Ideas For Dining Table Centerpieces: Highlighting Dining Table Decor

Ideas For Dining Table Centerpieces

A dining table is where people eat good meals, converse, and create memories. This is why everyone wishes to add charm to their dining table decor. Not only to impress guests but also for vibing. And when vibing and decorating come to mind, the first decor idea that hits your head’s to add a stunning centerpiece. Am I right? I guess I am!

Be it a modern or classic centerpiece, it makes the table stand out in the room. It is a great idea to mesmerize the guest as well as creating a mood. The proper setup of light and a simple centerpiece can enliven the room. But choosing the right centerpiece can be difficult for you. Maybe you are confused or you are simply out of ideas. Don’t worry! I got you!

I am here with this article to tell you about some outstanding centerpiece ideas for your dining table. Be the table of any shape and size, you will be able to pick some ideas among these for sure. 

Let’s get started!

12 Stunning Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas: 

In this part, you are going to know about some amazing centerpiece ideas, both modern and traditional. Each one of the ideas is unique and looks stunning. I have mixed and matched my own ideas with some cool trends to present something entirely unique. Your task is to choose one that suits your dining table the best. 

Are you ready to learn about the centerpiece ideas? If yes, let’s hop in!

1. A Tiered Tray: 

Let me start with a rare centerpiece idea. If you want to accentuate your dining table, then this can be a stunning centerpiece option. It will add a rich touch to your big dining table. 

The idea is to place a tiered tray at the center. A tiered tray is a stand with several trays arranged vertically. It almost looks like a mini fountain without water. Clay or ceramic tiered tray would look absolutely outstanding on the dining table. You can choose some basic colors like white, light brown, or grainy ceramic, or natural clay tone.

On the uppermost tray, place a plant that crawls down! On the other trays, arrange ceramic bowls, pebbles, etc. Else, you can decorate the entire tiered tray with plants. Trust me, your guests would be in awe to see this rare centerpiece on the dining table. 

This decoration will make it hard for anyone to take their eyes off the table. A tiered tray with simple and earthy materials is capable of drawing the attention of all in the dining hall. However, this is suitable for big dining tables only. 

2. Bowl And Tray: 

Since I have started talking about trays, here is another idea for your dining table. It is the time to show off your tray and bowls that are left unused or used rarely. 

All you need is a tray that can be made of wood, clay, metal, or something lightweight like fibers or bamboo. Choose the tray according to your interior decoration. Now place the tray in the middle of the dining table. Take out the patterned or plain ceramic or clay bowls you have on your shelf. Neatly arrange the bowls on the tray. You can mix some small and medium bowls to fill up the space on the tray or can even put a ceramic vase. Oh yeah, that is it!

It is a very basic centerpiece idea but looks beautiful. Suitable for a big, round, or oval table, this simple centerpiece idea will adorn the table gracefully. 

3. Tray Full Of Your Fav Items: 

You have complete liberty to decorate this centerpiece according to your taste and choice. I am just here to present to you the idea. Your task is to decorate it in your own way. 

Let me tell you how I love to do it so that you get an idea of how to execute this. I generally take a bamboo or wooden tray and pile up 3- 4 of my favorite books on the tray. I fill up the empty space with wildflowers or pebbles just to highlight the look. I have seen people keeping cassettes too and it looked out of the world! I mean who would have thought of decorating cassettes on the dining table! So the basic idea is to show off your taste through some of your fav things on the tray. Believe me, this decor can surprise your guests and can even start conversations! Like wow, you like this book! Alas! You have a nice cassette collection!

An outstanding aesthetic centerpiece decor, a tray full of your fav items is one of the easiest ideas. But remember not to overwhelm the tray with items. Keep it neat. 

4. Candle Stand: 

If you are overwhelmed with tray ideas, relax a bit! I have come up with a new idea for a centerpiece. A classic centerpiece idea that can never go out of style!

Be it a family dinner or evening tea time, a candle stand can definitely illuminate the space and adorn the dining table. Soothing candlelight looks magical and adds a touch of warmth and comfort to the room. You can place a traditional candle stand with several arms.

