Study Table DIY Ideas For A Teenage Girl: Make Your Princess Happy

Study Table DIY Ideas For A Teenage Girl

A teenage girl is a portrait of dreams, hopes, and innocence. Her angelic presence brings a subtle perception to the house. It is a sweet and difficult task to decorate a study space for teenage girls, right? It is truly a problem. So you may ask which study table ideas will be perfect for my teenage girl. Well, here is your answer.

I have been in the decoration business for a long time. From my experience, here are 7 amazing DIY ideas that will help you to decorate your teenage girl’s study space. Hence, stay tuned with the blog post:

7 Amazing DIY Study Table Ideas for Teenage Girls: 

Girls have different perspectives about things. Such as beauty, colors, surroundings, etc. So it is inevitable that their study space differs from boys. In this writing, I will try to explain different study table decoration ideas in 7 easy DIY methods. As well as different stuff, materials, colors related to study space. 

So, without saying more, let’s jump into the main discussion of study table ideas for teenage girls:

1. Decorate Study Table With Feminine Color Palettes:  

Color is an important factor in a teenage girl’s study space. In contrast to masculine ones, femme colors are subtle, light, and more soothing in the eyes. So colors that are romantic, aesthetic should adorn the study table. Some colors go perfectly with a female perspective. For example peach and coral, pink, pastels, rose, lavender, pale colors.

Now you know about colors, let’s see how to apply those in the study space. 

  • You can paint study tables and chairs with these mentioned colors. Not only that, you can decorate the whole room with that color too. Materials that stay closer to the study table can also be painted with the same color. 
  • Choose materials that have a resemblance with study table color. Keep the same color profile between study chair cushions, file holders, pen stands. And the color of the study space. 

2. Use  Paint Rollers to Style Study Table Surrounding:

You can decorate the girl’s study table through different artistic designs and visuals. Such as adhesive wallpapers, color patterned paint rollers, etc. The design and subtle arts can bring a positive impression on her mind. Let’s see in which places you can decorate the study table with these items :

  • The ideal place to keep colorful wallpaper or paint is somewhere close to sunlight or a window. The outer light will pop up the room object colors more. This will create a vivid, colorful tone in the study table space.
  • Alongside these things, some things can also be placed over the study table. These things complement the background colors. For example: If your study table background is blue shaded, you can keep standing alphabet plaques/ signs of blue color on the table.

3. Build A Frame Board In Front of Study Table:

Frames lock time, there is a saying. But these are also useful to hold present time too. A rectangular frame in front of your daughter’s study table is an example. This can be used for numerous purposes. From clipping important notes to attaching creative arts, a frame’s capability is indescribable.

Some of the amazing things that you can do with a board frame are :

  • Create additional racks on the frame to keep study materials.
  • Clip your child’s arts, photographs, achievements,
  • Decor study table front with beautiful things such as hanging planters, buntings, etc.

4. An L Shaped Study Table Can Help In Multipurpose Work:

Study tables that come with an L-shape can serve different purposes. These kinds of tables are really useful if the girl’s bedroom is not spacious. So what can be the use of an l shaped study table? Well, it depends on personal preferences. Some of the ideal combinations can be:

  • One part of the table can be decorated as a study space. The other part can be used to keep study materials.
  • One part can be used as a study table, the other can be used to settle a hoard of books. 
  • Girls do love makeup. So a part of the study table can be decorated as her makeup space. You can place a mirror on that side, also all the makeup-related accessories. 

5. Adorn Study Table With Beautiful & Useful Materials:

A teenager’s study table should be eye catchy, funky, and artistic. To do so, the study table can be decorated with many interesting things. Placing these things in a good way can bring an elegant style over study space. Let’s discuss some of these materials in brief:

  • Paper Buntings:

Paper buntings are amazing things to design a study table. You can hang a paper bunting line over the study table. Display important words through papers. This can work as a great motivation for your teenage girl. Or you can write anything your teenage girl likes over paper bunting. 

  • Flower Wall Lights:

Flower wall lights create an artistic view over the study space. As well as bring dazzling color combinations to the study table. These decorations make the study table more eye-catching during low light and nights. You can place different shaped wall lights on the study table. Also on the front wall where the table is. Preferred colors of lights can be pale white, pink, peach, blue, etc. 

  • Storage Baskets: 

Wooden small baskets are useful to decor study tables. These serve the purpose of style and need together. The girl can store her important things in baskets like pencils, sharpeners, crayons. The combination of different sized baskets can add a good vibe to the study table. Also, you can place baskets in two different ways :

  • Place large and big-sized baskets under or sides of the study table. This large space can be used as book storage as well. Also, many study-related materials can be kept for the convenience of your girl.
  • Small-sized baskets can be kept on the study table surface as well as on upper racks if the table has one. These tiny spaces can be utilized to keep small things such as glue, pen, pencil, etc.
  • Story Books & Magazines:

Storybooks add classic bookish artistry over the study table. If your teenage girl is a book nerd, storybooks can mesmerize her study table surface. This is good not only for reading purposes, but it will also attract her to reading different books. Book covers add different color tones over the study table. Which creates a beautiful atmosphere over the wooden base. And magazines go well with teenage choices and their thinking about the world. 

  • Maps & Globes:

A world map or a globe over a study table is a medium of learning. When your girl is reading about the world, history, geography, or climate a globe is pretty useful for her. She can identify and see the areas she’s reading about in books. This will enrich her learning experience as well as her thinking ability. 

