Tips For Painting A Coffee Table [10 Amazing DIY Painting Ideas]

Tips for Painting A Coffee Table

Does your favorite coffee table look old and dull these days? Colors from the tabletop have faded away? This is indeed a problem. So, how to redefine and restore the look of your coffee table, want to know about it? Here is your answer.

The easiest solution is, yes you guessed it right! painting. I have been working as a painting artist for a long period. So, In this writing, I am going to tell you about 10 amazing painting ideas. This will change the look of your old shabby coffee table. Hence, stay hooked.

10 Amazing DIY Painting Tips & Ideas To Change Coffee Table Outlook:

Painting a coffee table is fun and the experiment is worth the effort. You can play with colors and express your thoughts over the coffee tabletop. There is no limit to styling. From vintage classy look to acrylic, resin to chalk paint, coffee table painting has no bar on creativity.

Here are 10 amazing painting tips & ideas for a dazzling coffee table outlook:

1. Blend The Colors on Coffee Table:

The combination or fusion of different colors looks magnificent over a coffee table. This method adds a different vibrance and hue to your aged coffee table. The popping colors just grab everyone’s attention. Let’s follow these steps to fill your coffee tables with colors :

  • The very first step for re-painting any wooden coffee table is sanding/gritting. This is done to remove the old finish.
  • Use an 80 grit on the machine to remove the finish from the tabletop. If you don’t have a machine, use your hands gently. To remove finishes from sides or legs, you can use sandpapers.
  • Now with a brush apply the primer. This will allow the primary paint to stick on the surface evenly. If your coffee table top is detachable, use a screwdriver to remove it for convenience. Otherwise, flip the table once the top is painted.
  • Now decide on two primary colors for the top and bottom of the coffee table. If you want to make the bottom part color popping, use a flat color base like white or pale butter.  For the top, a grey or wooden color is fine.
  • Use your plastic putty knife to apply chalk mineral paints on the bottom.  That includes legs and sides. Once the base color is dried, you can apply colors over it.
  • Dive putty knife’s top in paint, take a little amount of paint.  Paint the surfaces by skimming method. Once one color is ready, skim another color over it. In this way, create a fusion of colors.
  • Now go back to your coffee table top, you can keep the primary color. Or tweak it a little bit. To seal your top paint use a  water repellent coat. A foam roller of high density is perfect for finishing the job.

2. Chalk Style Painting for Minimalist Coffee Table:

If you want to give the coffee table a simple yet elegant look, chalk paints are perfect for you. A combination of two chalk paints can get the job done. You can try wooden tops and black bases. Or a blue base and white top. Let’s see how you do  it:

  • First, like other methods, remove the current finishing with grit or sandpaper. Clear all the dust after sanding.
  •  Use tape to cover the sides of the tabletop. This will save the sides from unwanted paints. Use a thin paintbrush to paint the top smoothly. Synthetic brushes do this job pretty well. 
  • Once the top is dried fully, flip the table or detach the top. Then paint the base part with your desired color. Once dried, remove the tapes and apply color on the tabletop sides. 

3. Use Acrylic Colors to Create Coffee Table Galaxy:

The fusion of acrylic color turns your coffee table into a splendid milky way. This is a funny yet amazing way to reimagine a coffee table. Follow these processes:

  • Acrylic coloring can be done without using a paintbrush. You just pour two or three colors on top and shake the table. 
  • First, remove the finish from the table surface. Use a primer before the painting process. You can store acrylic paints in small cups.
  • Pour colors from cups onto the table. Keep each color separate from the other.  
  • Now try to bend the table in every direction, on right-left sides. Just don’t let the paints spill on the ground. Keep doing this until the paints mix and cover the whole top. Remove paints from the sides quickly. Let the table dry for 2 days at least. Your old coffee table now has its galaxy.

4. A Complete Wooden Look To Keep Coffee Table Natural:

The wooden color is a good way to bring the earthy natural theme. If a coffee table lost its wooden touch, a simple painting can regain it. This method of painting is known as faxing. The steps are as follows :

  • Like every step, scrub out your old texture from the coffee table. 
  • To get the wooden texture you can use wooden colors or create your own. A red and green acrylic color mixture will give you the woods brown shade. Black color can be used to apply the dark brownish tree theme.
  • Use paint brushes with long bristles for this method. This will stretch out the textures further. Start with brown color first, spread it well. 
  • Next paint a yellow-brown or light brown to complement the wooden shade. When these two shades are complete, apply the black color to create the dark brown finish. 

