Kitchen Table Lighting: 12 Amazing Ideas

Kitchen Table Lighting

Kitchen table decor holds the beauty of the dining space. But no matter how beautiful the kitchen table is, the decor remains incomplete without appropriate lighting. Suitable lighting highlights the table as well as the space making it look more enlivened and vibrant. It simply creates the mood of dining and spreads happy vibes! And without the lighting, the area seems dull. 

So when you are concentrating on the dining space decor, make sure you invest in lighting. However, you need to have enough idea about the kitchen table lighting to pick up the best one. Not all lights would suit the interior and budget. Hey, don’t worry! I have already done enough research on this to enlighten you with some amazing kitchen table lighting options. 

Without further discussions, I would jump to proposing some outstanding lighting ideas for your kitchen table. These ideas are handpicked by searching for the best available options. So stay with me and note down the designs you like! Because you have to make the dining space stunning, right? 

12 Amazing Kitchen Table Lighting: For A Beautiful Space

I am here to propose some latest and out-of-the-box lighting ideas that can enliven your dining space. As different people would like different lighting patterns, I am here with versatile ideas just to make sure that you find a suitable one for your kitchen table

From my research and experience, I have come up with some kitchen lighting ideas. So here you go: 

  1. Multiple Glass Pendant Lighting:

Multiple egg-shaped tiny transparent pendant lights hanging from the ceiling would give a very subtle and fresh look. I mean, no extra arrangement or accessories would make the place crowded. Soft white light from those tiny pendants would illuminate the table.

White interiors with minimal decoration look more lively and beautiful with such lighting. If you hang around 10 to 15 such pendants, the light would still be soft but will sufficiently lighten the table. Very subtle and uncluttered, such tiny glass pendants are excellent for an airy and cool vibe. Perfect for summer chilling!

  1. Linear LED Suspension Lighting:

A classic black metal tubing and a large canopy with a series of LED lights hanging from it would light up a long table sufficiently. If you have a long table across the room, you would need such linear lighting to cover the length of the kitchen table. You may go for white halogen lamps for a very simple, classy, and classic look. 

Wooden or marble kitchen tables would shine amazingly under such lighting. Keep the entire room decor very minimal so that the light puts all the focus on the table. This lighting is very common but smart and always the best to cover a long kitchen table. So do check it out if you have a long table. 

  1. Sleek Flush Light:

Flush lights are always very sleek and smart to decorate almost any indoor space. So why not use it for lighting up the kitchen table? Choose an adequately large circular flush light to fix just up the middle portion of the table. Soft yellow light from it would warm up the vibe and add joy to the room!

The light at the center fading away across the corners gives a heavenly look. This is completely a minimalist lighting idea for your kitchen table. People having small and cozy dining areas can surely try this out. Extremely modern and modest lighting option!

  1. Lantern Pendant Lighting: 

If you are fond of vintage lighting, you are going to love the lantern pendant lighting. Installing three lantern pendant lights across a straight line is quite a simple but uncommon lighting idea in today’s time. The bare design with the metal frame and visible white bulb light the space adequately. 

Basic colored interiors look the best with such lighting. For a retro vibe with a modern metallic touch, you can choose this option. Your guests would be stunned by this idea for sure! A pure and peaceful vibe!

  1. Drum Shade Pendant Lighting: 

Small and cozy kitchen tables don’t require much lighting. What it needs is a decor piece that would beautify the space. To do that, a round drum shade pendant lighting would suffice. In fact, it saves space as well as works as an accent piece in the room.

Drum shades are generally made with bamboo fiber or translucent fabric so that a dimming light comes out of them. If you want a funky touch, choose a colored drum shade like red, yellow, blue, violet. While it itself is a decorative piece, it also enhances the beauty of the kitchen table and the entire space. 

  1. Metal Pendant Lights: 

If you have a kitchen with mostly metallic fixtures, you can go for chrome pendant lighting. For the kitchen counter or a cozy kitchen table, hang two chrome pendant lights to boost the energy in the area. I mean the shine and grace would just liven up the room!

For a rustic and antique touch in the room, you can use brass or copper pendant lights too. Just make sure that the metallic lamps match the kitchen interior. Because the gleaming effect would only look good when the other parts have the metallic touch. 

  1. Classic Chandelier Lighting:

A large dining space with a royal chandelier hanging above it gives the ultimate posh touch! Though a classic and old-school lighting idea, classic chandeliers never fail to draw attention. It has timeless design and beauty that would never fade away. 

If you have a high ceiling and a spacious dining area, you can take a chandelier as an option. With dimming tiny lamps on the chandelier and the carvings, it can stun your guests and spread a sheer light across the kitchen table. Make sure to keep the interior as classic as possible to express the royal vibe to the fullest!

  1. Accent Decorative Pendant Light: 

If you do it right, a single decorative accent pendant light can do it all! A lot of accent pendants are there in the market. Now it is hard to explain any particular design because there are a lot of them. You can pick any design or pattern that suits the dining interior. 

