Square Office Table: Know The Designs And More

Square Office Table

An office table is added to a workplace to improve the comfort, productivity as well as beauty of the space. Not only does it do that but can also improve the communication between the employees. But how? That I will explain in detail while explaining some models of square office tables. 

Basically, choosing the right square office table for a workplace can make a difference. It changes the look, improves the mood of work, as well as creates a more comfortable and suitable environment for the workers. But to do so, you need to have a fair idea about the available designs to choose the one you need. And this is exactly why I am here. 

In this article, we will discuss different square office table designs. With that, I will talk more about the topic. This will simply help you in setting up the office with the right set of tables. So let’s know more about it and see how you can use square office tables to decorate your workplace. 

9 Best Square Office Table Ideas: Explore The Designs

The first thing is to know about the latest square office table ideas. Now there are a lot of ideas. As you get to know them, you will understand their suitability. And for choosing the right one for your workspace, you need to have a look into them. 

So starting off with the best square office table ideas that are trending now: 

  1. Wood Metal Double Sided Square Table: 

For a really cozy cabin or space where two people need to sit together, there is nothing better than a double-sided square table. With a small bar just in the middle to block each other’s view, this is an ideal choice for two people to sit at one table. So it saves space as well as ensures privacy to both the employees. 

With the wooden top and the metal stands, this table gives a modern and classy look. As the table is square, there remains enough space for both the people on the desk even after the bar in between. The space under the table can be used for installing two cabinets for storing files and materials. 

Very comfortable and space-saving, the wood metal double-sided square table is just what you need to accommodate two people at one desk. 

  1. Metal Wood Square Table For Four People: 

If you need to have a bigger table to accommodate four people at one table, having this design will be cost-effective. This looks the same as the previous one but with two more people in it. 

This is a bigger one than the previous one with two bars separating two people sitting face to face. Basically, in a small office, a whole department can be accommodated in this table. I mean, the IT team can work on this desk in a cabin and just one table will suffice. Or maybe two members of the same team sit on one side and the members of another team sit on the other side. 

The design also has a wooden tabletop and metal stands for a sleek and modern look. Very useful and functional, you can surely get it to let members of a department work together at the same desk. 

  1. Square Table For Four With Cabinet: 

This model is more or less the same as the previous one but is made of a melamine tabletop and has a cabinet. This is a very traditional design in which a bulky and wide cabinet is fitted just across the middle point of the table. Basically, the tabletop stands on the cabinet, and the side stands. 

The cabinet extends out from the tabletop which creates a barrier between the people sitting at the side desk. So basically, the drawers come at one side (either right-hand side or left-hand side) of the person sitting on the desk. This means you are having your own space even after sitting with four people with storage. 

This design gives a very professional touch to the workspace. It gives a sense of freedom to the employee, provides storage, as well as facilitates communication with the people on the desk. 

  1. Minimalistic Melamine Square Computer Desk:

A computer desk is a necessity in almost any office. Now if you have a separate area for IT employees or technicians, you will need these tables. These are the basic tables being used for ages but are always a good choice. Small and minimalistic, a square computer table can help to set up the right mood for work. 

Metal stands and seams with a melamine tabletop are the basic but catchy designs that you can get. You can easily make a hole on the tabletop to let the cables and wires pass through it. With that, you can set up an office with as many small square computer tables as you need. 

A traditional office setup should always get some square classic melamine computer desks. They are always suitable and perfect for offices with computers and IT works. 

  1. Minimal Drop-leaf Square Table For Two: 

If you really have a little space in the office, installing a drop-leaf square table is the best idea. When not in use, the leaves will be folded. When needed, just unfold them and work on them. Simple! Again during lunch or after the office, fold them!

This design has no bar in the center as the original space is quite narrow. It looks like a rectangular table when the extensions are closed. As you unfold them, then it becomes a square table and a perfect desk for working. Also, with the wooden tabletop, it looks stunningly beautiful. 

Such a pleasant design not only saves space but also gives a touch of modernity to the office. It is not for showing off but it really shows your smart thoughts on maximizing the use of space and accommodating your employees comfortably. 

