Drop Leaf Kitchen Table: For A Comfy Dining Space

Drop Leaf Kitchen Table

When space is less but the desire is big, a drop leaf kitchen table comes to the rescue. In small dining spaces, the target remains to get a kitchen table that serves the functions but also doesn’t occupy much space. And for that, there is absolutely no substitute for a drop leaf kitchen table. Agree or not?

A drop leaf kitchen table has edges that can be folded to minimize space. When needed, the leaves can be unfolded to make the table bigger. The rest of the time, the table edges can be dropped down and the small piece can be fitted conveniently in any corner. However, before you choose this option, it is important that you learn enough about it. 

As a variety of options are now available in the market, you should do your homework before going to buy. And to help you out, I am here with some drop leaf kitchen table ideas and solve some of the common queries. Therefore, stay with me to make an informed decision. 

Let’s start!

11 Drop Leaf Kitchen Table Ideas: Get A Stunning Dining Space

Before discussing the common queries, I will like to tell you about some designs that you should explore. I have handpicked the best drop leaf table styles by studying and exploring shops. Most of these designs are suitable for modern houses and some are for traditional interior decoration. 

Knowing about the styles would help you understand the latest trend. Also, you can assume and guess which style of drop-leaf table you would need for your dining space. So here, I am dropping the best 11 drop leaf kitchen table designs. Go through them and markdown a few designs that you think would suit your kitchen interior. Here you go:

  1. Single Hinge Rectangle Drop Leaf Table: 

So the very basic kitchen table that you are going to get has one side folded. Generally made of wood, the zigzag or four legs support the tabletop. You can push the folded side across the wall and keep the open side outwards or vice versa. 

The mini rectangular table can fit almost any corner of the kitchen or dining room. For a family of four people, this is a perfect kitchen table. When unfolded, this would become a small dining table. When folded, use it as a coffee table or for other purposes. Don’t forget to add simple wooden chairs!

  1. Two Hinged Rectangular Table: 

If you have really narrow space in the dining room, go for a drop leaf table that has both sides hinged. So when it is folded, only a narrow rectangular table has to fit the space. This narrow table can be placed across any corner of the room with a candle stand or vase on it for embellishment. 

Two hinged rectangular tables become much bigger than a single hinged one when unfolded. As both sides can be dropped, you are getting some extra width. So as you lift them, the table extends out to get the shape of a proper dining table. 

  1. Two Hinged Oval Table: 

So far we have been talking about rectangular tables. But what if you want an oval table? If you need that, it can be done by getting two hinged oval drop leaf kitchen tables. 

When the sides are lowered, it takes the shape of a narrow rectangular table. But as you lift up the hinges, it becomes an oval kitchen table. This means one table can be displayed in two different shapes. In fact, when folded, the half-circles on both sides look exceptional. You can surely get such a drop leaf table for an extra spark in your dining space. 

  1. Drawer Cum Drop Leaf Table: 

You can conveniently hide your kitchen table within a drawer! Strange, right? If you have really scarce space in the room, you can get a drop leaf table that has a small drawer just at the center. Now the extensions of the rectangular table are lowered on the sides of the drawer. So the drawer remains visible only. And this drawer can be placed literally anywhere in the room!

When needed, just unfold the table and get a large, complete dining table for family meals! Honestly speaking, this is one of the smartest ways to save up space. You can use the drawer to store cutlery and save floor space by installing this design. 

  1. Side Table Cum Kitchen Table: 

Just find a narrow space in the room and put this amazing drop leaf table there. When the center is made narrow and the extensions cover the entire sides, it can be placed in any gaps. Use the top as a side table in the drawing room when needed. In fact, with wheels on it, you can even move it. 

This sleek design is very convenient as it enhances multifunctionality. When required, both hinges can be lifted to extend a large rectangular kitchen table. Such a multipurpose drop leaf table is unique and extremely useful if your dining space is narrow. 

  1. Desk System Drop Leaf Table: 

Note that this model is not for big families. But for studio apartments and small families as well as students, a desk system with the kitchen table is just the cherry on the top. When folded, just use the drawers and the small square tabletop as a desk. Work on your laptop or write using the folded tabletop. 

When you need to dine in, open up the extension and make it a rectangular kitchen table. With the drawers, you get extra storage facilities. So bachelors and new families out there, do check out this model once. 

  1. Drop Leaf Center Table: 

Not everyone wants a classic kitchen table. I have seen South Asian families eating on low tables and sitting on the ground. Now if you are fond of such an eating style, you can have a drop leaf center table. The low height with a solid wood base and tabletop makes it a perfect center table. 

Before having meals, lay pillows around the table, unfold the table extensions, and get ready for a feast! This is an uncommon kitchen table cum coffee table style that you may think of having. 

  1.  Wall Attached Drop Leaf Table: 

If you don’t want to occupy any floor space, simply attach a drop leaf table to the wall. Though it is going to be a small kitchen table, a family of two or three can easily dine in. 

