How To Paint A Kitchen Table Black? [A Step-By-Step Guide]

How To Paint A Kitchen Table Black

The kitchen table often becomes the main attraction in the kitchen. Thus to make it look stunning and beautiful, many may think of painting it. And if you are thinking of painting it black to give an exotic and solid look, you have made a good choice indeed. Black is always a dashing color to put on furniture items to highlight it and make the interior look vibrant. 

Though black is a good choice for kitchen table painting, many may not know how to do it. Note that the kitchen table has to be painted correctly to get the desired look. If you paint it haphazardly as per your wish, you won’t get a smooth surface. Besides the application, you also need to understand whether a black kitchen table would suit the kitchen interior or not. 

To solve all the queries, I am here with the article to tell you how you can paint a kitchen table black. My experience with furniture is vast and with time, I have learned how to do it right. Here, I am going to pour out all that I know about kitchen table painting. 

Let’s get started!

8 Steps To Paint A Kitchen Table Black: The Easiest Way

Note that painting a kitchen table becomes simple and gives the best result when you know the right process. And to paint it effectively, you need to prepare the table, collect the necessary tools, and then paint it. Also, you can paint it in two different ways. So you see, a lot of information is needed to do the task properly. 

Don’t worry! I am right here to tell you everything about painting a kitchen table. No more discussions. Let’s jump to the steps of preparing and painting a kitchen table: 

Step 1: Get A Space And Gather The Tools

Remember that the task has to be done in a ventilated space. This disperses the toxic fumes in the air and the space stays healthy. Next, you have to gather the tools needed for painting and your safety. Here is a list of items you would need: 

  • Mineral spirit

  • Hand sander

  • Sanding paper (100, 220, 300 grit paper)

  • Primer paint for wood

  • Latex or glossy wood paint (black color)

  • Painting brush

  • Painting roller

  • Polyurethane coat or finish (water-based or high-gloss)/ lacquer topcoat

  • Cloth or rag for cleaning

  • Gloves, goggles, and face mask

These are the basic things you would need to paint a kitchen table black.

Step 2: Clean The Table Surfaces

Before you do anything on the table surface, it is necessary to clean the kitchen table. Because if you paint on loose dirt or sand it, the surface won’t be smooth and can even get scratches. 

Use a rag to remove the loose dirt from the table. Remember to thoroughly clean the stands and corners properly with a rag. Then use some mineral spirit on the surface and wipe it off gently with a soft cloth. Now the surface is completely clean. 

Step 3: Sand The Kitchen Top And Other Surfaces

Sanding is necessary to make the surface smooth. But note that the sanding should be mild just to remove a thin layer from the kitchen table. Remember that if you had to stain the table, you had to sand it deeply to remove all the layers of paint and stain. But since you would just paint the body of the kitchen table, you need to make the surface smooth only. 

For initial sanding to remove the uneven bumps and make the surface suitable for painting, use 150-grit sandpaper. Use a hand sander to sand the entire surface of the table gently. Note that sanding helps the paint to adhere firmly to the wood. So do this step carefully. 

After sanding, use a rag to remove and clean the dust from the kitchen table. Clean the surrounding area as well to ensure that no dust interrupts the painting. 

Step 4: Apply Black Paint On The Kitchen Table

Now the surface is ready for painting. But before you paint, let me tell you that you can either use a brush to paint the table or a paint sprayer for painting. In this procedure, I will tell you how to apply the paint with a brush. Later, I would also mention the process of using a paint sprayer. 

For a small table with fine designs, using a painting brush is the best way. Dip the paintbrush into the jar of paint, strain the dripping paint from the brush and slowly paint the kitchen table with care. Put only a single coat and take adequate paint to cover an area. Don’t apply the brush repeatedly on the surface. Just put one coating on the table and make sure no extra paint is there on the table, its stands, or into the carvings (if any). 

Step 5: Sand The Layer

To make sure that the paint is sitting well on the surface and no uneven surface is there, you should sand the layer after applying the first coat of paint. Many may skip this step. Especially experts won’t need sanding after applying each coating. But inexperienced people should do this for smooth paint. 

For sanding on the first layer of paint, use a 220-grit sanding paper and hand sander. Sand gently just to make the kitchen table surfaces plain and even. Clean the dust immediately. Once the surface becomes plain, you can see a faded layer of black paint. Don’t worry as we are going to fix it in the coming steps. 

Step 6: Repeat Step 4 and 5

Now is the turn to paint the kitchen table once again. Put the second layer of paint on the table just as you did in step 4. Be gentle and careful as you should put only a single coating on the table. 

After putting on the second layer, repeat step 5; which is to sand the layer. Use 300-grit sandpaper to sand the second layer of paint. Sand the surface gently until the surface is plain and smooth. Remove the dust. 

Step 7: Put The Final Layer Of Paint

Now that the surface is smooth and a black base has been created, you can put the final layer of paint. This is the last coating that would make the table look stunningly exotic and bright. 

With the paintbrush, apply a single but deep coat of painting on the kitchen table. Make sure to cover the entire surface of the table. You may like to smoothen the surface by running the paintbrush twice on the table. Be very cautious while applying the last layer so that you don’t mess it up. 

After applying the black paint, let it dry out completely before moving on to the next step. 

