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Small Kitchen Table Design

Just because you have a small dining area doesn’t mean you have to limit your desire to have a stylish kitchen table. You can decorate a small kitchen or dining area with a minimalistic yet beautiful small kitchen table. If you have a basic idea of decoration, you must have already known where there is a creative mind, a small area can bloom.

On that note, this article focuses on decorating a kitchen area with various small kitchen table designs. Small kitchen tables occupy minimum space, serve the purpose, as well as decorate the space elegantly. In fact, it looks smart and innovative when a small kitchen table is used for dining. 

With the purpose of decorating with small kitchen tables, I have worked on finding some amazing kitchen table designs. These are the best kitchen table ideas for small kitchens or dining spaces. To explore more about these designs and handpick the suitable one for your space, keep on reading and take notes!

Let’s begin!

12 Small Kitchen Table Designs: The Best Ideas

To be honest, there are a lot of kitchen table ideas. You can find them online as well as in shops. Then what is special in this article? This is unique because I have carefully handpicked the best small kitchen table designs out of a bulk of options. These designs are chosen to adopt a minimalist yet modern home decor. Also, to redecorate a traditional setup, you can use one of these designs. 

So basically, you are going to get the best designs in this article. Each design is unique and you are going to love them. Mark my words!

Now let’s explore the most exclusive small kitchen table design ideas: 

  1. Mid-century Oval Four Legged Table:

Two features of the table have been included in the title: oval and four-legged. A mid-century table design is sleek with a thin, white, oval tabletop that fits well in a small kitchen. With that tabletop, this features four narrow circular legs at four corners. Match the chairs with the tabletop material and color to maintain the flow. With a white interior, it will look even more beautiful. 

This design is perfect for a family of four. You can even fit six people if you arrange the chairs accordingly. Lean-back chairs will suit them best. A mid-century oval table can save up space, accommodate four to six people, style the room and you can get it at an affordable price. Sounds amazing, right? 

  1. X-legged Glass Table: 

You may have seen this table in small cafes or restaurants. The biggest benefit of this model is that the floor space is saved. With the X-leg, it only occupies the floor just at the center. Steel legs are the best with the hard and thick glass tabletop to make it look classy and elegant. 

This table can accommodate around two to four people. Be it a small cafe, canteen room, or a kitchen, an x-legged glass table can always look cool and classy. With the steel stand and glass tabletop, you get an airy and light feel in the room. Just the perfect small kitchen table for summer meals!

  1. Wooden Circular Bar Table: 

If you have an exclusively modern interior, you should go for a circular bar table. With a solid center stand, it saves floor space. This tall bar table simply flaunts any contemporary small kitchen area especially if you pair it with steel bar chairs or stools. 

Bar tables are generally used for two people and placed in a corner of the space. So for small families, there is nothing more trendy and stylish than a wooden (can be painted white) circular bar table for dining in. Sounds romantic too! I mean you can have your candlelight dinner right on this table!

  1. Wood-metal Rectangular Bar Table: 

Don’t limit yourself to the circular bar table design. You can increase the area of the table to fit around four to six people with a rectangular bar table rather than a circular one. If you have just a little more space, have a table with four metallic legs and a wooden tabletop. 

With a solid wooden tabletop framed with black metal, you can rock the look of your small kitchen. Pair it with foam stools to give both a dining and bar vibe. With a candle on the table or flush light on the ceiling, rock the look for a perfect date night or a casual dinner!

  1. Solid Wooden Single-legged Circular Table: 

Want to make your small kitchen luxurious? You can do it with a simple wooden round table and a single leg at the center. Work on the shape of the leg to make them look elegant. I would suggest having a square base that narrows up to the tabletop. Paint the table black to have intensely beautiful decor. 

This minimalistic table can be paired with small wooden chairs and a pendant lamp on the top. It has a dramatic and versatile look that no one can replace. So, luxury lovers can surely try out this option. 

  1. Collapsible Wooden Table: 

If you don’t want your table to be there all the time, a collapsible table is your cup of tea. Collapsible wooden tables remain folded when not needed. When you are dining in, unfold the table. The benefit is that these tables are usually quite bigger than a normal small table. 

So, when not in use, you can collapse it and keep it in a corner. When needed, you can open it anywhere; on the balcony, terrace, kitchen, outdoor, etc. With four legs and a solid rectangular wooden table top, you are not even compromising with the look. It would look like a mid-length dining table! Amazing, isn’t it?

  1. Rustic Wooden Table With Storage: 

Now comes a very unique design that you are not likely to think of. Chances are you would need to customize the design. This model has a rustic and distressed rectangular wooden tabletop. With that, the stands extend on both sides with open storage spaces. So the stands are slightly thick with openings in them. 

