Wooden Office Table: Make Your Choice With The Best Design

Wooden Office Table

The use of wood for home and office furniture has been around for many years. A wooden office table always brings a different atmospheric texture to any office room. There are several benefits to using a wooden table in the office, although many are unknown to you.

Unlike wood, the table of some elements is currently used, but wood is the best to bring a natural touch and extreme beauty to the place. Wooden tables of various designs are used in modern offices. If you have enough ideas about several designs, you can install a suitable desk according to the office space.

A wooden office desk is undoubtedly the bearer of your peace of mind. However, there is more for you to know about it. Today’s article is arranged with all the necessary information related to this. Here are some of the best wooden office table design ideas, maintenance tips, and much more.

8 Amazing Wooden Office Table Design Ideas: You Should Know

The wooden table for office use comes in numerous designs. You need to choose a design that is suitable for your workstation. In this case, it is significant to have ideas about different designs. This will make your decision easier.

1. Mid Century Style:

Office tables of this style are very popular because they are designed to work in a small space. The wood used in it has a nice finish, so it always looks bright. Whether your office room space is small or large, it fits perfectly.

You will find enough space on the table to hold the computer. There is also space in front of you to do the necessary paperwork. Drawers can also be installed at the bottom to keep personal items.

2. Rectangle Design Table:

Rectangular wooden tables are used in almost every office. Office meetings are usually held at this table. It is quite large so that all the staff can sit together. Although square, it currently has some updated designs.

Everyone gathers at a large table for a meeting or important decision-making in any modern office. Although it costs a bit more, it makes the office work easier.

3. Small L-Shaped Design:

The L-shaped table is one of the most used working desks in the office. It provides you with a large workstation with lots of space. The front part of it is used for vital activities. You can also keep your computer laptop. You can put any bonsai tree on the side for decoration.

Below is ample space to keep your files and valuable documents. These tables are usually perfect for large office rooms. Moreover, it is enough to bring a professional look to any office.

4. L-Shaped Table With Hutch:

This design is one of the most popular wooden office tables. The table is much more suitable for the larger work of large companies. The clutter in the things you need will go away in an instant. Two people can work at the same time at a table.

These tables are usually placed in the corner so that your privacy is not immediately visible to anyone. In addition, there is enough space to keep all the documents of your department and drawers can be installed.

5. Modern U-Shaped Wooden Table:

Are you looking for more natural touches? An u-shaped wooden table can meet your needs. This table type is usually in a separate room for personal use in the office. A U-shaped table is great for working in extreme relaxation. Usually, where many workers work together, such a large table is not kept.

The u-shaped table is a symbol of nobility for the room where the office boss or manager sits and conducts his business. It can come in both gloss and unpolished finishes, as you like.

6. Two-Person Workstation Desk:

This type of design is quite expensive but perfect for two employees to work together. This table is designed so that two people can work on opposite sides at the same time. Besides, one cannot distract the food in any way.

Even if two people sit opposite, they can enjoy almost the same benefits. Everyone gets a separate drawer and enough space to keep things. Separately, two tables spoil the space. In that case, this table design is more acceptable.

7. T-shaped Office Table:

This shaped office table is very interesting to look at. A longer table with a partition in the middle is usually installed very close to the walls. At first glance, it may seem that this is just a table. Here two people can work sitting comfortably.

There are 2/3 drawer systems right in the middle of the table. Both persons can use the drawers. Moreover, one person cannot interfere in the work of another. You will surely want to get this kind of stylish wooden table for your office at a low cost.

8. Versatile Design:

In case you want to make a difference in the office, you can use the double-duty desk. Although it has many uses, it is not used in many offices because it is expensive enough. The lower part is made of wood and the upper part is made of lightweight board.

Its specialty is that it is equally suitable for enjoyment as it provides space for work. Want to know how? You can cover the whole workspace by lowering the top of it when you have something to celebrate.

5 Reasons Why Should You Choose A Wooden Office Table:

You should know why you would choose a wooden table, even though there are so many types of office tables. Some reasons encourage you to use a wooden table. Some of the main reasons for choosing a wooden table are discussed:

1. It’s Cost-Effective:

The furniture is usually used according to your choice at home. But, you need to find an affordable option for the business organization. Wooden office tables are generally less expensive than other table elements but are more durable. Luxurious tables are not usually used in the office. Hence, the cost of making it is also comparatively less.

2. Has An Universal Attraction:

Office workers enjoy their work even more with a wooden table. Because people always have a kind of attraction towards wooden furniture. Employees of all ages and visitors to the office are excited by the atmospheric wooden table and other furniture. So, to bring a general and comfortable look to the office, a wooden table is very suitable

3. Increases Productivity:

To get a better output of work, the working environment needs to be improved. Employees spend most of their time at the working table. Therefore, the table material should be healthy. In this case, a wooden table is the best option. Since wood does not come with any harmful ingredients, it helps increase productivity while maintaining a healthy environment for the workers.

4. Creates A Natural Feel:

Wood is a touch of naturalness no matter where you use it. People want a little natural touch amid lots of work which is not common in office life. A wooden table can largely fill this gap. It is crucial to have natural furniture to refresh the minds and bodies of the workers. Imagine how fast a living tree on a wooden table speeds up your work.

5. Requires Low Maintenance:

Maintaining a wooden office table is much easier. It is always shiny with very little care. For wood surface cleaning, there is a specific cleaner that makes it look perfect with regular use. Also, start your work by wiping the table with a soft cloth every day. Since you are preventing dust from accumulating in it, you will not need to apply messenger cleaner.

6 Things To Consider While Making Or Buying A Wooden Office Table:

For the official purpose, you can buy wooden tables or have them made by a craftsman. Whatever you do, you have to be prudent. There are some essential things to consider before purchasing a wooden table.

