A Gaming Coffee Table: Everything You Need To Know

gaming coffee table

A gaming coffee table is a table that you can use differently according to your needs. By using it, you can get many more benefits besides gaming. This table comes with several features that may surprise you. So you buy this to play games with your family and friends. 

A table that can be used for both gaming and breakfast is called a gaming coffee table. You can place this table in your drawing room. Using the table will get some benefits that are not available with a normal table. Hence, it is better to pick a gaming coffee table than a simple table. 

Buying a gaming coffee table is quite expensive, but you can make your gaming coffee table easily. Here, I will find the various important information of this table, and its building process is easy. So, continue this article to know the details about this table. 

9 Easy Steps To Build A Gaming Coffee Table: Easy To Build

Building a gaming coffee table will cost you less than purchasing a table. If you plan properly, you will create a desirable table. Now, I am going to define some easy steps for you. Below I will give you a list. Let’s start working by looking at the necessary equipment! 

Step-1: Necessary Materials And Equipment:

Before building a gaming coffee table, you need to collect the necessary utensils and equipment. If this is the first time you have done this, you may not know what you need. So, here is a list of the tools and equipment required to make this table. Let’s take a look at the list!

  • Good condition wooden pallets   

  • Screws

  • Legs

  • Oil

  • Screw-in eyelets

  • Power drill

  • Sander

  • Table saw

  • Crowbar

  • Workbench

  • Measurement tape

  • Pencil

  • Hot glue gun

Step-2: Cut The Wooden Pallets:

If you have the necessary materials, cut the wooden pallets to a certain size using a saw. Before making a table, you have to make the table according to the size of the place where you will place the table. Therefore, cut the wooden pallets to the type of table you want to make. 

Step-3: Glued Wooden Pallets Together:

After cutting the wooden pallets evenly, they must be assembled with glue according to the specific shape. I am discussing the process of making a shaped table here so that each wooden pal should be paired evenly. However, if you want to make a round-shaped table, cut the circle with a saw with the help of a pencil after attaching the wood. 

Step-4: Fill In The Gaps:

If there is any gap in the middle of the wooden table, it has to be filled. To do this, you can set up a workbench to fill in the gaps by attaching jigsaws with a wooden blade to each board. You can also fill the gaps with varnish used in wooden furniture. Filling the gaps makes the table look more beautiful and smoother. If you do not fill the gaps well, it will remain uneven, and the tabletop surface will not be even. 

Step-5: Complete The Tabletop:

Now fix the boards to complete the tabletop. Create a layout using a drilled hole and galvanized screws. Now screw the countersunk well and occasionally nail it into an existing nail hole. But it should be less than the top of the wood. Because the nail or screw is more than the tabletop, it can destroy your clothes.

Step-6: Build The Base:

Once the tabletop is complete, you will need to create a base on which the tabletop will be placed. Make a box shape according to the size of the tabletop by joining the edges together on four wooden pallets. Use nails to fasten the edges together. Then cut down a few supporting planks for smaller edges. Once the base is made, attach it to the tabletop using screws.

Step-7: Add Legs:

Now add four legs around the bottom of the table. You can use any leg you like. Follow the instructions and fix them to fit the legs. Since the table will stand on the legs, fit them properly. Also, since the gaming coffee table can be used in many ways, it adds good quality strong legs. 

Step-8: Smooth The Tabletop:

Since the pallet wood is rough, you can use wax, oil, varnish, and varnish to smooth the table. First, rub the table well with thick sandpaper. Keep rubbing the wood pallet until it is completely smooth. Now you can use wax, oil, or varnish to make it shiny. I advise you to use Danish oil as it does not cover any toxic elements. 

Step-9: Add Drawers:

Finally, install a drawer at the bottom of the table. A drawer can be easily made by assembling a few small wooden pallets. Adding a drawer will add another feature to it. When you play this gaming coffee table, you can leave the necessary things in the drawer. Also, you can store gaming equipment in this drawer. So, I think every gaming coffee table needs to have a drawer. 

5 Things To Consider While Purchasing or Making A Gaming Coffee Table:

A lot of equipment is used to buy a gaming coffee table, so be extra careful at this time. Also, if you do not pay attention at this time, your table may not be set up properly. Hence, here I am inputting a few pieces of advice that will help you buy the right gaming coffee table. Because if you know these tips, you will be able to buy a suitable gaming coffee table for your home. 

  1. Materials

Furniture is not made only for a few days of use, that’s why quality materials should be used. When you buy a table, make it for long-term use. Try to choose a table that is made with advanced materials. Although it will cost you more, your table will be good-looking and long-lasting.