With the exclusively rustic table, you can also display your dishes, books, showpieces, etc. Decorate as well as use the storage to have a multipurpose kitchen table. And don’t forget to add some excellent wooden or metal chairs to this table!

  1. Cross-legged Foldable Square Wooden Table: 

Cross-legged tables have been popular for ages, especially because they can be folded and stored elsewhere. Suitable for two people, the square tabletop looks stunning, stylish, and cozy. The cross-leg also adds a dimensional beauty to the interior. 

Pair two foldable and cross-legged wooden chairs to make them match perfectly. This design makes the chairs and table portable. Couples who want to have a cozy dining table that is portable too, go and check it out!

  1. Farmhouse Rectangular Table With Benches: 

Farmhouse tables always carry nostalgia as well as culture in it. Found in the countryside or rural areas, farmhouse tables are truly timeless and priceless. With a solid and rustic rectangular tabletop, there extend four sleek legs from four corners. On both sides, you have to keep two benches that are smaller than the table. 

Now the point is, you can keep the benches inside, I mean beneath the table when not in use. When needed, take them out, dine-in, and then keep them under the table again. This not only saves space but also looks very smart and elegant. A beautiful decor idea for a classic kitchen space. 

  1. Drop-leaf Kitchen Table: 

Drop leaf kitchen tables are always in trend when it comes to saving up some space. You can get a variety of drop-leaf table models. The model has one or two ends that can be folded. 

Such a smart design is suitable for a small kitchen area. You can choose any shape of tabletop according to the area you have. It is always a good idea no matter the area and interior. So check out some drop-leaf table ideas and choose one. 

  1. Kitchen Counter Cum Kitchen Table: 

What about eliminating the idea of a separate kitchen table? We can do that by attaching a drop leaf to the kitchen countertop. Do all the kitchen chores on the countertop and just before the meal, unfold the table to make a perfect kitchen table. Put some chairs and you are ready for the meal. 

This is one of the greatest ideas if you don’t want a separate kitchen table as well as want to save money. Also, the table remains hidden and kind of acts like a surprise to your guests! So yes, you should consider this model once if you want to save some floor space and money. 

  1. Rattan Rectangular Table:

If you want a lightweight and water-resistant table for an open space, a rattan rectangular table is the best option you have. A rattan table with a glass tabletop makes it look very simple and elegant but they are long-lasting. These tables are cost-effective and perfect for outdoor and open spaces. 

Rattan stools or chairs with a rattan table look beautiful. It gives a cozy and airy feel to the space. Do consider it if you want a light and simple small kitchen table design. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What Shape Table Is Best For A Small Kitchen?

Sometimes, the shape of the table can save up the floor space. Now if you have a really small space, you need to decide on the shape of the table. 

For a small kitchen, you should choose a square table. A square table can fit at any corner or wall of the kitchen room. Or, you can keep it at the center or literally anywhere. On the other hand, an oval or round table would eat up more space. Besides that, a rectangular table can be placed across one wall to minimize space. Therefore, a small kitchen should have a square or rectangular table. 

What Size Is A Small Kitchen Table? 

Many may ask what a small kitchen table is. Is there any standard size? Yes, there is a standard size for a small kitchen table. 

Generally, a small kitchen table is less than 60 inches in length or diameter. A big table is ideally more than 70 inches. So with that measurement, less than 60 inches is an ideal small kitchen table. If it is a round or oval table, make sure that the diameter is less than 60 inches. Then you can consider it a small kitchen table. 

Are Counter Height Tables Good For Small Kitchens? 

Counter height tables are quite a smart choice for small kitchens. It makes a small kitchen look more functional as well as spacious. 

A tall counter height kitchen table looks beautifully elegant. A rectangular table also gives more space for dining in as well as doing other work. Starting from kitchen chores to dining all can be done at the same table. Also, it gives the feel of a bar and a cozy vibe. In the small kitchen, you can have it all on the counter height table. Thus a counter height table is ideal for small kitchens. 

How Do You Put A Table In A Small Kitchen? 

There are several ways to put a table in a small kitchen. You can maintain the style as well as serve the purpose. So here are some ways to put a table in a small kitchen: 

  • Having a collapsible table;

  • Setting a drop leaf small table;

  • Use a kitchen countertop as a kitchen table;

  • Go for a small round cafe table; 

  • Choose a counter height table;

  • Use a bar table;

These are some popular designs that can fit into almost any small kitchen space. 

Final Thoughts:

Now you have a clear idea about how to use different small kitchen table designs for a cozy area. To minimize the space and have minimalistic decor, you can try out the options I have mentioned above. 

With all this information, choose a suitable small kitchen table idea to decorate your kitchen in the most gorgeous way possible.


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