How To Move Furniture Into A Second Floor Apartment?

How To Move Furniture Into A Second Floor Apartment?

It is quite challenging to lift your furniture into a second-floor apartment. Especially when you have a lot of heavy furniture with you and you don’t know the easiest methods. Even because of proper management, your furniture may get damaged. So, know how to move furniture into a second-floor apartment first.

You can make your shifting funnier than serious by applying the easiest ways. Last month, I shifted to a second-floor apartment to enjoy the city’s beauty. And it wouldn’t have been a good experience with my heavy couch and furniture if I had not discovered some simple methods.

Now, I will share with you those methods so that you can move your furniture into the second floor easily. Again, you can understand how to prevent your furniture from being damaged in this context. To enjoy your moving to a new apartment, let’s go to unlock our secret tips and tricks.

5 Easy Ways To Move Furniture Into A Second Floor Apartment:

You may make plans to change your residence for a better neighbor, near work, start a new family, or study. The number of your apartment’s accommodators decides how heavy your stuff would be. However, moving to a second floor can be exciting if you adequately do the job.

Way 1: Uplifting By The Stairs

Using the building stairs is a common method of moving furniture to higher apartments. However, this method is quite harder than other methods as you have to lift the stuff yourself. You can still complete your job by applying this process if you have the proper equipment, assistance, and technique.

Step-1: Cover The Furniture With Padded Stuff

If you want to lift your furniture upstairs, this part is very important for you. Uplifting your fitment by using the stairs can cause damage to the edges, corners, and breakable parts. You have to cover all the furniture with a padded blanket, bubble pad, and foam pad at first.

Step-2: Balance The High And Low Directions

You need 2 to 4 assistants for lifting large pieces according to the fitment size. When you lift the item upstairs, one side has to sit in the upper section, and the other is in the bottom section. Between two assistants, the stronger one should place with the lower section.

Step-3: Use A Handy Truck With Straps

A handy truck may become a better solution if you have to move any item without assistance. This tool has great power to lift any heavy item to higher places. First, tie your stuff with straps with the truck and drag it with the hand grip.

Step-4: Lift With Shoulder Dolly

The shoulder dolly is quite similar to the handy truck. However, it needs two people to lift any item. It has shoulder straps that bond with the two assistants and work with the help of legs. After placing the fitment on the tool, both assistants should give the same force from both sides.

Step-5: Sliding

You can take some slippery blanket or other material for moving the furniture by sliding. In this method, you have to place the items over the blanket and drag them with your hand. The fitment will move more easily than dragging normally. Also, this process can save the lower corners and edges from damage.

Way 2: Uplifting By The Freight Elevator

Almost all higher buildings have a freight elevator for lifting the furniture in the upper apartments. With this elevator, you can easily lift all the furniture without a hassle. Also, it has a large space with a spacious door. For this reason, you can place a lot of stuff one at a time.

Besides, this method has no changes to getting your furniture damaged. You have to cover all the stuff with padded material and place them on a handy truck with straps. Also, before starting, measure the elevator if it is fitted or not with your fitment.

Way 3: Utilize Your Balcony

If you can’t afford an elevator and also uplifting by stairs becomes tough, you can use your balcony for this task. For this job, you need some straps and available tools. Firstly, secure your stuff with padded clothes. After that, tie them down using strong straps.

Now, it turns out to use some lifting tools. You can use one of them as there are many options on your hand. Besides, you can lift the stuff through ropes or straps. You have to make a system like a factory lifting equipment for this process.

Way 4: Mattress Sling

A mattress sling is generally used for moving mattresses or this type of heavier piece. It has two-sided straps that keep the balance from both sides. Also, the comfortable hand grips can give you more space to move the stuff easily. With this tool, you can quickly move couches and other heavy items from the balcony.

Way 5: Go For A Furniture Hoist

When you have no better options to move your furniture into a second-floor apartment, a furniture hoist is the only best choice. This tool is also known as an external elevator. It works through hydraulic energy while lifting anything. Also, you can use it for at least a 6th-floor apartment.

You have to place one side on the ground and the other on the balcony or window. After that, place the furniture over the hoist and lift it into your apartment. Disassemble the stuff from the hoist and move them by sliding.

Things You Should Know Before Moving Into A Higher Apartment:

Moving into a higher floor with your bulky furniture is not an easy task. That’s why there are a few things that you should know before moving into a higher apartment. You need to prepare yourself first and also make your stuff secure. Again, you should keep knowledge about some effective techniques.

1. Prepare Yourself:

Before starting work, get ready yourself properly. You should wear shoes and hand gloves to move heavy and bulky items. Use extra spike shoes to avoid slipping. Also, wear loose clothes to feel comfortable while lifting the furniture above.

2. Take All The Measurements:

It is quite essential to know all the measurements of your furniture and the doors and windows of your apartment. When you are moving your stuff, it may have chances to hit the edges and corners of the furniture. However, proper measurement can prevent this situation.

3. Know The Furniture Weight:

For moving any bulky item, you have to know the weight of the furniture. It will help you to decide how many assistants you need. Also, after knowing the weight, you can take the other steps to arrange the moving tools.

4. Detach The Loose Parts:

While lifting the furniture upstairs, the loose parts may fall apart if you don’t detach them. It happens especially with the wardrobes and other stuff, including the drawer. You have to detach these loose parts from the furniture and cover them with padded clothes.

5. Hire Some Assistants:

You have to remember that you can’t move your furniture into a higher apartment on your own. If you try a freight elevator, you can skip this suggestion. However, you need to hire some assistance for moving through the upstairs and balcony.

