Study Table Ideas In A Small Bedroom: 10 DIY Ideas Will Amaze You

Study Table Ideas In A Small Bedroom

A study table is an important place in our house. But, sometimes it is hard to place a study table properly in a small room, right? Well, it is a problem indeed. So you may ask how to place my study table in a messed up small bedroom. Want to know the answer? Stay tuned for more.

A professional like me who does have experience in home decoration can help you in this matter. Here are 10 amazing DIY ideas you can follow to place a study table in your small bedroom. In order to place a study table in any tiny bedroom, here’s what you should do:

10 DIY Ideas To Place A Study Table In A Small Bedroom:

If you have a small and crowded bedroom, it is difficult to adjust the study table in that tiny space. You will be surprised to know that study tables are easily adjustable in any place. Not in the bedroom only but in any nooks and corners of your house. 

So without talking more, let’s jump into the main discussion. Here are 10 DIY tips to redecorate and place a study table in the small bedroom:

1. Install A  Floating Drawer As Study Table In The Bedroom:

Imagine a study table that does not stay on the ground. Carries no legs and is almost unnoticeable. Yes, these tables are in reality. A small decoration of a floating drawer alongside the bed can serve your study table purpose. The top of the drawer can be used as a tabletop set and the space in it can be used to keep things. 

Let’s follow these processes to install a floating study table in your small bedroom:

  • First, take a drill machine to create screw holes in the wall.  The number of holes depends on your wall mount/ bracket spaces.
  • Place screw plugs in drilled holes and use a hammer to push them inside.  Now the screw placing holes are ready, let’s go to the next step.
  • The floating drawer/shelf comes with an adjustable mount or bracket.  Hold the bracket with your hand and adjust it with wall holes by putting screws. 
  • Make sure the mount is tightly screwed. Now you will see the mount has horizontal metal sticks on both sides. These are to hold your floating drawer. If you look closely, you’ll find several holes behind the drawer.
  •  Now push those holes towards the sticks of the wall mount. Your floating study table is now ready.

2. Place Adjustable Study Table On Bed:

If your room is filled with things, a study table that is small and has mobility is a good option. Bed study tables are widely popular because of this reason. This tiny little thing does not take any space at all and still does the job of a study table. You can buy a bed study table or turn an old wood piece into a bed study table. Let’s see how you do it:

  • Take a long wooden stick and cut it into four pieces. Two sticks should be cut in 7-inch size, the other two in 8 inches. The large sticks are for table stands and small ones for base support.
  • Take l sized plastic connectors and connect them with the two sides of both small pieces by glue. Then connect large pieces with the other hole of the connectors.  In the last stage connect plastic caps with the ends of each strand. This will help the table to stand on any surface.
  • Now time to adjust it with the table base. You can sand and paint the wood piece you are using. Or leave it as it is. Flip the wood piece and drill eight holes for bracket support. Place your table supports over the wood base. 
  • Wood supports should be placed in a way so that two end caps touch the opposite end caps and form a shape of a rectangle. Place screw brackets on each corner of the rectangle. Tight the screws through bracket holes. This is it, your old wood piece is now a bed study table.

3. Use Bookshelf Space As Study Table:

Books are an inevitable part of study and study tables. Suppose you have a large bookshelf in a small bedroom. So placing a study table with it may seem messy. But here is the solution. If you adjust the spaces of the bookshelf, you can use a corner as a study table. 

There are many ways you can adjust books shelf spaces as a study table. Follow these guides:

  • First, measure the height level from the ground on which you want to create a study table. The tablespace can be created in two ways. The first is adjusting the bookshelf spaces. This can be done by cutting shelf cabinets for more space. 
  • Another idea can be adjusting your small study table with a bookshelf.  If you have an l shaped study table, one side of it can be adjusted with a bookshelf. This will give you space to keep important materials. The other side of the table you can use as the primary reading table.

4. Use Window Space As Study Table In The Bedroom:

The space behind the window is a perfect place to put your study materials. This is a good idea for bedrooms that are not spacious. You can decorate the large horizontal space behind window glasses as a study place.  There are many ways to turn your window into a study table, let’s see how you do it:

  • Use the space as it is. That means you only need to add a chair and that’s it. You can install wood cabinets on the side of the windows. This will serve the users of the bookshelf as well as bring an enchanting look to the whole area.
  • If you want, you may tweak the window space a little bit. Such as attaching Wooden/Hard boards under window space. This will give you even more spaces to customize things. The window space can be used for decoration then and the space below for reading purposes.
  • Another way to utilize window space is by placing a side bench behind it. A tiny bench can be used as a study table and you can use it for decoration too after study.