Step 8: Apply A Protective Coat Or Polish

After the paint dries and sits on the kitchen table, your last task is to apply a protective top coat on the table. This step is very easy as you would get sprayers to directly spray the coating. And this would protect the wood from external conditions as well as give a shiny and blatant gleamy look. 

Use either a water-based topcoat or a polyurethane coating to finish the surface. A lacquer finishing can be applied too. For spraying, move the sprayer back and forth so that the coating spreads evenly on the table surface. Start from one point and go to the other end slowly so that you don’t miss out on spraying on any area. 

For assurance, I always prefer to apply the coating 3 times. But first, you need to wait till the first coating dries. Then spray the coating again and let it dry. Finally, spray the final coat of topcoat and let it dry. And that is it! The kitchen table is all stunningly black with the right shine and beauty!

How To Paint A Kitchen Table Black With Paint Sprayer? (3 Steps)

I have promised previously that I would also share how you can use a paint sprayer. Because for large kitchen tables, painting it with a brush is a hassle. So for your convenience, I am mentioning the basic steps to use a paint sprayer below. 

But before you start, note that I am skipping the part of cleaning and sanding. I have already mentioned them above. I will just let you know the setup and how you should spray it. I am also eliminating the part of applying the protective top coat on the paint. 

So here is how you can paint the table black with a paint sprayer:

Step 1: Prepare The Spray

Note that different sprayers would have a different setup. You must check the manual to learn how to put the parts together and spray the paint. You can take help from the seller to know the procedure too. 

The main part is to set the nozzle and air cap. Make sure you are using the right one. The nozzle has to be fine for detailed painting. Next, you have to mix the paint with 10% water to dilute the paint. Diluting is needed because thick paint can’t be sprayed properly. Pour the diluted paint into the container. 

Step 2: Test The Setup

You can’t just start painting without testing it first. So first, take cardboard and tape it. Now spray the paint on the tape and see the amount of paint being sprayed. You can control the flow of the paint using the dial. Setup the sprayer accordingly and if everything goes fine, we can move on to painting the kitchen table. 

Step 3: Paint The Table

Spraying the table with paint is a bit difficult. This is because spraying equally on all the surfaces becomes challenging. But I have a trick that you can apply to ensure that the coating is smooth and proper. 

You have to spray the table by moving the sprayer back and forth. But would that suffice? No. You have to go horizontally on the top table surface. Now when you start from one end and reach the other end, you would see that the ending paint is faded. To solve this, don’t overwhelm the surface with paint. Instead, start from the midpoint of the painted line and move towards the faded end. Now there would be a uniform color. 

Similarly, carefully paint the entire table and make sure that you are not spraying extra. Just spray the right amount of paint. After you put a single coat, let it dry well, and then put a second and third coating for a deep black shade on the kitchen table. 

Related Questions: 

What Paint To Use To Paint A Kitchen Table Black?

A number of paints are there in the market to paint a kitchen table. But you have to buy paint that is not harmful to wood and would also last long. 

I would recommend you buy enamel water-based paint. Not only does it look stunning on the tabletop but it is long-lasting as well. As the kitchen table is used regularly and roughly, you need paint that would protect the wood and won’t damage easily. Enamel water-based paint is highly sustainable and as good as oil paint. Therefore this paint is a great choice to paint a kitchen table black. 

Can You Paint A Kitchen Table Black Without Sanding? 

Many people may find it problematic to sand the kitchen table before painting. Though sanding gives amazing results, you can find an alternative to get a smooth finish. 

Below are 5 alternatives that you may try out instead of sanding the kitchen table: 

  • You can use a wood primer that helps the paint to sit well on the wood;

  • Milk paint along with a bonding agent can help you get a smooth kitchen table without sanding;

  • Mineral paints are extremely effective and long-lasting on the wooden surface and sit well without sanding;

  • You may also try out chalk paint;

  • Applying liquid sandpaper on wood adheres the paint firmly to the old paint on the table;

You can try out any of these methods if you want a black kitchen table without sanding it. 

Should You Paint A Kitchen Table Black Or White? 

The color of the paint on the kitchen table totally depends on your taste and the interior you have. But in general, both the colors go well with the kitchen table and look beautiful. 

If you have a white room with a light-colored interior, a black kitchen table would look better than a white one. This is because it would look more highlighted and bright. Similarly, with a dark-colored interior, a white kitchen table would create a beautiful contrast. If you like a monotonous and calming room, you can also add a white table with a white background. Basically, both look good! It just depends on what look you want. 

Is It Better To Paint Or Stain A Kitchen Table? 

It is natural to stay confused about whether painting or staining is better. To be honest, both are reliable options but staining the table would last longer than the paint. 

As kitchen tables are used repeatedly and casually, staining is better. Stains penetrate well inside the wood and make the color long-lasting. On the other hand, paint is just a layer on top of the table. Thus there remains the chance of scratching and scraping off the paint. Also, stained kitchen tables look more solid and plain than a painted kitchen tabletop. Therefore, staining is better than painting, especially for a kitchen table. 


To conclude, I would suggest you follow the steps mentioned above for the best outcome. These steps can help you get a charming black kitchen table to decorate your interior. 

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your day of painting the kitchen table black!


Hey guys, This is Md Muktar Hossain, I have been working on home / office furniture for a long time. I thought I would share things with everyone through a website. If you like my articles, please share them with everyone. Stay well Stay healthy.

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