Where Should You Put Your Study Table? [A Complete Guide]

Where Should You Put Your Study Table?

Study table is an important part of our daily life. It is a place to concentrate, think, create and prepare. However, displacement always creates problems in learning, right? it does actually. So, a question can arise in your mind: where should I put my study table?  

A study table can be put alongside the window, opposite side of the room door, in front of a blank wall, or even in the centre. Most researchers suggest in the north/east direction of the room be a perfect place for a table. Although personal preference and environment is a key factor too in this matter.

You have got a primary idea about study table placement inside the room. Let’s take a deep dive into a brief discussion. I, being a decoration professional, will give you some suggestions on study table placement. So, stay tuned till the end:

5 Effective Ideas On Where You Should Put Study Table:

The placement of the study table depends on many things. Such as room size, window placement, etc.  So if you are trying to shift your study table, analyze these factors. Now, let’s jump into the main discussion of study table placement.

1. Place Study Table Alongside Room Window:

Windows are the medium through which sunlight and air come into your room. It is believed that nature has a positive effect on learning. So you can keep the study table behind or alongside a window. However, there are some important things you should keep in mind:

  • Placing a study table behind a room window is more effective when you live in a quiet area. Or there are trees or nature on the other side. This will energize your mind often.
  • If you live near a busy road, the views from the streets can hamper your concentration. Hence, place the study table on the left or right side of the window.

2. Move the Study Table Behind Room Wall:

Placing a study table just behind the wall is a good idea if you want to avoid distraction. People who need full concentration on a topic can follow this method. The bland wall can also be decorated for study purposes. Some of the things you can attach in front of the study table are :

  • Maps, important notes, equations, arts, and other documents.
  • Study materials such as skeletons, pictures, objects, etc.
  • Academic recognition, certificates that can inspire you for more effort.
  • Kids can pin their hand paints, play tools, and other small things. 

One problem is that keeping a study table behind a wall can seem boring after a long time. Eyes are used to see visuals and the wall is not allowing it. Try to shift the table to other parts of the room sometimes. It is a good experience to interchange places and fun too.

3. Positioning  Study Tables Opposite to Door Entrance:

Place the study table far away from the entrance door to avoid distraction. This does not mean you need to place your back in front of the door. Any corner opposite the door wall is good to keep a study table. Here are some tips for you regarding this method:

  • There are many variations of placing the study table away from the main door. Stand in front of your door and assume your room is a rectangle.  So you can place a study table on any corners or sides of this rectangle. 
  • The placement variation of the study table and chair can also make a difference. For example,  you want to see the whole room. At the same time, I don’t want to be bothered by someone’s presence at the door. So stand in front of the door and identify the left side and right sidewall.
  • You can place the tabletop in two places. Either on the left or right bottom corner. Keep the study table behind the left wall or right wall. side or right sidewall.
  • Then place your study chair behind the table. This will give you two advantages. One, your eyes will be on walls so no visual disturbance. Second, you can see the whole room anytime you want.

4. Keep Study Table Alongside to Book Shelf:

If you are a student, you must have a shelf full of books in the room. So keeping a study table near a bookshelf can help you in many ways, such as : 

  • You don’t have to leave your study table and go to another corner of the room to search for books.
  • Alongside books, you can also keep important study materials on the bookshelf. This will save you time and help you to concentrate on learning.

5. Put Your Study Table In a Proper Direction:

According to many people and beliefs, directions play a good role over concentration. The most popular way of placing a study table is in the northeast/ east direction. Many ancient techniques like feng shui for Vastu tell us about the same direction.  If you are confused about the direction, follow these tips :

  • Place your study table in a direction where ample light and air reaches you. This will certainly boost your mood.
  • Keep a diagonal space between the study table and the room entrance. This will allow you to focus more without being disturbed.

Related Questions:

Which Direction Is Good for Keeping A Study Table?

There is no absolute theory about the study table direction. Choose the direction to put the study table you are comfortable with. Make sure you are getting enough light and ventilation from the chosen direction. Also, make sure the direction is ideal for your study.

Does Feng Shui Work on Study Table Placement?

Feng shui method suggests the study table should be placed in the east or north direction of the room. It is believed that this method boosts our minds and gives us positive energy. In reality, there is not strong proof that it works. 

Which Factors Should Be Focused on While Shifting Study Table?

There are many factors you should focus on while reshifting the study table. Such as Placement of window and door, room size, etc. These Factors will help to find the best position to keep a study table.

Which Is The Best Place to Keep a Kid’s Study Table?

Kids study tables should be in a place where there is less noise. Also, the place is free from electrical gadgets. If you have a big house, select one separate room to place a study table and other learning materials. If the study table is in their bedroom, make sure it is placed in the right direction.

Final Words:

The study table is an important area where we spend our time learning things. The right placement of the study table is needed to keep our concentration over study.

So, if you are planning to shift the study table, follow the suggestions given in this writing. These will help you to learn, analyze and achieve good things.


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