6. Minimize Your Stuff:

Most of the higher apartments have fewer high doors and windows. Also, this type of apartment can’t provide too much space. That’s why it is better to minimize your furniture. Besides, this can be a bonus for you as the minimized stuff isn’t too heavy.

10 Tips To Keep Your Furniture Good While Moving 2nd Floor Apartment:

When you’re moving into a higher apartment, it has more chances to become damaged. And obviously, you don’t want to harm your newly bought stuff. I will give you some advanced bonus tips to keep your furniture good while moving to a 2nd-floor apartment.

Tip-1: Don’t Carry The Couches Upright

For moving your couches, you should take the sideways of the couch. It will be easier to lift upstairs. If you hold the couch upright, it may become quite hard to pass the narrow spaces like doors. Also, this position will allow you to maintain your balance.

Tip-2: Pass The Doors Curved

While passing the chairs through the doors, you have to pass them by turning curvedly. Chairs and other furniture may look like, and you can easily pass them through the door. However, you have to turn this type of furniture by turning it curvedly.

Tip-3: Make Your Body Position Strong

When lifting any bulky item, firm your feet base, straighten your shoulder, and tighten your grip on the stuff. Before you go upstairs, you have to make your body position firm. Otherwise, you can’t handle the weight and fall off your furniture.

Tip-4: Place Your Feet At A Low Point

You have to hold the one side lower bottom area by taking your feet at a low point for shifting the fitment with an assistant. Most of the time you can’t handle the weight suddenly. However, if you hold the furniture from a low point, your body starts to respond quickly.

Tip-5: Concentrate On Your Every Step

Keep concentration with your steps and blend the keens for easier movement. If you stay at the upper point of the stairs, you have to take your backward steps first. So, it is quite essential to keep your concentration on every move.

Tip-6: Handle The Handy Truck In A Right Way

Lift the handy trucks by walking backward over the upstairs. If you try to lift the handy truck by walking in a forward position, it will be hard for you to handle the weight. However, by walking backward you can easily lift the handy truck even with an extra load.

Tip-7: Hold The Right Part Of The Furniture

You have to hold one upper side and your assistant’s other downside to move tables and wardrobes. This process will reduce weight and give you more chances to maintain your balance.

Tip-8: Utilize Your Leg

Use your legs to reduce the weight from the hands. When you climb up the stairs with any bulky stuff, control the weight with your legs swiftly. Also, this rule can save your fitment from damage as it can cover the corners.

Tip-9: Use The Handy Truck For Bulky Stuff

With a handy truck, you can carry both boxed and unboxed stuff. The handy truck can handle all your stuff even without any boxing. Also, you can easily transfer the fitment from the elevator. However, we suggest covering them with padded clothes. 

Tip-10: Shift The Heavier Furniture At The Beginning

Lift the heavy items at first, then the light stuff. When you have to climb up the stairs with so much heavy and light furniture, choose the heavier one first. It will reduce your tiredness and increase your work speed. 

Related Questions:

How Do You Lift Furniture On the Second Floor?

A shoulder dolly is the easiest way to lift furniture on the second floor. This tool can carry heavier stuff and lift it upstairs. Also, it has potential straps on both sides. These straps make the dolly easier to carry. Again, the comfortable hand grips can be fitted to anyone.

Besides, you can lift your furniture by using a freight elevator or hoist elevator. These lifting pieces of equipment can shift the stuff without any manual labor. Also, this method is a time saver for any two-story apartment holder. The hoist elevator can work through both windows and the balcony.

How Can You Carry Your Couch Upstairs By Yourself?

You can carry your couch upstairs by yourself by using a furniture dolly. The furniture dolly can take heavier items. You have to use straps to bond the stuff with the dolly for this method. As this tool has moving wheels, you can easily move your furniture by yourself.

Again, you can use a moving blanket and plastic wrap to lift your couch. Moving blankets or plastic wrap can reduce the floor fraction and make moving easier. Place the couch over one of these tools and drag the blanket to move. You will easily shift your couch by yourself.

How Do You Move Heavy Furniture Into A 2nd Floor Without A Slider?

For moving heavy furniture to the 2nd floor, towels and cardboards may be the better options without a slider. A slider can reduce the fraction from the floor while moving any stuff. That’s why it is quite easy to shift heavy items. Without a slider moving any furniture needs to give much hard labor.

However, you can use towels and cardboard as an alternative to a slider. These kinds of stuff have a similar slippery feature for moving any item. You need to put the furniture over cardboard and drag it out with your hands. You will move your fitment without any hassle.

How Do You Get Your Couch On The Second Floor Of My Apartment?

To get your couch on the second floor, you have to cover your couch with padded things. You can use a moving blanket or thick clothes to do this task. Now, take someone’s assistance and hold the couch on both sides. It would be best to use hand grips to move the couch uplift.

Hold one upper side from the top and the other side from the bottom. Bend your knees and carefully take the steps backward. Besides, you can use a dolly or straps to move any couch on the second floor. A shoulder dolly is also a good option.

How Can You Raise Your Couch To The Second Floor?

It would be helpful for you if you raised your couch by maintaining a high and low balance on the second floor. Also, while lifting a couch, you have to hold it sideways. With this method, you can easily uplift your couches without damage through the stairs.

Again, to maintain the balance, you have to take the backward steps, and after that, your assistant should take the forward steps. If you can maintain this balance perfectly, you don’t need to give much toil to raise a couch to the second floor.

Final Verdict:

It is usual to worry about how to move furniture into a second-floor apartment. As you don’t know the tricks, you will find it hard. However, shifting to another higher apartment will become funnier if you apply these easiest techniques. Even your furniture remains good with these effective methods.

Moreover, you don’t need to put much effort into using these processes. You can lift your furniture into your second floor even by yourself with some simple moving tools.

Happy shifting!


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