  1. Wall Mounted Drop-leaf Tables: 

This idea may sound very unprofessional but to be honest, small offices should have at least some of these tables. These tables don’t eat up any floor space at all. They remain mounted on the walls and when needed, workers can lift them and work on them!

Those who work on their laptops can use these tables. They are wide enough to have a laptop and some files on them. So across the walls of a room, they can be placed and workers can work comfortably on them. In fact, you can even install these tables in the canteen of your office!

For really congested office areas, these wall-mounted drop-leaf tables are the ultimate solutions you might be looking for. 

  1. Solid Wood Square Office Desk: 

You usually see these tables in the reception and in the cabin of the CEO or high ranked employees. These tables are made of solid wood with a glass tabletop or solid wood only. They have a wide base almost covering the entire area of the tabletop. 

The solid wood square office desks come with a lot of drawers and cabinets and enough leg space; the ultimate sign of luxury! The base is wide and thick and covers the front as well as the sides. Just the inner side of the table is kept empty. So from the outside, you can’t see the other side of the table

If you need a really professional work desk that looks proper as well as posh, this is the best choice. Though expensive, it is worth it, especially for those who have big offices. 

  1. Hardwood Conference Table For Ten People: 

If you have a conference room in the office, you need this! You will need a conference table in that space that can accommodate around 8 to 10 people. Be it a meeting with the employees or a presentation to your clients, having a conference table is mandatory. 

With a solid wooden base across the center of the table (from one end to the other), the hardwood table top gives a compact look. Absolutely formal, this automatically gives a feel of the meeting. Without it, having a look at a conference room is difficult. 

Very basic and simple, but a square hardwood conference table is what you need for a comfortable and proper meeting. So consider having one of these if you have a conference room. 

  1. Square Table With Different Storages:

Want a minimal single square table with enough storage? This design is the right choice for you. This is a very simple wooden table with a wooden tabletop. With that comes the drawers and cabinets with a side pocket for keeping files. 

The storage is kept hidden with the wooden bar at the front of the desk. On the inner side, there remain drawers on both sides. At one end of the table, there remains an extension where you can keep files or your personal things. For keeping your laptop, there remains a sliding panel just below the tabletop. 

A sleek and minimalistic design, this is exactly what you need if you desire enough storage. These desks are suitable for employees who like to have their own desks in a small space. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What Should Be The Ideal Height Of A Square Office Table? 

To be honest, the height of the square office table often depends on the height of the person working on it. So it is hard to mark a definite height. Usually, the height of the desk may range between 22 to 49 inches.

However, commonly, a height of 25 to 30 inches is chosen and considered as the ideal height. This is the optimum height to keep the computer at eye level and work comfortably. 

How To Choose The Size Of A Square Office Table? 

To choose the size of a square office table, you need to keep three factors in mind. These are:

  • The first consideration will be the size of the office room. The size of the table should easily fit into the space of the office; 
  • The other factor is to see whether you can transport it through the door and stairs or not. If not, you may like to buy a table that can be folded or can be separated and setup later after entering the space;
  • Considering the number of people working on a desk and assuming the items kept on it are important to select the right size;

This is how you can choose the size of a square office table. 

What Square Table Size Do You Need To Keep Two Monitors? 

The first task is to know the size of the monitors you are going to keep. For instance, a monitor is 24”. In that case, to accommodate two monitors, you need a 50” table to fit them. So ideally, to fit two monitors in a square table, the table should be between 50 to 55”. 

What Material To Use To Make A Square Office Table?

In modern days, there are a lot of options to make an office table. Here are some that you should consider: 

  • Wood: Wooden tables are classy and formal; perfect for a professional-looking office room; 
  • Laminate: Laminate tables are rather stylish and very modern. This replicates the looks of wood, stone, etc. so you can get your desired pattern;
  • Melamine: Melamine tabletop is usually used for computer tables; 
  • Metal: Metal tables are extremely sturdy, inexpensive, and suitable for rough usage in the office;

These are some common options that you can check out. 


Final Thoughts:

Now you have a complete idea about the latest square office table designs and answer to the common queries. I believe you won’t be hesitant anymore to choose the right office table for your workspace. 

What else do you need? Just map your office, think of the tables you need, and set it up beautifully!


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