10 Best Coffee Table For Reclining Sofa: Review and Guide

Do you prefer to change to a traditional coffee table in front of the reclining sofa? This is an excellent idea to add something unique to the room decoration. However, plenty of tables in the market can be used in front of reclining sofas. But in choosing the best coffee table for reclining the sofa, you may have a dilemma.

Usually, I love to relax on a reclining sofa on my lazy Sundays, and a cup of coffee makes me very happy. That is why I searched for a suitable coffee table. So, I did deep research based on features, benefits, specifications, prices, and customer reviews to get a perfect desk. Meanwhile, I have collected the top options that can reduce your time of choosing.

If you want to know my instant favorites, I recommend the WLIVE Lift Top Coffee Table first because the classic look and rustic brown color will appeal to anyone. Even its hidden compartment and adjustable shelf can help keep essentials. Moreover, for those looking for an affordable alternative, it can be the best in terms of quality.

Nevertheless, I suggest knowing about the rest of the products on my list. Each table here is suitable for some users. Therefore, you should know the details of each product to find the desk that suits your needs. Moreover, a buying guide and other additional information can be more helpful, which I will highlight in this article.

Best Coffee Table For Reclining Sofa: Head-to-head Comparison

An instant idea should be obtained before going into a detailed discussion about each coffee desk. That’s why I created a head-to-head comparison. Since every product here seems better to me, this table can help users to make quick decisions.

Coffee Table For Reclining SofaMaterialShapeColorTable DimensionsTable WeightPrice
WLIVE Lift Top Coffee TableWoodRectangleRetro brown19.7″D x 39.4″W x 16.3″H41.8 PoundsClick Here
NSdirect 36 inches Round Coffee TableWood, metalRoundLight Walunt36″D x 36″W x 18″H40 PoundsClick Here
Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee TableEngineered Wood, MetalRectangleGrey20″D x 40″W x 23″H58.33 PoundsClick Here
Signature Design by Ashley Square Coffee TablePinewoodSquareGrey36″D x 36″W x 18″H75 PoundsClick Here
ChooChoo Farmhouse Coffee TableWoodRectangleWhite+brown17.72″D x 39.37″W x 21.65″H35.4 PoundsClick Here
Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee TableCARB Phase 2 MDF, metalRectangleGrey19.7″D x 38.6″W x 21.7″H41.01 PoundsClick Here
Rolanstar Lift Top Coffee TableEngineered WoodRectangleEspresso41.7″D x 19.7″W x 18.2″H99.2 PoundsClick Here
RUSTOWN Farmhouse Round Coffee Table Metal, WoodRoundNatural31.4″D x 31.4″W x 14.3″H30.3 poundsClick Here
Bidiso Lift Top Coffee TableWalnut WoodRectangleWalnut21.6″D x 39.3″W x 15.7″H56.9 poundsClick Here
Gaia Round-Nested Coffee TableGlass, MetalRound‎Blackened Bronze36″D x 36″W x 18.5″H44.97 PoundsClick Here

1. WLIVE Lift Top Coffee Table: Best For Storage

If you have a small space problem and want an extra surface to put something on, WLIVE Lift Top Table is an ideal choice. Not only for extra space, but it also provides many useful features with benefits. 

Features With Benefits:

Hidden Storage: 

Only the surface can’t give enough space. WLIVE Lift Top Table has hidden storage for laptops, remote controls, valuable papers, and more. The deep drawer saves them from dirt and water. The removable shelf extends the storage system. 

Mid-century Design: 

The mid-century design gives an extra mild view to the room. For the person who chooses a peerage but modern, the table is best forever. The legs are safe for children, and the height is adjustable. The lifting part can go up and down to do the work. 

Easy To Use: 

WLIVE Lift Top Table is easy to use. Due to the rectangular shape, it can easily be set up anywhere since it has a robust construction and good finishes. Engineer wood setup gives a realistic view from the surface with a good finish, and wood making makes it stronger but grabs a big space. 


  • Foldable cover;
  • Easy assemble;
  • Rustic style;
  • Lightweight;
  • Nice color.


  • No locking system. 

2. NSdirect 36 inches Round Coffee Table: Best For Durability

NSdirect Coffee Table creates beauty in the room. With two parts and sturdy wood construction, this round side table is ideal. Also, it comes with a metal frame that protects more than just a wooden table. For long-term use, the table is best. That’s why it also provides many benefits by using. 

