Oval Kitchen Table: Know The Styles Before Buying

Oval Kitchen Table

Oval kitchen tables are very stylish and preferred for both modern and traditional dining spaces. Though it takes up quite a space in the area, the design itself enhances the beauty. But before you decide to invest in a kitchen table, you should research well to find the best one. Besides, you must gather enough information about oval kitchen tables before buying.

You must learn well and know about the available and latest styles of oval kitchen tables. As different interiors demand different styles, researching in detail is mandatory. But you won’t need to worry about it anymore. I have done a detailed study on the matter and with my experience in the field, I have learned a lot. 

To help you out with finding the best oval kitchen table, I am here with all that I know about it. Here, I would discuss a few matters and talk about some styles that you must know. 

So here you go!

13 Oval Kitchen Table Styles: Find The Right Match

To be honest, there are plenty of options in oval table designs. Each shop and brand would have different collections of oval kitchen tables. Of course, you can go and choose the one you like. But before you go or in case you are buying online, you must have an idea about the styles. 

Here, I have handpicked the best designs that I have been seeing over years. I have also added some latest designs that you would love to have in your newly made home. Mixing some classic and contemporary oval table styles, I have made a list of styles. Find the best fit for your dining area from the list below: 

  1. Oak Oval Kitchen Table:

Let’s start with something very basic that can go with almost any style. Especially in a small kitchen space, you can easily fit the table in a corner. This is a flat oak wood kitchen table with three narrow stands connecting each other at the center making a platform. 

The raw wood grain and creamy color look very natural and classic. On the platform on the bottom, you can keep a vase or a candle to enhance its beauty. This oval table can easily accommodate around 4 to 6 people. Overall, anyone who loves sleek and minimalist wooden tables can fit in at a space in the kitchen. 

  1. Acacia Black Gold Oval Table: 

Acacia wood is aesthetically pleasing as well as durable. But if you stain it black, the simple acacia wood would become gorgeous and exotic. The patterns and grains would stay the same but the color would be black. Along with that, two pyramid-like stands would make the table stable. 

Moreover, I would suggest you cover the upper portion of the stands with golden plates. With a dashing black acacia tabletop and stands, the touch of golden shade is just perfect for summer vibes. This design is for large dining rooms as the tabletop extends quite a lot and the stands occupy space. 

  1. Pedestal Base Veneer Table: 

For a very fancy and spacious dining space, you can choose a solid wood veneer table with a pedestal base. The pedestal base then extends upwards to hold the tabletop. This design is sleek and simple but would give a very modern and classy look. With simple accent chairs and a ceiling lamp, you can have a super chic dining area. 

You may choose an off-white or gray oak-textured veneer for the tabletop and base. Veneer lasts long as well as handles spills and moisture quite well. I am sure that it would fit well in your large and contemporary kitchen setup. 

  1. Frosted Glass Oval Table:

If you have only a small space and need a corporate look, a frosted glass oval table is what you need. Especially for cozy office spaces or canteens, you can get a table with frosted glass tabletop and steel stands. Moreover, homes with kids can have this as the glass is very hard as well as easy to clean. 

With frosted glass, match some steel chairs or veneer chairs to have a modern but simple dining space. Very commonly used, this oval table design would never lose its beauty and suitability. 

  1. Angular Stand With Veneer Top Table:

The main attraction of this design is the wood angular base. The base itself makes the table a piece of accent furniture unique and luxurious. With that, the tabletop is made of black or gray veneer with a look of stone. To add more charm to it, the tabletop can be curved at the corners to make a slightly rectangular shape. 

Decorate it with simple wooden chairs and ceiling lights to focus the dining area. For a chic modern house, this design is perfect, classy, and elegant as well. Don’t forget to display your jug set or teacup set on this extremely classy table!

  1. Clear Glass Oval Table: 

Glass tabletops are always elegant and beautiful. And an oval-shaped glass tabletop takes only a little space to fit in your small and cozy dining area. You can place it just beside your kitchen counter and put some sleek plywood chairs. Modern and classy!

Make the stands (preferably four stands) wooden and just below the tabletop, make a wooden shelf for storage. Keep table mats, magazines, or an ashtray on the shelf if needed. This is really a great idea for small spaces that need an impressive table set. 

  1. Drop Leaf Veneer/ Wood Oval Table:

Here comes another model that I have always admired for small spaces. In fact, this design allows you to have one table in two shapes. Interesting, right? 

Drop leaf tables have two sides folded. In the folding position, it is a square. When unfolded, it becomes an oval table. So during coffee time, keep it folded and unfold it when you have to arrange dinner. Such a minimalist design can be made with both veneer and wood, whichever you prefer. However, the veneer would suit better in modern spaces. 

Save your space and get beautiful decor with this drop-leaf oval table!

  1. Solid Shiny Wooden Oval Table: 

Nothing really replaces the beauty of wooden tables. Especially homes with wooden furniture, doors, stairs, etc. should also go for a wooden oval table. A shiny dark brown hardwood oval table would match both a traditional and modern house. 

Make the tabletop thick with four stands at the corners. With matching wooden chairs, the decor just pops up the beauty of the interior. You can even add a wooden bench on two sides. So you can always choose a classic wooden oval table for your kitchen. 

  1. Distressed Small Oval Table: 

For farmhouses or balcony kitchen tables, you can go for a distressed wooden oval table. The rustic distressed wooden tabletop with similar chairs gives a super cozy and comfortable vibe. Obviously, it always looks adorable and perfect for its small size. 