5. Decorate Console Furniture As Study Desk:

If you have no space to keep a study table in the living room, console tables are there to rescue. The idea of using console tables as study tables is realistic in stuffed areas. 

These types of tables are very flat, do not take up much space in the room. So how can you use consoles as a study table and where can you place them? Follow these ideas as mentioned:

  • If your console table has two different layers of space, you can use one to keep things. Decorate another layer as a study desk. 
  • Some console tables come with cabinet and drawer spaces too. In that case, you can keep study books and materials in those spaces.
  • Because console tables have good mobility, you can place them anywhere inside. You can keep it in the window area, on the side of the bed, behind the colourful wall anywhere you like.

6. Use Multi-Purpose Desks As Study Table:

You might have a dilemma about how to keep a study table and an additional table in the living room. Here is the solution. There are many tables you can find in the market that serve as multi-functional desks. These are also called double-duty furniture. Some of the advantages of using a multi-purpose desk are :

  • Utilizing the little space you have in the bedroom. You can use it for study purposes and dining or meeting purposes too.
  • Double-duty furniture has a top layer that is foldable. When you are using it during study time, keep it standing. Use the body to attach study-related items such as notes, sheets, etc.
  • When your study is done for the day, just fold the upper part. Now you are left with a flat table surface which you can use for many reasons. Such as dining, social meetings, etc.

7. Install Foldable Wall Desks As Study Table:

The idea of foldable wall desks is pretty modern actually. This is indeed a good alternative to your study table.  Wall desks are almost unnoticeable and don’t take any space from the floor. If you want to install a foldable wall desk as a study table, here are some guides for you to follow:

  • If you have a foldable desk already just place it on the wall through drilling and wall mount. You can do it on your own or take the help of expert people.
  • You can turn your old wooden board into a foldable table too. For this purpose, you’ll need two folding shelf brackets. First set these two brackets on the wall through a drill machine and screws. 
  • Now you will see an upper part on the bracket and a spring hinge supporting it to stay horizontal. Place your wooden board over those 2 lines. Go under the wood placate and drill holes to attach it with brackets through screws. Your table is ready now.
  • When you are not using the table, take hinge support away from brackets. This will allow the table to fold and stay on the wall.

8. Letter Shaped Study Tables Are Good for Small Spaces:

A study table that is different in size and shape is practical to use in a tiny space. So, if you have the problem of a small area, use L-shaped or v-shaped study tables. This will help you to solve the space problems related to the study table.

A letter-shaped study table such as L or V-shaped tables can be used for multifunctional activities such as:

  • Two different parts can be used in a single area. One part you can use to decorate the study table. You can keep lamps, books, notes, etc.
  • The other part can be used to keep important things such as pc, materials, documents. In short, you can use these kinds of study tables for both office and study purposes.

9. Install Study Table With Vertical Shelves In A Small Bedroom: 

When we think about a study table we don’t visualize the tables and chairs only. A study table is just a part of the study space. There can be bookshelves or other important pieces alongside it. The problem is, these things take a lot of space together. So how to keep them in a small bedroom?

One easy idea to install a study table setup is going vertical actually. This can prevent your bedroom from having a messy and stiff atmosphere. This method can be applied by :

  • Choosing a corner where you want to create the study space. Corners between bed and room windows are perfect to create this setup. 
  • Place your study table on the ground as usual. The fun part comes right after that. You can install rectangular wooden shelves on the wall with a drill machine and wall brackets. Or you can set up plain boards in columns.
  • Now your study table is practically vertical. And you can use those vertical spaces for study purposes as well as room decoration purposes.

10. Use Room Objects As Detachable Study Table:

There are many pieces of furniture and objects you can combine to create a DIY study table. This is a fun idea as well as effective. Because the study table will be there as long as you want. Let’s see some of the ideas to create a study table alternatives :

  • The drawer racks used to keep clothes are a good item to create a study table. All you need to do is place the same-sized racks anywhere in the bedroom. Then place a hardboard or wood board over it. That’s it, your study table is ready.
  • Side tables are also a good alternative to a study table. When you are on a bed or sofa, side tables can be used as your study desk. 
  • You can use unusual spaces of room and furniture to decorate study table space. For example The closet spaces, nooks, and corners of the bedroom.

Final Words:

Study tables are an integral part of our daily life. We spend our time thinking and learning in that space. But sometimes it is difficult to adjust a study table in a small bedroom. In this article, I have tried to solve this problem by discussing 10 easy Diy methods.

So, next time you can try to adjust the study table in the bedroom following these DIY ideas. This will help you to decorate your study space easily in your tiny room.


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