Study Table Organization Tips: 10 Things To Improve Your Workspace

Study Table Organization Tips

This is the place where most of the people nowadays spend their time, either studying, working from home, attending classes, joining a meeting etc. However, it is convenient for those who can organize their table in such a way that during the important time they can find their valuable stuff like pen, pencil, notebooks etc. 

The more organized you can make your table look, it will be beneficial to your work. That’s why I will provide you with the 10 easiest tips and things to organize your study table for a better look and also to improve your productivity while working. With that you’ll also get the other topic-related relevant information. 

Hence, read the article carefully to find out about the important tips that can make your study table look more organized. Let’s started:

10 Study Table Organization Tips That Will Improve Your Workspace:

Here are my personal 10 study table organization tips. These 10 things are also useful to improve your workspace. So, follow my instructions:

1. Clean Up Your Space:

The very first thing you need to do is to clear up and clean the space of your study table or workspace. Usually, our study tables are not so organized and are full of unnecessary materials. Cleaning the entire table will help you organize it more conveniently.

You will have a clear idea about what needs to be kept and what are the things that need to be cleared out. In order to reorganize your study table, cleaning and throwing away the unnecessary materials will give you an upper hand and a better view on what you want to keep on your table.

 Once you clear all the books and pens from your desk, give your table a clean look by washing the table with liquid cleaners. Then according to your needs, put back the things that are most used and reorganize the table with only limited stuff that are only needed for your work.

2. Add Clipboards Or Whiteboards:

During the ongoing pandemic, most people are working from home. Students are doing their classes from home as well. It is better to be productive, by adding a clipboard or small whiteboards around your study table or in front of your workspace. 

You can place the clipboards or the whiteboards on the sidewall of your desk. You can always hang small important notes on the clipboard or whiteboards. It is very helpful because during a meeting or while attending an online class, you can instantly add important notes in the clipboards or whiteboards. 

3. Arrange Items In Desk Organizer:

It is very important to organize your table with the right items. The best way to organize the items is to use a desk organizer. The desk organizer will help you to keep your items in an organized way and also the small items like clips, staplers will be easy to find when you are working. 

There are different types of desk organizers that are available in the market. You can choose wisely depending on your budget. You can also make desk organizers on your own if you have that little extra time. You can use small empty boxes like phone boxes to keep clips, stapler pins, pen drives, sharpeners, rubbers etc. 

4. Use A Cable Manager Box:

It is important to organize your table and not look messy all the time. Most of the people are working from home lately due to the ongoing pandemic. We all are using a laptop or a desktop to work and attend classes from home. 

The cables in the study table makes the place very messy. In order to organize the cables of your laptops, desktops and other gadgets,use a cable manager box to organize all the cables and make the extra space for your study table.

The cable manager box will hold all the cables and there are different kinds of boxes that are available with different colors in the market.This is a very smart idea to organize all your cables that hang out dry on the table. 

5. Keep A Magazine Holder:

You can keep a magazine holder on top of your study table to organize your planners and notebooks. The magazine holder will help you organize all of your notebooks. 

There are two types of magazine holders that you can go for. One can be kept on top of your table and the other can be hung around the side of your study table or workspace.

If your study table’s space is already filled up, you can go for a hanging magazine holder to keep your notebooks, diaries and planners to get rid of the unnecessary space from your table. Make sure to keep the hanging magazine holder close to your table, so that you can reach the holder and grab your planners or diaries.

6. Use Monitor Stands To Make More Space:

This is a very useful tool to make more spaces on your study table. The stand will help the monitor elevate to a better height which will give your desk more space to keep and organize more necessary materials and items on your desk.

There are few pen holders that are available in the market which can be stuck at the bottom of your monitor to keep your pens and pencils. You can also keep your stationeries organized in the table with a little more space with the help of a monitor stand. 

The monitor’s height can be adjusted as well which will make more space in the table to organize your pen, pencils, clips and every other stationeries.

7. Add Shelf Rack:

You can add a shelf rack on the adjacent wall of your study table to keep books and other important items. The shelf will give you a lot of space to keep your books, stationeries, planners and other important items.