Else, go for a simply designed candle stand with no arms. I prefer using tall candle stands to accentuate the dining table. If you want something less noticeable, go for a sleek and small candle stand that suits your dining table. 

Even in daylight, a candle stand looks stunning on the dining table center. The light and the vibe, both encourage you to spend quality time with friends and family.

5. A Series Of Candles: 

How about not spending money on an expensive candle stand? Instead, you can put bare candles on the dining table. Not one candle! Arrange a number of candles from one end to the other end throughout the center of the dining table. 

You can put tall white candles throughout the center of the table for a countryside dinner vibe. It is a very regular centerpiece idea that offers comfort and warmth. But if you don’t support the idea of keeping tall candles, you can go for small decorative candles.

A lot of flower, star, shell designs and other patterned candles are available. These are excellent to decorate the center of the dining table. When lit, the series of candlelight will give a romantic, cozy, and lovely environment. 

Suitable for an oval or rectangular table, a series of small or tall candles can amazingly illuminate the dining room. 

6. A Vase Full Of Fresh Flowers: 

Are you fond of fresh and fragrant flowers just like me? If yes, then you never have to worry about a centerpiece on the dining table again!

Fresh and vibrant flowers are the best to lift the mood, decorate almost any space, and create a lively environment. The blend of fragrance and colors on the dining table would install a happy mood in the room and make your meals more enjoyable. You can keep a ceramic or glass vase full of water and put some sticks of rose, sunflower, daffodil, tulip, or any flower of your choice in it. That is it!

The only drawback is that collecting fresh flowers can be expensive and troublesome sometimes. You have to invest regularly to execute this idea. Else, you can do this when you have guests in the house. But hey! I have some other decor ideas with flowers that I will discuss below! So hang in there. 

7. Sleek Vase With Wildflowers: 

Just as I said before, I have some more ideas to use flowers as a centerpiece. So here comes another minimalist decor idea that is going to mesmerize you. 

Buy a sleek, narrow, and short vase. Don’t go for a big vase as the idea is to keep it as simple as possible. Pick some wildflowers and grasses from your backyard and put them in the vase. You can even put one or two dead tree branches. And that is it! So do you know the perk of using this decor? It looks raw and natural without any exaggeration.

Also, even if the flowers and leaves dry out, they will change color but won’t fall off. And this dry and raw texture of wildflower, leaves, and thin branches give the ultimate aesthetic look! 

Such a minimalist and easy centerpiece idea that goes with any type of dining room decoration! So even if the flowers dry out, your wish to decorate with flowers will not dry out when you have this option!

8. Floating Petals: 

One last idea for flower decoration! I am fond of flower decor and know that many are crazy about having a floral touch in the dining table centerpiece. 

Another exclusive idea that has been there for ages is to put petals in a bowl of water. Sounds simple but this centerpiece will mesmerize your guests as well as install a refreshing environment.

You must put petals of some fragrant flowers like rose, jasmine, or lavender so that they give off a mild smell. Can you imagine the grace and beauty of it? Besides, the floating petals will put life on your dining table. 

Want something more exciting? Float a small candle on the bowl and lit it! Here comes the ultimate touch of elegance and divinity!

9. A Home Plant As A Centerpiece: 

If you love to go all-natural, you are going to admire this centerpiece idea. The sheer touch of green can give a lovely and lively vibe to the dining table. 

You can buy a clay pot, plain or painted, and plant a home plant in it. Go for easy maintenance plants like money plants, snake plants, pathos, or monstera deliciosa. Some are green, while others are colorful giving an absolutely stunning dining table look.

The touch of plants puts life on the dining table as well as looks soothing and calming. A home plant on the dining table is the ultimate sign of serenity and tranquility. 

With a small home plant at the center of the dining table, you can beautify the entire dining space. After all, a touch of nature is always refreshing and soul-cleansing, isn’t it? 

10. Drinkware Set As Centerpiece: 

Imagine a royal dining table decoration! What can you think of? A fancy candle stand and a neatly set up table? Hold on. Can you see any metal jug set or a posh teapot set? 

