How To Move Heavy Furniture Down Stairs? [Without Any Damage]

How To Move Heavy Furniture Down Stairs

When you think of moving your flat’s heavy furniture, you might think of how to move heavy furniture downstairs without any damage. Your safety is the number one priority here. If the furniture is damaged or security is compromised, all your efforts will be in vain.

To move the heavy furniture downstairs, you can follow different techniques. It may be that you will carry furniture with your partner. You can also use a shoulder dolly to move down the heavy furniture downstairs. If you want to move the furniture more easily, you can use a dolly.

In this article, you will learn about the procedures of moving heavy furniture downstairs. I’ll also share some of the tips to make the process easy for you. Let’s begin with the nitty-gritty of the furniture moving process!

Taking Precautions To Move Heavy Furniture Downstairs:

Here I have discussed some Precautions before describing the 3 methods. The following things you should take as a precaution to prevent any accidents while moving heavy furniture at ease. 

Disassemble The Furniture:

Many large pieces of furniture can be disassembled. You need to disassemble the pieces of furniture. This will help you move the furniture down the stairs. Some parts of the furniture may fall off when you go down the stairs, so it is best to separate them beforehand. For example, when you move the desk down, open its drawers.

Wrap Up Large Furniture:

Wrap the large pieces of furniture with old blankets or bubble wrap. You can also do this with tape. You need to make sure that the tape does not create any trouble after removing it from the furniture.

Wrapping the furniture will protect it from rubbing against walls, stairs, and doors. It will also protect your furniture from any scratches.

Wear Comfortable Clothing:

You should wear comfortable old clothes in your home. Wearing tight clothing will make it difficult to move. Put on closed-toe shoes to protect your feet from any injury. Gloves protect your hands from any shock or injury.

Find A Helping Hand:

You need a helping hand to move your heavy furniture. Moving furniture single-handedly can injure you as well as damage the furniture. If you use a dolly to move furniture down, you also need assistance. 

Moving down the stairs with furniture is very likely to slip. So I must find a helping hand. If you can’t find one, you should hire professional movers.

Consider The Size Of The Furniture And The Layout Of The Stairs:

As your furniture is large, it can be difficult to get them out through the door and down the stairs. You have to think about it. To find the best way, you need to consider the angle of the stairs and the shape of the furniture. Moreover, you need to consider the right angle to easily move your heavy furniture downstairs.

Measurement Of Furniture:

This is an important aspect. You need to open the door frame to get the large furniture into the room. Then you have to open the door frame to get it out. So it is important to measure large pieces of furniture to get the right size. If you have the right idea about the size of the furniture, it reduces the hassle. Your furniture will be protected from scratches.

3 Methods To Move Heavy Furniture Down Stairs:

The three methods I have mentioned here are very easy to move heavy furniture downstairs. By following these methods you can move your heavy furniture easily and in less time.

Method-1: Carrying Furniture With Your Partner

This is the most widely used method. In this method, small or medium types of furniture can be moved down the stairs.

  • Take your strong friend with you to get down the furniture stairs like this. The weight is heavier at the bottom of the stairs, so keep the stronger one down.
  • When going down the stairs, make sure you can grab the furniture well. Try to keep the weight balanced. Otherwise, the furniture may break from the hand later.
  • To get down a lot of furniture, start with a small piece of furniture. It will maintain the weight balance as soon as you get tired.
  • As you go down the stairs to get the furniture down, hold the furniture underneath. This will not damage the furniture.
  • Since you will take the furniture down the stairs, the one who is at the bottom of the stairs will hold the furniture under it. The one on top will hold the top of the furniture, so the furniture will be balanced. 
  • If you are at the top of the stairs, bend at your knees. This will reduce the weight in the lower part. Do not bend the hips when moving the furniture down.
  • Never carry furniture by your back and move it down, it may injure you. Do not bend your knees too much, it will make you feel weak.
  • When carrying a piece of furniture down the stairs, the walking speed of the two should be the same. For this, the balance between the two must be maintained.
  • If possible, go down the stairs without stopping in the middle. If you need to stop, place the furniture on the stairs in such a way that it does not slip downwards.

Method-2: Using A Dolly

It is also known as a hand cart or dolly hand truck. This allows heavy furniture to be moved easily and in less time.

  • Carry the heaviest of your furniture in this dolly. This is very useful for small or medium type items.
  • Do not try to go down the stairs with furniture longer than the height of your chest. Large furniture does not fit into it, which can lead to accidents.
  • If you carry furniture in a dolly, you still can’t do it alone. You need a helping hand.
  • Don’t move very large items down with this dolly. It is best to carry these with the help of your friend.
  • Tighten the item well with a flat hook strap and place it with the dolly. Apply straps in at least 2-3 layers so that the furniture stays in a good way without moving with the dolly.
  • Place the dolly facing down the stairs and stand behind the dolly. Stand back and hold the handles. Ask your friend to hold on to the other side. Slowly go down the stairs.
  • As you walk down the stairs, notice if you are comfortable with the weight of the item and your movement. Always try to maintain a certain balance.
  • Properly move your feet up the stairs while moving down the stairs. Stumbling can lead to big accidents. Always keep talking to keep the direction of the dolly right.

Method-3: Use A 2-Person Shoulder Dolly

This is a convenient method. It can do more work with much less energy. These are also called furniture lifting straps or moving straps. However, if the balance is not maintained, both can be confused.