  • Toolbox & Labels:

Toolbox & labeling is a popular method among students and working people. These plastic containers have shelf-like spaces inside. As well as having other useful qualities. Often people label shelf spaces according to the things they store. Also, this can be used for other works such as :

  • Labeling toolboxes with sticky notes. Note that your girl can arrange in front of her eyes to learn things. 
  • Toolboxes can be labeled by daily routines. The work schedule, meetings, task date, exam week, etc. 
  • Drawer Nightstands:

Drawer nightstands are useful both as a storage option and decoration material. These are one or two-layer small drawers. The placement of nightstands can add a charm to your teenage girl’s study table. Some of the ways to place and utilize drawer nightstand advantages are:

  • Place two drawer nightstands on two sides of the study table. Try to keep variation in drawer colors or you can go with a plain color profile
  • The top of the nightstand drawer can be decorated with many things. Such as word symbols, file storage rack, lego toys, barbie dolls, etc. 
  • Many indoor plants can also be kept over these drawers. And drawer spaces can be utilized by keeping important things for teenage girls. 
  • Garland Flags & Tassels: 

The fabric flags and tassels crown a study table with festive and joyful shade. These are sources of colors that pop up together where they are placed. As teenage minds are colorful, these complement their preferred style. So where to place fabric flags and tassels? Let’s see:

  • The front part and sides of the study table are ideal to stick garland flags. This creates a positive impression on the eyes and mind. 
  • Fabric tassels look better when they are hanging. So, you can hang these over the study space area. Try to hang them near light sources such as bulbs, windows, etc. The additional light will help the tassel color to explode. 
  • Photo Frames: 

Photos are a holder of precious memories and times. So, this is a good option to decorate a study table. Place photo frames over the study table that contain:

  • Special moments of your teen girl. Such as school or college memories.
  • Prizes and achievements, tour days, festivals, family reunions, etc. 
  • Artwork that was drawn by your teenage girl.
  • Drawing & Painting Materials: 

If your girl has an interest in paintings and drawings, these things can be used to decorate study tables. 

Plastic boxes,  ceramic holders, baskets are ideal things to keep art materials. You can decorate study table with art materials by doing these things :

  • Place boxes that contain crayons, pencils, paints in a vertical or horizontal line. If your girl’s study tables come with small cabinets/shelves, place the boxes there. 
  • Or you can place a small wooden basket or colorful mugs to keep the paint materials. For example brushes, colors, art papers, clips, etc. 
  • Childhood Toys & Tools:

A teenage girl has a strong bond with her childhood favorite things. So, placing these things over the study table can refresh her mind every time she sits there. Some of the beautiful items you can place over the  study table are:

  • Childhood toys such as lego, balls, barbie dolls, Tetris blocks, etc. 
  • You can also keep her favorite items of childhood on the table.  Such as, nerf guns, cd records, storybooks, school bags, playing materials. Can keep tennis rackets, monopoly items on a side or alongside a study table. 

6. Place A Wall Mounted Organizer Alongside Study Table:

If you have two teenage girls living in the same room, this is a good idea. Two teenagers can have different style preferences. So, placing wall-mounted organizers alongside a study table can suit them. This can also help them in the following ways :

  • Help to store individual study materials. So there won’t be any mixup in their things.
  • Keep a distinct profile of personal preferences in one space. For example, if one likes makeup, the other likes books, both can be placed separately in an organizer. 

7. Attach Posters & Place Night Lamps On Study Table:

The purpose of a night lamp is not only to bring lights for late-night study, but night Lamps are also beautiful pieces of artwork. Which can be used to decorate a girl’s study tables. Lamps can be chosen according to her likings and colors. Some of the artistic types of night lamps are:

  • Lantern shaped lamps,
  • Wooden night lamps,
  • Classic bulb lamps,
  • Bird nest lamps. 

Place two lamps on both sides of the study table. Or you can focus on a single lamp by placing it in the middle. You can also combine lamps of different varieties.

The idea of placing posters around the study table is placing teen girl’s world in front of them. Portraying everything and everyone she likes and admires. Such as movie actor-singers, idols, fashion icons, sports heroes.

Anyone who lives in her dream world can be placed in front of her eyes through postering. So postering has a positive effect on her development and mind.

Related Questions:

What Is The Price of A Study Table For Teenage Girls?

The following chart will give you a clear idea about different study table prices.  Whether you are on a budget or looking for high quality, the list covers the range from high to lower prices.

Using Materials For Teenage Girls Study TableAverage Price Range
Metal $100-$120

How Big  A Teenage Girl’s Study Table Should Be?

The need for a large study table depends on many factors such as room space, number of users, study materials etc. A standard study table generally has the size of 24″ X 12″ X 48″. The size is perfect for a teenage girl. If you have two teenage girls sharing one room, place an L shaped study table. Or you can buy a study table that has multiple drawers and spaces.

What Are The Easy Ways to Decorate A Teen Girls Study Table?

There are many easy and cheap ways to decorate a teen girl’s study space. You can paint the table, attach wallpapers, place rugs, and cover the table with a fabric cloth. Also can decorate the table with many artistic things, tassels, buntings etc.

Final Words:

A teenage girl is full of inspiration, dreams, and innocence. So, the study table she’s using every day should reflect her personality and likings. If you are planning to style a study table for your teen girl, follow the above-mentioned ideas. Place a frame, tie tassels, decorate art pieces, keep some books over the table. And pay close attention to the colour composition of the whole area. 


Hey guys, This is Md Muktar Hossain, I have been working on home / office furniture for a long time. I thought I would share things with everyone through a website. If you like my articles, please share them with everyone. Stay well Stay healthy.

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