Designer’s Tips For Decorating Coffee Table [20 DIY Styling Ideas]

Tips For Decorating Coffee Table

Coffee tables can be considered as the center of attraction in a  room. This tiny piece of furniture adds a different dimension of style to a  living space. Coffee tables create a stylish landscape when it’s decorated with things. If you just bought a coffee table and are confused about how to decorate it, this is the perfect guide for you to follow. 

I have been working in the decoration business for a long time. From my designing experience, here are 20 tips to decorate a coffee table. This will completely change the outlook of your living room. So, stay hooked with the writing:

20 Superb Tips To Decorate A Coffee Table DIY:

The outlook of a coffee table defines your living room. The stylish decoration of the coffee table grabs the attraction of beholders. There are many methods to experiment with coffee tables. You can combine it with objects, change its position and try other ways. The materials of the coffee table also add a different vibe to the living room atmosphere.

So without talking more, let’s jump into the main discussion. Here are 20 superb tips to decorate a coffee table DIY:

1. Bring Color to the Coffee Table With Minimalist Objects:

Sometimes a small decoration can create magic on a coffee table. The coffee table in the center can draw colors if you decorate it with things. Some of the items that add vivid color over the table surface are :

  • Colorful water vessels,
  • Flower pots,
  • Antique Pieces.

Simply keep this item over the coffee table and this is it. Try to keep a difference in the color of the living room and coffee table objects. Purple, yellow  these shades pop up well to create vivid scenery. 

2. Decorate Double Spaced Coffee Tables:

Suppose the coffee table you have is rectangular and comes with two or three glass layers. So, how do you decorate it?  One easy way to do that is by combining books and artistic pieces. Here is how you do it:

  • First, divide your books into two or three columns. Keep the same height among the book columns. The bottom space is where you can keep those books in two or three lines.
  • If the coffee table has three layers, you can keep the middle part free.
  • The top layer is where you keep things. Round trays, candle holders, or antique teapots, all these things go very well with books.

3. Combine Two or More Coffee Tables:

The combination of two or more coffee tables creates a unique harmony. The difference in table height, shape, and materials holds two different styles in one space. One of your coffee tables can be styled in archaic beauty, others can be decorated in a modern style. Some of the tips that you can follow are:

  • Keep two coffee tables a little bit distance. Otherwise, the styles or themes can be messed up. 
  • If you go for simple decoration on one coffee table, try to experiment with another one.
  • The coffee table with less height can be decorated with transparent flower pots. Also with small antiques, etc. The large coffee table can be decorated with coffee pots,  stylish lamps, and one or two books. 

4. Add Ottoman or Hassocks Alongside Coffee Table:

If you have ample space in the living room, try placing things like poufs, ottoman seats. This will serve two important purposes:

  • Cover the spaces in the center of the living room.  Adds more sitting options alongside living room sofas.
  • The vibrance and color of poufs and hassocks will certainly pop up on the living room floor. This is going to complement the coffee table style. 

5. Follow One Color Profile In Coffee Table Style:

If you plan to give your living room one specific color profile, use it on the coffee table too. You can choose green setup, Retro red, sky blue, whatever you like. If this is the case, follow these tips :

  • Keep the color profile according to your living room. Try keeping the furniture and coffee table in the same color.
  • Place your sofa set up close to the coffee table. You can keep the coffee table in the center. 
  • Try to match the color profile of the coffee table surface with the sofa and living room. For example, if your sofa or accent tables are blue, coffee tables can be decorated with blue-colored items.

6. Use The Same Shaped Coffee Tables for Decoration:

Instead of trying different shapes, you can go for all-around or all rectangular shapes. This adds a different kind of aesthetics to the living space. If you want to keep it simple and have a tiny space, you can use this method. Things that can help you with decorations are:

  • Maintain separate styling profiles on each coffee table. If you have three, one can be used for keeping things, one for serving purposes, and the last one for styling.
  • Try to keep the coffee tables in different places in the living room. This will keep distinct style profiles in each corner. 

7. Focus on Coffee Table Height:

The height of the coffee table can also create a splendid atmosphere. If your accent tables and sofas have large height, this will let the coffee table go unnoticed. So here are some tips for you :

  • Put your coffee table in the center of the living room. Surround the table with accent chairs and other furniture.
  • To add height to the coffee table, use large flower vessels, water pots, lanterns, and lamps. This will adjust the height of the coffee table with the surroundings.

8. Stack Up Different Shades In Coffee Table:

Time for some real blending in style. Instead of matching the same style, welcome a different one in one place. This method can bring inherent bright and colorful art to the living room. Let’s see how you decorate a coffee table surrounded by different colors:

  • Use different color objects to decorate the coffee table. At the bottom, you can place colorful antiques, showpieces.
  • On the top, you can keep greenery, flowers, and books.  Now you have two separate color profiles on one coffee table. Try to keep these color profiles separated from the shades of the living room and furniture.

9. Try Wood And Green Combo to Style Coffee Table:

If you like earthy green, try to give you a coffee table that is “Close to nature” style. This goes quite well when your coffee table has that wooden texture. You can create that texture by adding items too. Methods you can follow are: 

  • Keep wooden items such as trays, pots, legos, and small wooden antiques on top. 
  • Keep indoor plants on top of the table. The green of plants combined with wooden texture will complement the style.

