Office Table With Glass Top: Design Ideas And  More

Office Table With Glass Top

The office is a formal space; so should the office table. The desk must appear professional and compatible with the working environment. An office table with a glass top is a highly admired choice to give a sharp and tiptop look. It is what adds value to the space and impresses the guests. 

However, to have an office desk that attracts, the choice had to be perfect. There are multiple styles and designs of glass tops for desks. Even the quality and properties of the glasses vary. It must be tough for you to select one among this bulk if you don’t have enough idea about it. 

No worries! In this article, I am going to discuss various design ideas and provide a buying guide for you. Take a look, note down the information, and select the right cover for your office desk.

7 Unique Office Table Designs With Glass Top You Should Try

The design of the office tabletop is what matters the most. The tabletop should match the space and interior of the office. As there are various designs and styles of glass tops, don’t worry about finding the suitable one. For you, I have handpicked 7 unique office table designs with glass covers. Let’s have a look.

1. Metal-Glass Table

Quite a popular and cherished design is a painted metal office desk with a glass tabletop. These desks are the best for small workspaces. Employees highly admire this design as it offers maximum leg space. The best part of this desk is your office looks clutter-free even if you place these tables side by side. 

The table is very stable and durable as the metal sidebar and stands support the glass. Chances of breaking or cracking are very less. Different paints on the metal add spark to the table. Quite a perky and comfortable office desk design, I would say!

2. Metal Table With Drawers

Want storage with the office desk? A wise choice. For busy employees, a desk with storage is a need. In that case, drawers on either one or both sides of the desk would look good. Have a glass cover on the top of two shiny metal legs. Just below the glass, add two or more drawers. Keep it simple!

Not adding bars around the glass is my choice because it gives a neat look. No extra finish, no excess character. The glass tabletop alone rocks the look. This desk is also for your accomplished employees who deserve a perfect desk like this one.

3. Wooden Table With Glass Cover

You may hardly find a substitute for a wooden table, right? No worries. Keep it. Have an elegant wooden desk in your office, be it in your chamber or for the employees. On the solid wooden table, place a translucent glass cover. This would add extra protection to the table as well as multiply its beauty. 

Installing this glass tabletop doesn’t need you to change your table. You can add a glass slab to your existing wood table. Only this addition can bring a lot of change to the look and usage of the table. 

4. Translucent Glass Table

What about an entire office desk made of glass? This may sound a bit risky, but it is relatively safe. A tempered glass table is very reliable and durable. This table has no joints. One glass is molded to make the legs on both sides, curved edges, and a flat top. 

A translucent glass table is classy and gleaming. It brightens the office’s look and gives a minimalist look. If you are bored of your office desk and need a modern touch, I would surely recommend this exclusive design. 

5. L-shape Glass Table

We generally see this desk model in receptions and the enclosed office rooms of high-ranked employees or CEOs. But the spark comes when you have it made of glass. An L-shaped glass table looks stunning. The vast storage facilities across the bottom of the tabletop make it even more impressive. 

The L-shape glass office desk has a great look due to its size. But due to the glass, it looks modern as well as formal. Therefore, consider this design if you want enough storage, a professional look, and maintenance. 

7. Glass Lid With Single Leg

A glass tabletop on a single wooden or metal leg is not a common office table design. This is why it can be an excellent addition to your office. It has a contemporary design that takes up the least amount of space. A metallic or wooden stand holds a glass lid on the top, that is it. 

To have a formal look, keep the stand circular or square-shaped. However, you can have a zigzag central stand to add an accent and style. It is a table for an immaculate office. 

8. Wall-attached Glass Desk

What about occupying no floor space and having a desk that looks almost invisible? Yes, you can have that classy and lustrous look by installing a glass tabletop attached to the wall. Across a wall, screw a long glass slab from one end to end. Make it the working space for a group of employees. It saves space and maximizes interaction. 

If needed, you may add separate glass slabs to the wall to keep the space separated for each worker. Either way, this design looks subtle and sophisticated. For limited spaces, this is the best idea. 

6 Advantages Of Using A Office Table With Glass Top: Find Out Why

Why would you choose a corporate table that has a glass top? There are a few valid reasons why people highly admire this office table design. Have a look at the advantages of using an office desk:

1. Looks Stylish:

No one would deny that glass tables have been stylish and trendy for ages. It has a timeless beauty as it is very sleek and subtle. Its classy and gleaming look would always add style and character to an office area. Unlike other options, it would never give a mundane appearance. 

2. For A Formal Appearance:

A formal look of the office is mandatory to create a working environment and impress clients. With a glass tabletop, this is achievable. Glass tables are stylish as well as elegant. Therefore, it suits corporate areas perfectly. The solid and compact appearance visibly depicts the professionalism of the space. 

3. Durable:

Don’t think that the table glasses are like window glasses. They are harder and thicker than regular glass slabs. So glass table covers are highly durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. They won’t break or crack under any unintended impact. Therefore, if you are finding a durable tabletop, this is it. 

4. Easy Maintenance:

While cleaning a wood or stone tabletop is quite sensitive, cleaning a glass tabletop is not that hard. Any glass cleaner and a soft cloth can remove patches and stains from the glass. Deep cleaning is not at all mandatory. If needed, there are plenty of products for that. So maintaining a glass cover is no hassle. 

5. Shimmery Aura:

Want an office space that shines and attracts? Then a glass table lid can help. With a glass cover, the tables would shimmer, be it due to sunlight or lamps. The whole area would bloom and gleam due to the light reflection. It makes the entire office room appear shimmery and bright. 