  • Two straps of a large piece of furniture are fitted. For this, hold two straps on both sides.
  • Hold the two straps together and float the furniture. Flatten the palms of the hands and stand up. Keep your waist straight as well as keep yourself straight.
  • The speed of the two persons should be the same. If one’s speed is high, the strap can be opened.

7-Tips To Move Heavy Furniture Down Stairs:

Following the method described above, you will be able to descend the heavy furniture stairs. And these 7 tips will make your job easier.

Tip-1: Overcome Any Obstacles

As your furniture is heavy, a slight obstruction in its moving path will cause big problems. So, these are very important tips that will help you overcome these obstacles. For example, cleaning the floor, cleaning the stairs. You can also keep your pet in custody and prevent children from coming there.

Tip-2: Warm Up Your Muscles

It works, you can get pain when you suddenly lift heavy furniture. So warm up your body before you go to work. You may even have pain in your body after finishing the work. Then you will warm up.

Tip-3: Moving Strategy

I’ve said before that you can’t move furniture on your own. So you need at least a helping hand. Discuss the details with your friend of the method by which you will move the furniture downstairs. You will see that your work has become much easier. This greatly reduces the chances of accidents.

Tip-4: Lighten The Load

Separate the parts that can be removed from your furniture. This will turn heavy furniture into light furniture. If your door is smaller than Furniture, then you must follow this.

Tip-5: Treat Friends

It may take a lot of people to move your heavy furniture. Remember, the more manpower, the easier the task. So you can invite your neighbors or friends.

Tip-6: Keep Up With The Basic Tools

There is a saying that things are not available at work. So keep all the necessary basic equipment ready in advance so that the working time is available.

Tip-7: Slow Down

Moving heavy furniture should never be done too quickly. Furniture can be damaged if it hits the wall or the stairs when moving too fast. So slowly move the furniture down the stairs.

Related Question About Moving Heavy Furniture Downstairs:

Is It Important To Protect Your Stairs To Move Heavy Furniture? 

If you have a wooden staircase, it is best to protect it. Rubbing furniture on wooden stairs can cause stains. In addition, carpeted stairs should be protected. No matter how well you clean the room and furniture before moving the furniture, some dirt gets on the stairs when you move the furniture.

So carpeted stairs should be protected. If you wrap your heavy furniture around with straps, that’s a different matter.

How Can You Protect Your Stairs When Moving Heavy Furniture?

It is often seen that many people slip when heavy objects come down the stairs. Your furniture is very expensive, you don’t want it to break down on the stairs. So follow the ways to protect the stairs.

Way-1: Stair Runner

A stair runner is a special neoprene carpet. It is very useful for taking down the stairs with furniture. If your staircase is made of wood, then you can use a stair runner. This will reduce scratches and dents on your stairs.

Way-2: Non-Slip Fabric

If your stairs are slippery or made of wood, you can use this non-slip cloth on the stairs. This will strengthen your feet on the stairs and protect the stairs from dust.

Way-3: Old Blankets Or Rugs

If you have an old blanket, you can use it on the stairs. This protects the stairs from scratches and dents. If the stairs are slippery, it works well. You never want to go down the stairs with your heavy furniture.

Way-4: Rosin Paper

This rosin paper is not so strong. These are easy to tear, but you can use them. You will only use it for one day to move down the Furniture stairs.

Can You Hire Professionals To Move Heavy Furniture Downstairs?

If you do not have a helping hand and your building is high, you can hire a professional. For this, you have to spend some extra money. The amount of money depends on how many stairs you have to cross and what city you live in. 

Also, it depends on the number of furniture. If you hire professionals, they will pack all the furniture. They will easily move heavy furniture downstairs with their advanced equipment.

Would You Use A Furniture Slider To Move Heavy Furniture Downstairs?

I think it’s a good idea to use a furniture slider to move heavy furniture downstairs. It can move a lot of heavy furniture items without any damage. This furniture slider can carry heavy items like about 1,500 lbs.

It does not take the touch of stairs and furniture on the floor in use. Using a furniture slider under heavy furniture does not cause any damage to the carpet. These are reusable and can be saved and used later.

Is It Necessary To Use Furniture Pads To Move Heavy Furniture Downstairs?

It is a kind of thick covering, also known as a moving blanket. It protects the furniture when moving heavy furniture downstairs. If your furniture is old and weak then you can use Furniture pads. This protects the old furniture from breaking. It can be expensive to use, so use blankets or sheets instead.

Can You Slide Heavy Furniture Downstairs?

If you have no other option, you can slide heavy furniture down. You can use moving blankets and bubble wrap before sliding the furniture. These wraps will protect the furniture from scratch holes and breakage. 

You can also use a hand truck and appliance dolly to slide down heavy furniture. You should always keep a balance when using hand trucks and appliance dollies. 

How Do You Get Furniture Sliders Under Heavy Furniture?

If you want to manually move the heavy furniture, you must use the furniture slider. You can only move the furniture using this furniture slider on hard floors. To move the furniture, place as much as possible under it. If your floor is not hard, there may be hard spots on the floor.


If your heavy furniture is on the ground floor, you don’t have to worry about how to move heavy furniture downstairs. You only collect one 4-wheel dolly. Load your heavy furniture on it then take it to the destination. This procedure is the easiest and takes the least time. One problem is you can’t use a 4-wheeled dolly to go down the stairs.


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