Choose one side of the wall and mount the table with two clamps. Keep the hinge folded so that it stays flat with the wall. Put two chairs in front of it for regular uses. When needed, unfold the table and dine in! A super idea to save space and floor area, isn’t it? Also, it looks very modern as you can literally make the table go unnoticed! Your guests would be surprised to see a table extending out of the wall; trust me!

  1. Kitchen Island With Drop Leaf Table: 

Anyone wanting a kitchen table in the kitchen only can go for this option. This 2-in-1 model is mind-blowing for a minimalist and cozy kitchen area. You get your kitchen island for storing all the necessary kitchen items as well as a drop leaf table to dine in!

In this design, the drop leaf is attached to one side of the island. When not needed, use the tabletop as a kitchen counter. Do all you chopping, marinating, etc. on it. After the meal is ready, serve it by unfolding the leaf on the same island! And when not in use, display your wine glasses or cutlery set on it. Moreover, the storage below the tabletop is always there for kitchen storage. Amazing, right?

  1. Double Hinge Round Table: 

There is hardly any option to replace the dimensional beauty of a round table. But if you are lacking enough space to have one, go for a double hinge round table. A simple wooden round table with two hinges can be adjusted easily in a small and cozy dining room. 

When the hinges are closed, the small rectangular table can be used as a side table. During a meal, take the table to a convenient space and unfold the hinges to have your meal. This would be a great choice for traditional homes with simple and decent furniture items. 

  1. Cabinet With Drop Leaf Table: 

You can’t deny the need for enough hidden storage in a small house. We often clutter items in the room just because we don’t have space to keep them. So why not combine a cabinet with the drop leaf table? You can have small storage as well as a kitchen table!

The cabinet can be on one side or at the center of the table, whichever you prefer. When folded, it would function as a cabinet for storing linen, cutlery, dishes, cosmetics, cleaners, etc. When unfolded, use the tabletop for dining in. A contemporary drop leaf table idea that offers maximum usability. 

Related Questions: 

What Is The Point Of A Drop Leaf Kitchen Table? 

Many people feel indecisive while choosing between a small kitchen table and a drop leaf kitchen table. This is because they may not get the point of a drop leaf kitchen table. 

The main purpose of a drop leaf kitchen table is to maximize the usage and functionality and minimize the space it occupies. As small kitchens can accommodate a large dining table, a drop leaf kitchen table comes to the rescue. 

You can use it for dining in but also add storage to it or use the tabletop for other activities when not in use. Also, you can adjust it in almost any corner of the room. So you see, it serves different purposes as well as saves space. 

How Much Is A Drop Leaf Kitchen Table? 

The price for a drop leaf kitchen table would vary depending on the material, design, and size. But mostly, they are cheaper than regular kitchen tables as they are small in size. However, decorative pieces would cost more. 

You can expect to get a good quality drop leaf kitchen table between $300 to $600. The standard designs and quality wooden drop leaf tables are available at this range.

But if you want a top-notch table with wide usability and enhanced quality, you can increase your budget up to $900. I would recommend setting a budget before you go and get your brand new drop leaf kitchen table. 

What To Do With A Drop Leaf Kitchen Table? 

Besides dining in, you can do a lot with a drop leaf kitchen table. As they are lightweight and portable, you can literally use them anywhere in the house. Here is a list of things you can do with a drop leaf kitchen table:

  • Use the tabletop as a side table and put vases and candles for decorating the space;

  • A drop leaf kitchen table can work as a kitchen island;

  • Use it as a study table or working desk when not used for dining in;

  • Add storage with the kitchen table and use it as a cabinet;

  • Install drawers below the tabletop to get extra storage;

  • Low drop leaf kitchen tables can be used as a coffee table or center table in your living space;

  • Use the tabletop for food preparation;

One drop leaf kitchen table can be used in different ways. So investing in it would be worth it if you have a cozy home and need a multifunctionality table.

How Do You Make A Drop-leaf Kitchen Table?

Here are the steps to make a drop-leaf kitchen table: 

  • Once the tabletop is ready, you need to make an extension from either both ends of one end;

  • With the wood on the end, place the hinges with one side facing upwards with which the drop-leaf will be attached;

  • Screw in the hinges with the wood;

  • Now attach the drop-leaf with the open side of the hinge and screw it tightly;

  • Check whether the hinges are tight enough;

  • Move the drop-leaf up and down to check if the installation is done correctly or not;

This is the easy way to make a drop-leaf kitchen table.

How Do You Add A Drop Leaf To A Kitchen Island?

You may think of adding a drop leaf to a kitchen island. This helps you to use it for dining as well as kitchen work. Here is how you can add a drop leaf to the kitchen island: 

  • At one side of the kitchen island, place two hinges and screw them tightly;

  • Now with the hinge, add an extension of a wooden bar that you would use as a table;

  • Place the bar perpendicularly to the hinge and tighten the screw to attach it;

  • Next check the drop leaf by moving it up and down;

That is how you can add a drop leaf to the kitchen counter and make an extension. 

Final Thoughts: 

I am always in love with how small houses look cozy and classy with a drop leaf kitchen table. From my interest and study, I have handpicked the best designs so that you can make use of them. 

So people with cute and small houses, think of investing in a top-notch drop leaf table to enjoy its functionality and beauty. 


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