Can You Have An Ottoman And Coffee Table?

Can You Have An Ottoman And Coffee Table

An ottoman and coffee tables are usually the similar type of furniture that people keep in their living room around their sofa tables. Some people choose to keep an ottoman, while some prefer to keep a coffee table. However, now the question is can you have an ottoman and a coffee table?

For the larger space, it’s not a problem to afford an ottoman and coffee table. In fact, both the ottoman and coffee table nicely adjust in a large seating space and the two-seat sofas. This setup will give a superb view of the room but for a small space room, it’s not possible to keep an ottoman and a coffee table together.

In this article I’m going to provide all the information that you should know before keeping both an ottoman and a coffee table together. In this article, I’m going to provide all such information that you should know before keeping both an ottoman and a coffee table together. My article will also help you to understand how you’ll set them up together in your single room and so on. 

Hence, read this entire article to know in detail about the ottoman and coffee table:

Can You Position an Ottoman And a Coffee Table In Your Living Room?

Can you position an ottoman and a coffee Table in your living Room? The answer is Yes.

But, it all depends on the size of your living room. If your living room space is huge and needs some complimentary furniture to fill the gaps between your seating arrangements, you can place both an ottoman and coffee table. If your living room is not spacious, it is better to keep any one of them.

However, In order to keep both an ottoman and a coffee table to look good you must position them in such a way that it will compliment one another. Also it is important to match the color of an ottoman and a coffee table with your sofa.

Always remember to position right next to your sofa or the place you are planning to sit as this is mainly used to place your foot and relax while watching television or spending some family time. You can also keep a coffee table right next to your sofa but make sure putting both a coffee table and an ottoman does not make your space too congested.

How Can You Match Your Ottoman/Coffee Table With Your Couch?

Well, If you want your living room decor to look sophisticated, you must balance the height and color of an ottoman/coffee table with your couch or sofa tables. Always keep in mind to choose an ottoman with the same length/height as your Sofa.

It is not necessary to match the exact color of an ottoman with your furniture, but a right balance of color will make your living room very presentable. It is very important to match the height of your ottoman with your couch, because ottomans are mainly used for keeping and relaxing your feet.

If the height of an ottoman does not match your couch, you will not be able to make the most of it. Ottomans are also used for keeping magazines and other living room necessities, such as remote controls, so it is better to adjust the height to get a better grip.

Can You Use Ottoman As A Coffee Table ?

Yes, An ottman can also be used as a coffee table. An ottoman can be used for many different things and using it as a coffee table is no different. This multi-purpose furniture offers a good storage for drinks like coffee, drink and water to be placed right next to your couch.But before you use an ottoman as a coffee table make sure you choose a very structured layout like a circle or square shape. The surface of an ottoman should be smooth and flat. It should also be made of wood so that you can place your drinks smoothly.

Can You Use An Ottoman For Other Purposes ?

You can use an ottoman for many different purposes. This furniture comes in handy and can also be used for sitting. If you are having a party and the number of invitees are many, you can remove the decorations and make space for them to sit. 

An ottoman is not as big as a couch or sofa, but a good ottoman space can sometimes accommodate two people. You can also use an ottoman for bed benches where you can lay your back and relax after coming back from work. 

You can also position your ottoman to the living room aesthetic by simply decorating it with different vases, small lamps etc. You can also keep books on top of an ottoman to make your living room look classy and sophisticated.

Which One Is Better: An Ottoman Or A Coffee Table ?

Even though the two types of furniture have some similarities, they are used for different purposes. Both the furniture are very handy in terms of their usage but if you have to choose between any of them, make sure you choose according to your needs.

Let us find out the basic differences and it will help you figure out which one you need the most:

  • Coffee Table:

Coffee tables are usually made of wood, which compliments the look of the living room. The tables are usually very formal types of furniture which are used for keeping drinks and other snacks. You do not have to worry about your drinks getting spilled because of its strong base and can be easily cleaned as well.

Coffee table usually lasts for a long period of time, as it is made with different materials. If you are looking for something to last long, this furniture is the right fit for you. You can also customize your coffee table with different colors and patterns in contrast to your other furniture to give your living space a better look.

On the other hand, you have to be very careful as most of the tables have glasses on top. You have to handle it very carefully while cleaning , otherwise it may leave scratches and stains. You cannot keep heavy items on top of a coffee table and the tables are not used for relaxing purposes. 

  • Ottoman:

If you are looking for something that can be used for various purposes, ottoman is the right choice for you. An ottoman is not as fragile as a coffee table, and it can also be used as a coffee table by putting a customized wooden tray on top.

Ottomans are usually very comfy because of its soft cushion. You can place an ottoman right next to your sofa and rest your legs without the fear of getting injured. Some ottomans have hidden spaces, where you can keep pillows, vases, lamps and other decorative materials.

Ottomans can also be used for sitting purposes when you have too many guests around. You can order different types of  customized cover, to give your living room an exciting look. You can also change the look of your ottoman by simply changing the cover/cushion.

On the other hand, ottomans have open spaces and you have to be very careful while sitting. They are usually heavy which makes it difficult to move from one space to another. It is difficult to clean as well, if any food/drink is spilled on it. 


Both the furniture are very useful and look great in your living room. Some people keep both an ottoman and a coffee table in their living room. It is for you to decide which one will fit your living room. 

If your living room is huge and needs extra furniture to cover the space, it is recommended keeping both an ottoman and a coffee table. You can also keep two ottomans to compliment your living space.



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