Things you need on a frequent basis can be kept on the shelf rack for a better view and reach while you are working. If you want your study table to look clean and tidy, adding a shelf rack is one of the most useful ways to organize your items precisely. 

You can also keep your mobile phones, key rings and other necessary items while working at your desk. A strong shelf rack is also capable of holding a coffee mug, in that case make sure your shelf has enough space to hold a mug. 

8. Keep Very Minimum Gears On Your Desk:

If you want to set-up a good working environment in your house, it is recommended keeping very few gears and accessories on your desk. 

If you feel your workstation needs to be set-up with a lot of things, I believe you are wrong to think in such a way.

Always keep minimum accessories on your desks to make it look organized and clean. A good looking workstation will give you the extra motivation you need to work from home.

The basic things that you should keep in your desk to work from home are the laptop or desktop. Manage your cables with a cable holder as already mentioned in this article. Use pen holders and file cabinets to keep your necessary files. 

9. Add Stress Relief Items Around Your Desks:

Sometimes working from home and attending classes can be very hectic and monotonous. You can add a few items to make your working environment a very pleasant one. There are many accessories that you can choose from, but I will recommend you keeping plants either natural or artificial in front of your desk.

The plants will give you a soothing and relaxing environment while you are working or attending your regular classes. There are small fountains that are also available in the market which you can place in front of your desk for a calming experience. 

Trust me, there is nothing soothing than listening to the sound of water from the small fountains while taking a break from your work. You can just close your eyes, take a few seconds off and this calming experience will help you get back to your full concentration.

10. Organize Your Desk Drawers:

Most of the study tables or office desks contain drawers which also need to be organized. You can use old phone boxes or empty containers to put your stationeries, pens and pencils and put them into your drawer for a better and an organized look.

There are also drawer organizing trays that are available in the market. Get one of these trays to keep your things organized in your drawer. This is important because if you do not put the small necessary items like pens, pencils, clips, stapler pins etc organized, then it will take a lot of time for you to find them. It will kill a lot of your precious time while you are working.

You can easily pick the necessary items from your organized drawer and also replace them without mixing them. This will save you a lot of your time and energy while you are working or attending your classes.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Should I Put My Study Table?

This is very important to know the placement of your study table or desk from where you will be working. Always try to place your table in a place where there are enough lights available. You can also adjust the table right underneath your room light. 

You can also put a side lamp or adjust a table lamp in front of your table for better lighting while you are working or attending a class.It is also recommended putting your table in the north-east direction of your room. The right placement can bring positivity in your work.

What Should I Put On My Study Table?

Never put too much stuff on your study table. Try to keep as few items and materials on your table to keep it organized and clean. It all depends on the kind of work you are doing.

If you are working from home you should keep a laptop, pen holders, file cabinets, magazine holders etc to keep notes of all the important meetings and sessions. If you are a student, it is necessary for you to keep your laptops, notebooks, books, pens, calculators and obviously your text-books.

It is also essential for you to keep a mouse-pad. If you are attending classes from home or working from home, make sure to keep a comfortable chair where you can relax your back at times.

How Do I Decorate My Study Table?

It is always recommended keeping your study table neat and tidy. Do not put too much decorative stuff to organize your study table. The table is mostly used for productive purposes and keeping unnecessary items to decorate your study table will only make it untidy and messy.

However, there are few things that you can keep to decorate your study table. You can add a small lamp on your study table, as this will both come in handy and useful at the same time. You can put small decorative lamps on your study table to give it an aesthetic look. An extra-lighting is always helpful for your study table. 

You can also hang motivational quotes and posters in front of your study table to make you all pumped up while you are working or attending classes. You can also add or keep small photo frames of your closed ones or your favourite pets in front of your study table or make a small corner in your study table to place them. 

You can also use bright colors to paint your study table to give a more positive look. Make sure to match the color of your table with your chair. These are the small changes that you can make to decorate your study table and make your working time worthwhile.

Final Words:

I have provided you with the easiest of hacks to reorganize your study table and give your space an organized and tidy look. If you find this article informative enough, feel free to write to us in the comments sections. Your opinions and suggestions are always appreciated and valued. 

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