5. Aged Shabby Way for A Classy Coffee Table:

Old is gold, there is a proverb. Why not keep that old style in your coffee table with a modern touch? You will be delighted after seeing the transformation of the coffee table you have.  Let’s follow these steps :

  • Remove the existing finish from the coffee table, to keep the old authentic touch, you can use your hands to sand the top.
  • In the second step, you need to use a primary color base. Wood color is perfect for this occasion. A slightly faded wood color will keep the old vibe. Paint the base color thoroughly and let it dry.
  • Now if you want, you can create a dual shade to make the coffee table look more classy. A light white is a good choice to give brightness in the wooden shade.
  • When the second layer is dried fully, seal the whole area with a paint coat.  

6. Apply Resin Base to Make Coffee Table Artistic:

Resin brings the gland marbles and finishes to painting surfaces. A coffee table top with a resin finish is artistic. It also brings a touch of elegance to your living room. To apply this method, do the following things: 

  • First, use a sanding method to make the tabletop a little bit rusty. This helps the resin to get stuck with the surface.
  • Now choose your resin base, an epoxy resin can serve a dual purpose if you use the coffee table outside. Mix the resin in 1:1 proportion with a paint hardener. Give these two a good mix. 
  • When the base is ready, use your desired colors to create a solution with the base. Use your hands to apply the solution over your coffee table. Choose any pattern you like, round to zigzag. Then keep the table moving in different directions.
  • Be careful so that the points don’t fall on the ground. After the resin base has been spread evenly on the tabletop, leave it for 48 hours.
  • To make it even cooler, a secondary layer of color can be applied. For example, if your surface is grey,  white is a good companion for it.

7. Custom Paint Coffee Table With Own Art:

What’s better than a coffee table adorned with your art! Tell your own stories with paint. Or portray your imagination over it. It does not matter what the coffee table is made of. Wooden, plastic-based, or glass-based whatever it is. Here are the following tips you can use:

  • If you have a wooden coffee table, scrape off the old layer first. Use a pencil to draw your art over the table. Then apply a primer to coat the layer.  Then use the colors to fill up the art you did with a pencil. Let it dry and then seal with a wooden coat.
  • The above method can also be applied on a plastic top, the only thing you won’t have to do is sanding. For glass-based coffee tables, you can use design stickers. Place them on top, stick them with tape and paint on the empty spaces.

8. Turn Coffee Table Into A Real Coffee One:

You can turn a coffee table into the thing its name says. Yes, a coffee table indeed. This absolute freaky method is possible by mixing coffee beans and epoxy resin. The thing you’ll have to do is :

  • If you have a wooden coffee table, sand it hard, apply a paint primer first. You’ll have to block the whole side of the table. To do so, you use coating copper plates. Attach the plates on table sides with strong glue.
  • Now pour coffee beans into a pot and mix epoxy resin with it. Pour the solution over the coffee table. Wait till the mixture becomes solid. Once it’s solid. Apply more resins over it. This will seal the coffee layer. 
  • Use a thin knife to detach the joint of the coffee-resin and copper plate layer. Sand the sides of the new layer and paint it with coffee color.

9. Milk Paint Coffee Table For A Simple Beautiful Look:

Milk painting brings a solid white color look to your dull coffee table. This is a good choice for you if you like a simple style. The following steps will guide you to create a milk paint effect on the coffee table :

  • Coat your coffee table with paint binder/primer. If you wish, you can sand the tabletop. Then create a solution of milk paint and water. Dry or liquid, you can use any milk paint.
  • After applying the binder, use a brush to paint the solution all over the coffee table. Let the table dry.
  • Try painting two more layers in the same process. Let the painting dry. Use sandpaper to sand the greyish look from the coffee table. Use water-resistant coats or oils. Finish the process by applying glaze or wax coating over the paint.

10. Use Stencil Plates to Design Coffee Table:

Stencil plates are popular to paint on any surface. Creative designs can be applied on surfaces through these plates. So use these to restyle your coffee table too. Let’s see the process :

  • First, you’ll have to paint the bare top of the coffee table. In this case, chalk paint can be used. Take any chalk paint according to your choice. Before you use chalk paint on the surface, use a primer first.
  • When the chalk paint layer is completely dry, place stencil sheets over the chalk paint layer. Now attach the sides of stencil sheets with strong tapes. Paint the coffee table through stencil sheet gaps.
  • Use two or more sheets to cover the whole coffee table. You can use stencil plates to paint table sides too. Just make sure both ends are attached to a table with strong tapes.

What Tools Do You Require To Repaint Your Old Coffee Table?

You need some specific tools to repaint your old coffee table. These are available everywhere and can be found in any hardware shop. Some of the primary tools are :

  • Primary paint,
  • Painting brush,
  • Sandpaper/grits,
  • Primer,
  • Tapes,
  • Putty knife
  • Screwdriver.

Final Words: 

Painting old coffee tables restores their lost look and textures. Your coffee table become boring or colorless? Applying some easy painting methods can make it gorgeous again.

So, next time if you are planning to throw the old coffee table away, just tweak it. Try some cool DIY paint techniques and get amazed by its redefined classy look.

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