Yes, you can decorate the dining table with a stunning drinkware set. You have to choose one that suits your interior decor. If you want something fancy and luxurious, you can go for a glass or metal jug set. A carved and patterned metal or glass jug with small glasses gives a classy and royal decoration. With a ceiling lamp, this set will shine even more.

But if you want simple decor, go for clay or a ceramic teapot set. This gives a homey and earthy vibe best for regular days and casual meetings. 

The idea is to keep something useful as well as stylish to adorn the center of the dining table. And a jug set or a teapot set is the best to serve this purpose. 

11. Mix And Match: 

Why choose one particular centerpiece when you can mix and match them? You can keep one of two centerpieces together to create a phenomenal look. 

Let me give you some ideas about how to mix and match centerpieces. One of the best ideas is to keep a bonsai plant and a thick candle beside it. You can also match a vase of wildflowers with a thick or thin candle. You can try out other ideas too.

Like you may keep some stones, shells, or corals with a flower vase. Or maybe a candle stand with some bonsai plants? It can be anything you like that goes with the interior decor. 

You can give an exceptionally beautiful look to your dining table by mixing one or two centerpieces. It is an opportunity to mix your tastes and choices in one place!

12. An Accent Centerpiece: 

If nothing satisfies you, go for a fancy and decorative centerpiece. You will get a lot of decorative accent centerpieces in the market. 

I have once seen a centerpiece that looks like an iron chain! Some like keeping a carved crystal paperweight, while many people love to keep decorative wine bottles at the center of the table.

Others keep a huge accent flower vase. You can also buy a luxurious candle stand or tiered tray! The point is to choose an accent centerpiece that is unique and which doesn’t have a second piece! 

For those who want something out of the box, an accent centerpiece is your right choice. 

Related Questions: 

What Plants Can Work As a Dining Table Centerpiece? 

If you want a touch of nature on your dining table, the best idea is to install a home plant as a centerpiece. It gives a lively and soothing touch to the decor enlivening the environment. 

But the confusion arrives while choosing a home plant for the dining table. So here are some commonly used home plants that you can use as a dining table centerpiece: 

  • Money plant,
  • Snake plant,
  • Rubber tree,
  • Monsters delicious,
  • Pothos,
  • Spider plant,
  • Banyan bonsai,
  • Pilea,
  • Bird of paradise,
  • Kalanchoe,
  • Philodendron,
  • ZZ plant,
  • String of pearls.

These are some amazingly beautiful home plants that are easy to maintain and can highlight your dining table decor. Make sure to buy a suitable pot to place the plants in it. 

What Is The Appropriate Height For A Dining Table Centerpiece? 

Determining the height of the centerpiece is necessary. An excessively tall centerpiece will block visions between two people on opposite sides of the table. Also, it would look odd on a small table. This is why choosing the right size is necessary. 

For a small to medium size table, you should choose a centerpiece no more than 12 inches. Be it an accent centerpiece, a vase, or a candle stand, ideally, it should be no more than 12 inches. However, if you require a taller centerpiece for a long table, you can go up to 18 inches but not more than that. 

Decide on the appropriate height of the centerpiece according to the size and shape of the table. Also, consider the size of the room so that the centerpiece doesn’t look odd. 

What Is A Good Centerpiece For A Farmhouse Dining Table? 

The farmhouse table has a distressed and natural look. It resembles the texture of raw wood giving a very pure and unpolished look. Therefore, the centerpiece should be simple and natural too. 

For instance, you can keep dried-out wildflowers or a vase of fresh flowers on the dining table. A bonsai plant will also blend well with a farmhouse table. Even a simple thick candle or a series of candles will beautify the dining table subtly. If you want something busier, you can keep clay pots or clay teapots set to decorate the center. 

All in all, you must match a natural, earthy, and simple centerpiece with a farmhouse dining table. Keep it natural and raw to accentuate the beauty of the farmhouse table. 


To sum up, you have a lot of centerpiece decor ideas in your hands. The final task is to pick one that matches your interior and reflects your choices. Try to select a style and choose accordingly. 

So far, which centerpiece ideas have you liked the most for your dining table? Have you decided on anything yet?


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