1. Determine The Style:

Tables of different sizes are used in the office. You need to decide in advance how many tables of any size you want to create or purchase. In case you run a home office, you can make a table of your choice. It will improve your house environment as well as the convenience of work. In this case, you can take ideas from the top designs.

2. Consider The Storage:

You should always choose a table that can hold all the necessary things used in office work. Storage should be made as your work range. Make sure there is enough space to keep open files, drawers, and pens to keep confidential documents. As a result of making tables, you can customize these facilities.

3. Think About The Room Size:

Wooden tables indeed bring vitality, but it is significant to consider the size of your office room before making it. Don’t go for less than your full potential. This destroys both the space and the beauty of the room. Choose the right size table according to the space in the room and suitable for your work.

4. Determine Your Budget:

Although wooden tables are cost-effective, you should always look for more affordable options when purchasing or making office furniture. There is some difference in this case. Many tables are needed for office workers. Therefore, the cost will naturally be higher. Simple design tables cost less. But, if you set up a home office, you can make a table of your chosen design on a higher budget.

6. Your Computer Type:

One of the most important considerations, when you purchase or make a wooden table, is to think about your computer type. Desktop computers require some extra space on the table. A suitable part for keeping the PC, the keyboard is essential to make a separate part of the table to store the mouse. Laptop computers do not require much consideration.

7. Comfort Of Work:

All the comfortable features of your workstation should be considered. You have to stay at a working table for a long time, so it should be comfortable enough. Make sure you don’t feel any discomfort in your hand when operating the computer. When the feet are slightly above the floor during work, you feel comfortable, and work speed comes. Add this feature when making it.

5 Maintenance Tips Of Wooden Office Tables: Use Them Prolonged Period

While your wooden office table gives you emotional and physical comfort, you should also make sure that it is properly maintained. This gives your table a long life. Here are some helpful tips on how to treat your wooden table:

Tip 1: Keep It Always Clean

Dust is constantly blowing in the air which gets on your wooden table every day. Wipe the table surface normally with a dry cloth every day so that small dust particles do not settle on it. Regular wiping in this way keeps it free of enough dirt.

Tip 2: Do Not Use Cleaners Always

Do not use frequent cleaners to ensure extra care, as this can damage the wood finish. It is better to apply the cleaners after a long time, but if used regularly, the glaze of the table will be reduced.

Tip 3: Use Water For Heavy Dirt

When working, some heavy dirt can get stuck on the table surface which is enough water mixed with light soap to clean it. Dip a cloth in water and wipe the stains a few times, the stains will be completely removed.

Tip 4: Wax Regularly

Regular use of your working table can cause some fading. Regular waxing can make it shiny again. It is recommended to wax once every three months to give it a vibrant look.

Tip 5: Expose Less In Sunlight

Although office tables are not kept outdoors, you need to be careful not to expose them to sunlight. Sunlight can enter through windows. Wooden objects are damaged if exposed to too much sunlight. Make sure it is in a safe place.

Approximate Price Range Of Different Designs Wooden Office Table:

Here is the approximate price range for different designs of wooden office tables:

Types Of Wooden Office TableApproximate Price Range
L-shaped design$225 – $325
L-shaped Desks with Hutches $110 – $200
Modern U-Shaped design$812 – $1100
Versatile design$120 – $500
Rectangle design$450 – $880

Related Questions About The Wooden Office Table:

Which Woods Are Great For Making A Wooden Office Table?

There are several types of wood that are best used for making office tables, such as oak, walnut, cherry, African hardwoods, and maple. Oak is the best wood for office tables considering its beauty, durability, toughness, and price. The main features of walnut are its gorgeous grain, color, pattern, and outstanding decorative appearance.

The reddish-brown color of cherry wood will surely attract you. Also, it is durable enough. There is nothing special about Maple because it is always considered perfect for the office desk. 

How Long Does A Wooden Office Table Last?

Wooden office tables can have the same durability as metal tables if you can pick the right wood. A good quality wooden table lasts about 15 years. With proper maintenance, it can last for many more years. You may have to think about replacing it a few more years later.

If the office tables are used too rough or in case they are not maintained regularly, the life expectancy decreases. It should be replaced only when it is incompatible with the look of the office.

Is It A Good Idea To Purchase A Wooden Office Table Rather Than Making?

Buying and making wooden office tables are both good ideas because there are differences in convenience. It takes a long time to make a wooden table, so buying a table in case of urgent need is the right decision. On the other hand, the table purchased directly may be missing some features that you need.

In this case, making a table is the best option. You can add features to suit your needs. Also, you can be sure about the quality of wood as you have to buy wood in advance. Therefore, buying and making a table is convenient from two perspectives.

What Are The Most Popular Wooden Office Table Designs?

It is natural to be curious about the most popular wooden tables. Maybe you can make your choice from these designs. First of all, let’s talk about the Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Computer Desk which is made of Oak wood. The number of satisfied users is much higher.

The handsome 63 inches X-Large Office Desk comes in a simple design, with a wooden top and metal legs. It is equally popular. Lastly, the VECELO Corner Computer Desk Laptop Table is made of a combination of wood and metal. The L-shaped design table is suitable for both office and home use.

Final Verdict:

Wood has always been popular as a long-lasting natural material. Therefore, a wooden office table should be chosen considering its durability. It is also less expensive and stylish than other table elements. In addition, wooden tables play a significant role in maintaining the natural environment in the workplace.

Honestly speaking, wood is still very popular as the most beautiful and stylish furniture material. Moreover, these office tables come in several designs from which it is easy to choose one. Hopefully, the factors presented in this article have been enough for you.


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