Focus on shapes and material so that it suits the interior. I would recommend taking a simple design with an attractive shape that catches eyes. See the amount of light it provides so that one such piece suffices. Such an accent pendant creates a style statement in the space. 

  1. Recessed Lights: 

If you don’t want anything extra and just sheer lighting in the dining area, recessed light is your cup of tea. Tiny recessed lights all over the dining room spread a soft and warm light across the room illuminating the space gently. 

For large kitchens and dining areas, recessed lights are suitable. This is because they are installed in a uniform pattern across the ceiling providing incessant light around the room. It also saves space as no extra area is occupied by these tiny lights. 

  1. Floor Lamp Lighting: 

Here comes a very unique lighting idea! Your sleek and tiptop dining area surely demands such lighting to show the best of it. This floor lamp is specially designed for dining spaces so that it puts on a light just in the middle of the table. 

With the long extended arm of the lamp, the light can be placed just at the center of the table. The lampstand would be placed at a corner of the table where there is no chair. From there, it would extend out to the table illuminating the area. Just imagine how lavish it would appear!

  1. Trail And Rail Lighting: 

Want spotlights on the kitchen table? Trail and rail lighting is there to do that. In fact, a small kitchen can be illuminated by trail and rail lights. Install one trail at the center of the kitchen with 5 to 6 lights hanging from it. Now just adjust the lights across the room so that you can create spotlights on areas you want to highlight. 

Very sleek and formal, trail lights can easily cover the entire kitchen table. Change the direction of each light as required to get the desired lighting in the area. Also, if you are lacking space, this is a great option for you. Give it a shot!

  1. Light Bar Or Utility Light: 

Here comes another modern and minimalist lighting idea for kitchen tables. This is again a design for long tables that need enough light on both ends. For such tables, an elongated light bar would be amazing. You can also install a simple LED utility light. 

This light would give a yellowish-white light creating a very warm and welcoming vibe in the area. The light bar covers the entire table sufficiently. With narrow tubing, the bar would look translucent as if it is floating in the air. Extremely smart and sleek, this design is a premium lighting option for kitchen tables. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What Kind Of Light Goes Over The Kitchen Table? 

Suspension lights over a kitchen table look amazing if you can match them correctly. Depending on the type of interior, you can choose one from many lighting options. 

For a classic and traditional kitchen table setup, you can get a chandelier, lantern pendant lights, drum shade lighting, or recessed lights. If you are thinking of a modern and contemporary look, you should go for accent pendant lights, multiple glass pendant lights, light bars, etc. Flush lights and utility lights can go with almost any decor. These are some popular lighting options for kitchen tables. Choose according to the interior decor and your taste.  

How To Light Up A Kitchen Table? 

Lighting in a kitchen table makes a lot of difference in the decor. With the right lighting, even a simple dining space can look stunning and lively. And there are a lot of ways to light up a kitchen table. Here are some options: 

  • Multiple translucent pendants;

  • Single decorative pendant;

  • Chandelier;

  • Flush light;

  • Recessed light;

  • Candle stand with candles;

  • Floor lamp with extended arm;

  • Multicolor recessed lights;

  • Plug-in lights;

  • Task lighting;

  • Metal lampshade lighting;

  • Drum shade lighting;

These are some outstanding options for lighting up the kitchen table. According to your taste and choice, you can select one of the light designs that suit the best with your kitchen or dining hall. 

How Big Should Light Be Over A Kitchen Table? 

The size of the suspension light matters a lot. If it is small that is required, it would fail to put enough light on the table. Similarly, a too big light would make the look disordered and haphazard. 

Ideally, the lamp or light should be one-third of the size of the kitchen table. For instance, if your kitchen table is 60 inches long, the light over it would be around 20 inches long. So you see, this is the common measurement of choosing the right size of light for a kitchen table. For assurance, you can always check its suitability and ask the seller. Check the size before buying so that it doesn’t look odd or unmatched. 

What Is The Right Height To Hang A Chandelier Over The Kitchen Table? 

Just as the size of the light, the gap between the light and the table is equally important. If the light is fixed too low, it would eat up the headspace and make an uncomfortable vibe. With the lights too up to the ceiling, the lighting won’t look as good as it could have. 

Ideally, the gap between the chandelier and kitchen table would be between 30 to 36 inches. This gap offers enough headspace to the table and people can comfortably use the table without bumping with the light. Thus to ensure comfort and enhance the beauty of the table, leave this gap between the chandelier and the table. 

How Bright Should A Kitchen Table Light Be? 

People often confuse the brightness of the light. Some complain about the light being too bright while others are dissatisfied with the dimming light. Let me clear out this dilemma.

The best lighting is which has a sheer warm shade to gently illuminate the dining space. Too bright light destroys the warmth and coziness of the dining space. As dining is a happy and joyful task, the warm light adds a touch of peace to the area. Similarly, if the light is dim, it creates a dull and mundane atmosphere. So a yellowish-white light across the room is the best. Not too bright and not too low!


I believe I have solved most of the queries you were having before reading this article. Check out the designs and determine your needs. Decide on which design you want to light up the kitchen table. 

So far, have you thought of any particular kitchen table lighting from the list given above?


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