  1. Size

A gaming coffee table is usually made for the drawing-room. As a result, it would be best if you choose the table according to the size of the room. If you select a large table, it may not fit in your drawing-room. Before making or buying the table, take an accurate measure of the place where you will place it. Also, since it is a gaming table, there should be space to stand around it. 

  1. Features

Gaming coffee tables are used for both serving snacks and gaming. To enhance extra features, select a table with a drawer so that you can accumulate the essential equipment in this drawer. This allows you to simultaneously place gaming cards and other gaming accessory drinks together on the table.

  1. Storage Capacity

To use a gaming table in a coffee table, you need to choose a table that can hold chess, board games, and other things together. Indeed, it is important to have sufficient storage on the table. Also, if your family has a large number of problems, you need to choose a large table, and the table should have sufficient storage capacity. 

  1. Finishing

Since it will be used for serving coffee and gaming, its surface should be such that the contents cannot be rolled off the table. Moreover, an uneven surface can cause damage to your clothes. In the case of selecting a table, you will notice the issue of surface finishing.

Benefits Of Using Gaming Coffee Table-  Why You Should Use One:

A gaming coffee carries several advantages that vary depending on the table’s features. You can use it in numerous ways. There are benefits of using a gaming coffee table below!

  • Make Your Room Complete

A gaming coffee table can give your home a fuller look. It is important to have a table in the drawing-room, so choosing a gaming coffee table will be more convenient because you can use it several times.

  • Add Extra Storage

This table will add extra storage to your room. Using it, you can keep the necessary things in front of your eyes such as Remote, mobile, etc. Also, if you choose a table with a drawer, you can use it to store your important things.

Related Question About A Gaming Coffee Table:

What Is The Standard Size Of A Gaming Coffee Table?

A standard coffee table height is 20″, however, the height of a gaming coffee table should be slightly higher. A gaming coffee table is 32″ x 48 overall. Gaming coffee tables of this size are suitable for outdoor areas. 

However, the standard size is 24″ x 40″ and 4-inch edges around for indoor placement. So, 24″ x 40″ is the perfect size for a gaming coffee table

Which Oil Is Good For Gaming Coffee Table Finishing?

There are many things available to smooth out a wooden table, such as waxes, oils, lacquers, and varnishes. However, if you want an oil that has no toxins, you can use Danish Oil. This oil is good for wood as well as the environment.

If you have kids, you must use a non-toxic substance. It can give a smooth finishing to your wooden table. To me, Danish Oil is a good choice for the smooth finishing of the gaming coffee table. You can easily buy it from Amazon. 

What Is The Purpose Of Gaming Coffee Table?

The name of the gaming coffee table gives an idea of ​​its function. Using a gaming coffee table, you can do both playing and eating. It is mainly used for gaming, but you can also use it for snacks or dinner.

A gaming coffee table is usually placed in the living room. Therefore, you can put mobile, remote, newspaper, tea, coffee, etc. You can also use it as a gaming table when you look for a gaming place. Moreover, a gaming coffee table you can use differently according to your needs.  

Which Game Can You Play On A Gaming Coffee Table?

You can play many games using a gaming coffee table. These include Table Tennis, Billiards, Carrom, Chess, and Other Table Sports & Board Games. No special tables are required to play these games. A gaming table is used for spending time with family through gaming.

You will not be able to play special table games using it because those table games require special tables. You can also serve tea or coffee while gaming at these tables. But you can use it in more different ways if you want. 

However, if you buy the table, it may not be the size you want. So build your gaming coffee table. 

What Is The Right Color Of A Gaming Coffee Table?

A gaming coffee table is a big element of a room that’s why it is important to choose the right color. Since it is made for the drawing-room, it is best to pick a dark color. You can also choose a table like resin or plaster finish. However, the color should not be extra eye-catching.

When choosing a gaming coffee table color, make sure it is compatible with your other furniture. Otherwise, the beauty of your room may be affected. For a gaming coffee table, one should choose a color that makes the room more attractive.

How Much Do You Need To Cost For A Gaming Coffee Table?

Gaming coffee tables are more expensive than ordinary tables. If you want to buy a gaming coffee table, you may have to spend around $200. But if you make the table for yourself, your maximum is $150.

You can also reduce this cost further. If you have the necessary equipment, you don’t have to buy them again, and your cost will be reduced. If you make the table yourself, you will be able to make the table according to your needs at a low cost. 


Building a gaming coffee table can add extra beauty to your living room. Although there are different designs of gaming coffee tables available in the market, they are quite expensive.

If you do not have the desire or ability to buy a table by spending so much money, make a gaming coffee table at a low cost. Often, you don’t even have a table of your size, so I think it’s best to make a table at a low cost.


A gaming coffee table is a big element of a room that is quite expensive. But you can make this table at a low cost. Here, I have told you the all-important things about a gaming coffee table.


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