10. Decorate Coffee Table In Artistic Way:

If you are an artist or art enthusiast, you will likely decorate the coffee table with the same interest. There are many artistic ways to decorate a coffee table. You can follow these steps to create a reflection of style over the coffee table:

  • Place books on tables related to art, aesthetics, music, architecture, etc. complement those with small wooden racks or items.
  • You can place small artistic objects and can keep one musical instrument. You can add a small fountain of stones, all of these will reflect your artistic sense over the coffee table.

11. Go Simple In Coffee Table Styling:

Minimalistic and simple designs are always eye soothing. If you want to keep your coffee table simple yet stylish, there are many ways. Some easy to give coffee tables a minimalistic style are :

  • Avoid clutter of objects over the coffee table. Keep it ample and simple.
  • A vessel of flowers and some books are perfect to keep, or try a combination of a small plant and coffee serving set. Choose whatever style you like.
  • Surround the coffee table with small things such as cushions, small poufs, etc.

12. Try Different Objects As A Coffee Table:

You will be surprised to know that many pieces of furniture and items can be used as a coffee table. This replaces your traditional coffee table setup and adds different shades of beauty to the living room. Some of the items that can be used as a coffee table are :

  • Accent tables, old benches, and cylinders. One advantage of using them is mobility and multi-purpose use.
  • These objects can be decorated with colorful items such as flowers, antiques, greenery, books, and coffee pots. 

13. Bring Different Materials Over Coffee Table:

Sometimes it’s not just about colors or shapes. Materials represent different states of earth and mind. If your coffee table has different items created from different things, this helps to create an earthy style on top. Let’s see how you can create this type of profile :

  • Books can be accompanied by natural things such as stones and marbles.
  • Wooden trays can be complemented by metals, ceramics, copper pieces, etc.

14. Decorate Coffee Tables to Attract People:

A coffee table can be the catalyst of starting a conversation. This can be done by adding items over the table. Beautiful items can please minds and help to express feelings. Some of the most eye-catching items to keep over the coffee table are :

  • Stylish lanterns,
  • Antique candle holders,
  • A mural or sculpture,
  • Beads and trees,
  • Stone or marble pieces.

15. Add Storages to Redefine Coffee Table Style:

Adding storage on the coffee table is both stylish and purposeful. It creates more spaces for beautiful items as well as important ones. Things that you can use as storage are:

  • Wooden baskets or trays, tree pots with stylish cages,
  • A Lower shelf to keep sitting items such as cushions,
  • Shelf can also be used to keep coffee ingredients and bakeries.

16. Try A Book Centred Style Over Coffee Table:

There is no alternative of books to bookworms and nerds. So, if you are a book lover, you can use books as a base theme to decorate your coffee table. Books can be adjusted with any themes, colors, and decorations. Here are some tips you can follow :

  • Try to keep a difference in book heights and styles. Large and elegant-looking books can be placed on the sides. You can keep one or two large books depending on the space of the coffee table.
  • Alongside large ones, keep books that are lightweight in the center. Try to keep the height lower than large books. After that, you can add small antiques or items over small books.

17. Place Upholsteries to Style Coffee Tables:

Upholsteries bring a complete new look over coffee tables. The fabrics, colors of upholsteries match perfectly with accent furniture, sofas. So, if you plan to decorate coffee tables with flat items, upholstery can be a good option. Things you can keep over upholstered coffee tables are:

  • Antique trays. You can keep transparent items like glass pots, vessels, and dishes in trays. 
  • Upholstery coffee tables can also be complemented by keeping magazines and books.

18. Complement Coffee Table Style With Greenery:

Green brings the tone of nature in all places. So why not try that style on the coffee table too? The natural style over the coffee table relaxes the mind and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Some of the ways to elegantly style a coffee table with greenery are : 

  • Use a combination of large and small green items. For example, you can keep big plants or flower pots on one side. On the other side, you can keep beads, moss, or tiny plants. 
  • Place a tray over the coffee table to keep succulent plants. This will add a minimalistic green style. 
  • If you place two or more pots to keep plants, try to use lots of different colors for vibrance. 

20. Style Coffee Table With Personal Style:

You can decorate a coffee table to your taste. Do it by placing your favorite items. Such as things related to your work, likings, special things, etc. Let’s see what things you can place to decorate your coffee table :

  • Photo frames,
  • Profession related things, such as architectural miniatures,
  • Items related to a special memory. A gift from someone,
  • Own collection of items.

21. Use Unique Shaped Coffee Tables to Decor Living Room:

Coffee tables are not about rectangular or round shapes only. They come in unique propositions and shapes. And this complements the decoration items equally. 

  • A pentagon-shaped coffee table covers each side in the center. 
  • A triangle-shaped coffee table can be placed on room corners. 
  • Unusually shaped coffee tables go well with green plants on top. 

Final Words: 

Coffee tables are a symbol of elegance and style inside the living room. You can decorate a coffee table with simple items. And give it a redefined aesthetic look. Coffee tables represent your choice of style and likings.

So, if you plan to decorate a coffee table next time, do it with your style and likings. Follow some basic rules to keep harmony on the style of the coffee table, furniture, and living room. 


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