6. Water-resistant:

The excellent water resistance of glass reduces the hassle of maintenance. In case of spills, you won’t have to worry about staining. Wiping the glass with a glass cleaner would suffice. This is a property missing in corporate table materials like wood. 

5 Things To Consider While Choosing A Office Table With Glass Top

There are a few factors to consider while choosing an office table having a glass lid. Note down the considerations before you go and buy a table lid. This information is crucial for deciding which glass table lid to buy. 

1. Base Or Without Base:

If you install a glass sheet on an existing wooden, metallic, or stone desk, then the choice of the glass would be different. A thin sheet of glossy glass would suffice. But if you want the entire table to be made of glass, the glass needs to be thick and sturdy. So first, decide whether there would be a base or not for the glass. 

2. Glass Quality:

There are several glass sheets in the market. But usually, people use tempered safety glass slabs as they are thick and hard. If there is a base and the table is not big, another glass is named annealed sheet. As per the table design, ask the seller which glass you would need. 

3. Glass Thickness:

The thicker the glass, the more durable it is. Most of the time, people choose a thick glass table lid for better protection and longevity. The ideal thickness of a glass table lid is between ¼ inch to ½ inch. However, if the base is solid, you may choose a thinner glass. 

4. Glass Shape:

The shape of the glass table matters. You must choose a shape that the room accommodates conveniently. A big tabletop in a small office area looks very odd. Besides, the shape should not be funky as it has to be formal. It is best to choose between circular and rectangular glass table covers. 

5. Glass Look:

Would you want a transparent glass or a slightly hazy look? Maybe you would want a bluish tint on the glass, or maybe greenish? The choice of look and polish of the glass would be your choice. But try to synchronize the glass style with the office’s interior to make it look gorgeous. 

5 Tips On The Maintenance Of Office Table With Glass Top: 

Maintaining an office glass tabletop is not so difficult. A bit of precaution and care can keep the table looking new for very long. Follow my maintenance tips to make the glass table lid long-lasting. 

Tip-1: Don’t Use A Harsh Cloth

Using a cotton cloth or scrubber can heavily scratch the glass and disappear the shine from the top. This is why you should use a soft cloth like a microfiber cloth. Using a newspaper works too. A soft cloth is enough to remove spills and give a shiny look. 

Tip-2: Use Glass Cleaner

There are a lot of glass cleaners in the market. Choose a suitable glass cleaner and clean the tabletop at least thrice a week. If possible, wipe the glass cover daily. This would keep the table spotless and glossy. Avoid using any abrasive cleaner. 

Tip-3: Apply Diluted Vinegar

If you are disinterested in using a glass cleaner, go for diluted vinegar. Vinegar makes the tabletop sparkle. In a spraying bottle, add water and white vinegar in equal portions. Spray it on the tabletop and wipe the dirt away with a soft cloth or newspaper. 

Tip-4: Diamond Polish

If you see that the tabletop is cracked or uneven, diamond polish is the way out. Diamond polishing would remove the bumps and make the top of the glass smooth and flat. If not damaged, avoid polishing the glass tabletop. 

Tip-5: Place Objects Carefully

Don’t place any object abruptly on the glass. A sudden hit on the table glass can create cracks or chips. So be gentle while placing anything, especially any heavy material. Also, make sure that you don’t keep any heavy material on it as this may break it. 

Related Questions:

Is Using An Office Table With Glass Top A Good Idea?

Using an office desk with a glass tabletop is an excellent idea. It would add spark and accent to the office area. A gloomy office can be accentuated just by adding a glass lid on the table. Also, it would protect the table base and make maintaining the table super easy for you. 

As glass tabletops come in diverse tints, finishes, shapes, and looks, they would blend easily into the office space. Due to its formal and sleek beauty, it is considered a smart office desk option. Therefore, if you are indecisive, you should think of having a glass lid on your office table. 

How Much Does It Cost To Purchase An Office Table With Glass Top?  

The cost of an office table having a glass top depends on a few factors. The shape, tint, thickness, quality, and style of the glass slab decide the price of the table. Also, the base of the table would be a factor too. However, the cost of a  table with a glass top or cover would range from $110 to $300. 

Needless to say that there are costlier glass tables than this. But you would get a long-lasting, stylish, and compatible glass office desk in this range. Be selective about what features you want in the table and then set a budget. 

How Long Does An Office Table With Glass Top Last? 

Honestly, you can use a glass office desk top indefinitely. As long as you don’t break or crack it, it will remain usable. The shine may fade away with time. In that case, you would need to clean and polish it. But if used with care, there is no chance that the tabletop would get damaged. 

However, if you ask about the lifespan of the glass table, it may easily last between 10- 25 years. Maintain its condition carefully so that you don’t need to change the glass top until you retire!

Which Office Table With Glass Top Is Best For Small Spaces? 

Among the top-rated and admired glass office desks, the best ones are provided by Greenville, AIMEZO, and Modway. The affordable glass table by Greenvelly is metallic with a black glass cover and storage. Very useful and gorgeous for a simple office area. 

If you want a computer desk that stands out, choose the AIMEZO ergonomic desk. Very elegant and minimalist, this would give a compact and stylish look. However, Modway modern tables are the best for premium designs and exclusive styles. Slightly expensive but the best. Check all these options and look for different designs they offer. 

Final Touch:

A glass tabletop office table indeed stands out and blends into the corporate environment. Hence, when it comes to decorating the office, a glass-covered table remains a priority. There seems no substitute for a glass desk. Nevertheless, you can clear all your doubts through this write-up. 

Therefore, go through the article once again, solve your queries, and then go for an accent glass desk. Follow the guide to buy the best tabletop. Get the best out of it by following my maintenance tips. That is all!


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