Aesthetics:

Maintaining the corporate look as well as nailing the decor is what we want. For that, a simple desk is a good addition. A patterned and colored table looks funky and unprofessional. But a plain desk blends finely with the corporate environment enhancing the aesthetics of the space. 

2. Easy Cleaning:

Cleaning a delicate and costly table is a hassle. If you need to invest too much in maintaining the table, it seems like a compromise to your work. Instead, have a low-maintenance basic table. Use it randomly and clean it occasionally. This way, you won’t compromise your work or the look of the space. 

3. Clutter-free Look:

A bulky and finely-curated desk does look nice. But in an office area, it is an exaggeration. It is not supposed to be excessively decorative, right? The office must appear formal, uncluttered, and well-organized. For that, having a simple office desk is the primary step. 

4. Comfortable:

Most simple tables are customizable. Add a height adjustment feature along with wheels for portability. So you can change the height as per your convenience as well as move it. Besides, a simple design offers enough leg room. For regular usage, a simple table is the most comfortable table for any employee. 

5. Durability:

The less the design, the more delicate it is. But think of a solid wooden or metal or glass table. They are not curved or designed. This means they are compactly bonded and extremely hard. A simple and solid desk lasts longer than a heavily-designed table. 

5 Steps For Making A Simple Office Desk: A DIY Project

A DIY project of making a simple office desk is not so hard. If you have a tad bit of woodwork and an interest in learning, you may make one for yourself. Be it a home office or a desk for your office space, you can easily make one with the appropriate tools. Here, I will mention the steps of making a minimalist wood office table.

Step 1: Measure The Dimensions

Decide a space where you want the table. Now measure this area. With a measuring tape, measure the expected width and length of the table. Added to that, decide a height you are comfortable in. Ideally, the tabletop would be just below your chest or leveled with your chest. 

Try to make a rectangular or square table as they save space. Measure the dimension accordingly. An ideal measurement can be 4 feet in length, 6 inches wide, and half-inch thick. The legs would be 30 inches tall. As per this measurement, buy the wood or plywood planks.

Step 2: Slice The Planks

It is challenging to work with one large wooden slab. This is why slicing the wooden plank into three or four pieces is a good mechanism. A 2 x 6 wooden slab can be cut into four sections with a circular saw. 

Use a chalk line to mark the sections on the wooden plank. Align the circular saw blade to the line. Now, cut the plank carefully to give a neat and accurate cut. Avoid chipping. 

Note: You may buy a single plank as per the standard desktop measurement to avoid the step of cutting or shaping it. 

Step 3: Sand The Planks

Sanding is needed to make the edges and the surface of the wooden sections smooth and solid. After trimming the plank, use a 120-grit sanding paper to thoroughly rub and sand the uneven parts. This also makes staining or coloring the wood easier. Sanding makes the wood durable too. You may use an orbital sander instead of sanding papers. 

Step 4: Glue The Planks

After sanding, it is your turn to make the wooden desktop. For that, you have to adhere the sliced planks together. Use a suitable adhesive that is compatible with your wood. Apply a thin layer of adhesive across the edge of the length. Then paste two planks side by side. This way, attach all the planks to make a solid wooden panel. 

To help the glue adhere firmly, enclose the planks within two or more clamps. The clamps would bond the planks together helping them to adhere fast. It may take around an hour for the adhesive to settle. 

Step 5: Cut The Legs

Note that there are plenty of readymade desk stands available in the market. If you think trimming the legs can be tough, purchase a stylish metallic or wooden ready-made leg. 

To cut the legs, the height would be 30 inches. The thickness can be between 1.5 to 2 inches. Take a 2 x 6 wooden board and cut them into four pieces to make four legs. If you want two elongated legs, cut them accordingly. In that case, you can cut four legs. Then attach two legs on one side over another wooden strip. 

Step 6: Attach Legs To Desktop

The legs and the desktop are ready. Now is the turn to assemble these two parts to make a simple yet beautiful office table. 

Put the wooden desktop on the floor. Then place the panel (that connects the two legs) on the edge of the wooden top. Choose three points on the panel where you can screw it down to the desktop. Drill holes at these points. Then screw the panel to the desktop. 

If you buy ready-made legs, they would have ready-made holes too. You would need to screw them only.

Step 7: Finish Your Work

The table is now made. But to give a glam look and add a spark, you may want to tint or stain the panel. Use a suitable stain and a polish for the wooden tabletop. Apply a single layer of stain on the wood to see the intensity. Let it dry. If you want it darker, apply a few more layers. If you want other features like a drawer or cable hole, you may add these. 

Related Questions:

Can You Use A Simple Office Table Design Idea For A Larger Space?

A simple office desk looks neat and clean in an ample office space. When the area is large, you want the look to be highly professional and tidy. This is achievable only when the space looks unfussy. There is no substitute for a simple corporate desk for the ultimate uncluttered decor. 

Plain desks look formal and elegant that blend perfectly with the office environment. Regardless of the office area, a basic table would always maintain the weight and aesthetic of the corporate. Thus you can undoubtedly use a simple desk for a large office. 

What Is The Approximate Cost For A Simple Office Desk?

Simple office desks are solid, durable, and unadorned. They are quite affordable since they don’t have any delicate curation or features. You can get a simple, compact, and beautiful office desk at as low as $75. Standard desks are generally between $75- $100. 

However, if you want storage and a modular design, the cost would be a bit higher. A desk with drawers and curvy designs would cost $120 to $180. There are more expensive desks too. But you can go for the budget-friendly ones as they are durable and appropriate for offices.

Does A Plain Office Table Last Longer?

The longevity of the office table depends on the material of the table. But in general, a plain office desk would last longer than a heavily-designed desk. Plain desks are solid and compact. They require only basic cleaning. No designs mean no interruption in the panel, which keeps it durable for a long time. 

If you have a metallic or wooden office table, they will last between 15 to 25 years. Other materials like plywood or plastic may not last as long as wood and metal. But if you keep the design simple, it is likely to last longer. 

Is It A Good Idea To Design A Simple Corporate Table?

It is an excellent idea to design a simple corporate table. The simpler the model, the more professional the office appears. The space seems breathable as well as uncluttered. The space looks unnecessarily fancy with a decorative office table, and the decor becomes exaggerated. This is not really what we want in an office. 

It is best to install simple desks only to keep the decor elegant yet impressive. As well as being cost-effective, it truly represents the corporate ambiance. Moreover, the low maintenance of simple tables makes them suitable for busy corporate spaces. 

Final Touch:

The more simple the decor, the more classy it looks. Simplicity is always the best way out when you want a minimalist and tiptop office. For that, the first step could be having simple desks that are neat. Keep the space tidy and well-groomed with simple desks. 

I hope all your doubts are now clear. You know how to make a desk, learn the best designs, and acknowledge the benefits. What more do you need to get your gorgeous simple office desk?


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