Choosing the Best Windows for Your Home: Gilkey vs Andersen


When it comes to home improvement, selecting the right windows is crucial. Not only do high-quality windows enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, but they also play a significant role in energy efficiency, reducing heating and cooling costs. In this comprehensive guide, we will compare two of the most reputable window brands in the market: Gilkey and Andersen Windows. This detailed comparison will help homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, and building contractors make informed decisions tailored to their specific needs and budgets.

Overview of Gilkey and Andersen Windows

Gilkey Windows

Founded in 1978, Gilkey Windows has built a reputation for producing durable and energy-efficient windows. The company offers a wide range of products designed to meet the diverse needs of homeowners and contractors. Gilkey’s product lines include vinyl and fiberglass windows, known for their durability, low maintenance, and excellent insulation properties. The brand primarily targets those who seek higxh-performance windows at competitive prices.

Andersen Windows

Established in 1903, Andersen Windows is a well-respected name in the window industry. The company offers various product lines, including wood, composite, vinyl, and aluminum windows, catering to a broad audience. Andersen is known for its innovative designs, energy efficiency, and customizable options, making it a popular choice among homeowners looking for premium window solutions. The brand targets customers willing to invest in high-quality, long-lasting windows that add value to their homes.

Detailed Comparison of Key Features


  • Gilkey Windows: Primarily offers vinyl and fiberglass windows. Vinyl is known for its durability, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness. Fiberglass windows are even more durable and offer excellent thermal performance.
  • Andersen Windows: Offers a variety of materials, including wood, composite (Fibrex), vinyl, and aluminum. Wood provides a classic look but requires more maintenance. Fibrex is a composite material that combines the strength and stability of wood with the low-maintenance features of vinyl.

Design Options

  • Gilkey Windows: Provides a range of design options but is somewhat limited compared to Andersen. Custom designs are available, but they primarily focus on standard window types suitable for most homes.
  • Andersen Windows: Excels in offering a wide array of design options, including custom designs that fit various architectural styles. From traditional to modern, Andersen has a solution for every taste.

Energy Efficiency Ratings

  • Gilkey Windows: Known for high energy efficiency, especially their fiberglass windows, which offer superior thermal performance. Most of their products meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® ratings.
  • Andersen Windows: Also highly energy-efficient and offers products that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® ratings. Their Fibrex composite windows are particularly noted for their thermal performance.

Pricing Models

  • Gilkey Windows: Generally more affordable, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious homeowners. The long-term value is also significant due to their durability and low maintenance.
  • Andersen Windows: Typically more expensive upfront, but they offer long-term value through their durability, energy savings, and increased home value. Andersen’s premium products justify the higher initial investment.

Warranty Information: Gilkey Windows vs Andersen Windows

  • Gilkey Windows: Gilkey Windows offers a comprehensive warranty designed to provide homeowners with peace of mind. Their standard warranty includes a lifetime limited warranty for vinyl and fiberglass windows, ensuring protection against manufacturing defects for the duration of the original purchaser’s ownership of the home. This warranty covers frame and sash components, as well as hardware, and includes glass breakage protection for eligible products. Additionally, Gilkey offers transferable warranties, allowing subsequent owners to benefit from the remaining warranty period, which can enhance the resale value of the home.
  • Andersen Windows: Andersen Windows provides a robust warranty program reflecting the premium nature of their products. They offer a limited warranty that covers 20 years for the glass and 10 years for non-glass components, including frames and hardware. Andersen’s warranty also covers factory-applied finishes on their products, which is not typically included in standard warranties. For those who desire additional coverage, extended warranty options are available for purchase. Similar to Gilkey, Andersen’s warranty is transferable, usually adding value to the home if sold during the warranty period. This level of support underscores Andersen’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Maintenance Requirements and Durability

  • Gilkey Windows: Gilkey Windows require minimal maintenance, primarily due to their use of vinyl and fiberglass materials. Vinyl windows are renowned for their resistance to moisture, rot, and insect damage, eliminating the need for regular painting or sealing. Cleaning vinyl windows involves simple procedures, usually requiring just mild soap and water to keep them looking new. Fiberglass windows are known for their incredible durability and strength. This material withstands extreme weather conditions without warping or cracking, making it virtually maintenance-free over the years. The robustness of Gilkey’s materials ensures that homeowners spend less time and money on upkeep, making these windows a practical choice for those seeking low-maintenance options.
  • Andersen Windows: Andersen Windows offer a range of materials, each with varying maintenance requirements. Wood windows, while aesthetically pleasing, necessitate more frequent care, including periodic painting or staining to protect them from moisture and insect damage. However, Andersen’s composite Fibrex material combines the durability of wood with the low-maintenance benefits of vinyl, offering the best of both worlds. Vinyl and aluminum options from Andersen also require minimal upkeep, generally limited to occasional cleaning. Despite the higher maintenance of wood windows, all Andersen products are built for longevity, with their Fibrex composite standing out for its excellent resistance to weather conditions, decay, and thermal stresses. These durable materials ensure that Andersen windows can sustain their quality and performance over many years, balancing the initial investment with long-term reliability.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction Ratings

Gilkey Windows

Customers often praise Gilkey Windows for their durability, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Installation services also receive high marks, with many customers reporting a smooth and professional experience. After-sales service is generally well-regarded, though some customers have noted occasional delays in service response.

Andersen Windows

Andersen Windows enjoys high customer satisfaction, particularly for their quality and design flexibility. Many customers appreciate the aesthetic appeal and energy savings provided by Andersen products. The brand’s installation and after-sales service also receive positive reviews, with a few isolated complaints about pricing and service delays.

Expert Insights

Advice from Building Professionals

On Gilkey Windows:

  • Durability and Maintenance: Contractors often recommend Gilkey’s vinyl and fiberglass windows for their low maintenance and long-lasting performance.
  • Energy Efficiency: Building professionals highlight Gilkey’s strong energy efficiency ratings, making them ideal for climates with extreme temperatures.

On Andersen Windows:

  • Customizability and Design: Home improvement experts frequently suggest Andersen for projects requiring custom window designs and premium materials.
  • Investment Value: Pros often emphasize the long-term value Andersen windows provide, particularly in terms of energy savings and enhanced home value.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Best for New Construction

  • Andersen Windows: Given their wide range of customizable options and premium materials, Andersen is the ideal choice for new constructions aiming for a high-end finish.

Best for Energy Savings

  • Gilkey Windows: If energy efficiency is your primary concern, Gilkey’s fiberglass windows offer superior thermal performance at a competitive price.

Best for Historic Homes

  • Andersen Windows: For homes requiring windows that match a specific architectural style, Andersen’s extensive range of custom designs and wood options make them the perfect fit.

Call to Action

We hope this detailed comparison helps you make an informed decision when choosing between Gilkey and Andersen Windows. Have you had experience with either brand? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! For more information and to explore these brands further, visit their websites or contact The Rubenstein Group directly.

By understanding the specific strengths and weaknesses of each brand, you can select the best windows that meet your unique needs and enhance the beauty and efficiency of your home.


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