These tables are mostly preferred for use as tea tables, outdoor tables, and in traditional houses. As they are not usually large, small families can use them for dining in. I love the rustic look and often recommend it to small families with simple houses. 

  1. Saarinen Marble Oval Table: 

Saarinen tables are one of the most elegant styles of all ages. The sleek tabletop with a single stand extending outwards on the ground can fit almost any space. And when a marble tabletop is added with a brass or silver-colored base, the look becomes luxurious and posh. 

Marble tables are usually used in posh houses. But this design is suitable for any house if you have a little space. Needless to say, marble with a shiny base adds a royal touch to the room. Simple but a gorgeous and decent oval table idea, isn’t it? 

  1. White And Chrome Oval Table: 

People who like a large oval table to match a white interior can choose a white oval table that has a chrome base. Not only the base is made of chrome but also the sideways of the table are wrapped with chrome. This makes the table gleam that looks stunning in both daylight and nighttime. 

White such a basic oval table, you can add some bright colored chairs. This will pop up the beauty of the table as a contrast would be created. Such a modern oval table can be placed in large dining halls or kitchens if you make it small. 

  1. Rattan Oval Table: 

If you want a table that is lightweight and can be used in any space, you can go for a rattan oval table. It has a very monotonous look but can be used for multiple purposes. Place it outdoors or keep it in the dining area, it would sustain for a long time. As it is waterproof and sturdy, it won’t be damaged easily. 

You can choose a basic color of rattan table like white, brown, gray, or black. Pair regular plastic chairs with it. If you want a different tabletop, just lay a table cloth on it. I think it is quite a good choice if you want a cheap but useful and multipurpose oval table. 

  1. Metal Oval Table: 

Many people love metallic finishes. Kitchen cabinets to flooring, they want a flare look everywhere. Now if you add a metal table to the dining space, the look would be absolutely stunning and dazzling. You can choose between a lot of designs available on metal tables. 

I love the carved aluminum metal oval tables. Under the light, the light would pass through the carving and shine the metal. This would give a real royal and antique look be it indoor or outdoors. I mean, nothing can be more classy and unique than this! If you admire antique designs with a contemporary touch, you should look out for aluminum tables. 

3 Tips To Choose Oval Kitchen Table: Pick The Best One

So yes, there are plenty of options out there. Now how would you decide which one is the best for you? To choose the right one, I have a few tips for you. You can also say that these are some factors you should check out before buying. 

So here are some tips for you to choose the right oval kitchen table:

Tip 1: Choose The Right Size

Not every house or office needs a large kitchen table. Some can easily work with small and minimalist oval table models. On the other hand, not all can get that cozy and cute oval table as they have more members in the family. Also, you need to have enough space to place a table. So before you buy, know how large it should be. 

Below is a chart mentioning the sizes and number of people that each size can accommodate:

Table Size (feet) Number Of People It Accommodates
4 feet 4 people
5 feet 6 people
6 feet 6 people
8 feet 8 people
10 feet 10 people

Tip 2: Match The Style

Now if you buy a distressed wooden table and fit it in a contemporary interior, the beauty of the home would be ruined. Similarly, traditional homes with wooden furniture pieces should not have a metallic table. So you see, the mismatched combination of styles can ruin the beauty of the table as well as the interior. 

Make sure you study well before buying. You can consult an interior designer too to know which style, material, and design would match the interior. Only then can you get the right oval table. 

Tip 3: Check Your Budget

Set a budget before you buy an oval kitchen table. Oval tables are available at different prices. So it is not necessary that you have to buy an expensive one to get the best quality product. You can get a stunning look with a rattan table or a veneer table top too if you decorate it right. 

Set a budget and search accordingly. As options are abundant, you can find a suitable one. But also, don’t compromise with the quality if you need to increase the budget a bit. This is because it is a long-term investment. 

Related Questions: 

How Many Chairs Go Around An Oval Kitchen Table? 

The size of the oval table determines the number of chairs that can be placed around it. But as the shape is elongated, you can place between 4 to 10 chairs easily depending on the size. 

For example, a 60-inch tablet, as well as a 72-inch table, can have 6 chairs around it. But if it is smaller than that, say 48 inches, it can have 4 chairs. Similarly, if the table is 100 to 120 inches long, you can easily do a setting arrangement of 8 to 10 people. Therefore, the size of the oval table decides the sitting arrangement. 

Can You Pair Benches With An Oval Kitchen Table? 

People do not always think of placing benches instead of chairs with a kitchen table. But if you see it practically, you may like the concept. It gives a more cozy and homely vibe in the space. 

Yes, you can pair benches with an oval kitchen table. Place two simple and solid benches across the length and two chairs on the other sides. This arrangement has a raw and homely touch. Instead of that, you can also install a curved sofa set. This welcomes your guests and creates a mood of conversation and quality time. So you can think of having benches instead of chairs with an oval table. 

What Are The Durable Materials For Oval Kitchen Tables?

A variety of materials are now used to make kitchen tables. But you should be choosy while considering the durability of the oval kitchen table. 

The most durable and popular materials for an oval kitchen table are oak, acacia, mahogany, and other common hardwoods. In other options, you can choose marble and metal to get long-lasting services. They all are highly durable and would not damage easily. 


To conclude, I would tell you to choose according to your choice. Follow my tips, learn about the designs and then decide which one would suit the interior.

Get the best and beautiful oval table to adorn your dining spaces and for a happy mealtime!


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