Features With Benefits: 


The NSdireact Coffee Table is constructed from wood, environmentally friendly P2 MDF, and powder-coated. The metal frame makes it unique as well as strong. Only wood can be damaged or destroyed, but metal frames make it strong and unique. PVC fittings coat the surface area. It is eco-friendly and has been used for a long time.

Two-part Surface: 

The table is two-tier, so it has an extra large surface, one under another. The lower part can be used for decorative purposes, but the other can be used for working purposes. This also creates an attractive look with a smart sofa set.

Simple Design:  

The simple design makes it the best choice for buying. One can find a simple making design that creates extra benefits. The design and color setup add an extra mild view. You can set up the table in any portion of the living room. 


  • Smart looking;
  • Good finishing;
  • Great storage;
  • Water resistance. 


  • No drawer.

3. Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee Table:  Best For Storage

Users can keep various products on this table simultaneously because the Yaheetech Lift Top Table has a big front area with a more hidden compartment. Designing it with a lift top makes it more useful for use. 

Features With Benefits: 


Yaheetech Lift Top Table has many separate compartments, including an upper surface and a lower free surface. The shape of the table adjusts with any wall or in front of the sofa. In the middle, the hidden drawer is adjusted. This creates smart storage for storing various products at a time.

Simple Design: 

The table is rectangular in size. A foldable cover gives extra benefits to the user. One can lift the front surface to adjust the height. After finishing the work, it would fold in the back position. The Grey color makes it extra simple but gorgeous. 

Building Quality: 

The materials are essential to make it unique. The legs are powder coated. Metal hardware finishing makes it more durable. So, the table can be used for a long time.


  • Protective pad;
  • Easy assemble;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Limited weight;
  • Good color.


  • No locking system. 

4. Signature Design by Ashley Coffee Table with Lift Top for Storage: Best For Manufacturing 

Signature Design Coffee Table is not only a coffee table but also used as a box. The design of this table is different from the other coffee table. Its manufacturing design is excellent. 

Features With Benefits:

Manufacturing Design: 

Signature Design Coffee Table is fitted in the small room as well as in the big room. It is constructed with pine and operated wood.

There is a hinged lift top on both sides with crossbuck detailing, a weathered finish, and decorative metal brackets.


The table is qualified not only from the design but also from building up. The table is weather coated. Finishes can fade after long use. Pine veneers or pine woodwork attach extra protection for a long time.

Unique Market Choice: 

It is simple to choose an Ashley Lift Top Table for its capacity and good looking. The design gives extra benefits to users. A four-sided or square table with hidden space was used many years ago. But now, people use it as a coffee table with good Storage. 


  • Enough space;
  • Dual lid;
  • Weather finishing;
  • Lightweight. 
  • Grab a small space.


  • Not assembled.

5. ChooChoo Farmhouse Coffee Table: Best For Decorative Purpose 

Choochoo Farmhouse Coffee Table design is preferable for working. It provides good space, height, and enough surface to keep many things at a time. Many things easily organize the table. The leg-type base gives extra benefits, and you can easily keep accessories like a laptop or book.

Features With Benefits:

Working Table: 

Choochoo Farmhouse Coffee Table has a big surface. The upper part is open, with no hidden drawer or extra equipment. Hence, no extra aggravated incident can’t cut the concentration. It is easy to move, and you can keep the necessary equipment near to hand. 

Sturdy Structure: 

An endurable frame of this table gives protection from damage. The table is not too big or not too small. It is a smart size for use. The height is perfect and comfortable for living room purposes. Shaped support makes the table very strong and workable. 

Decorative Table: 

The simple but smart design is excellent for decorative features. The table is also preferable as a  center table. The Coffee Table is smart for setting up anywhere. It has no complex design, but the table is user-friendly. Showing any flower vase or small showpiece is perfect for this type of table. Fish aquariums are also able to show on the table.


  • Smart size;
  • Enough space;
  • Easy assemble;
  • Simple design. 


  • No locker system. 

6. Yaheetech Lift Top Hidden Compartment Coffee Table: Best For Small Apartments

The Yaheetech lift-top hidden compartment is a well-spacious coffee table. It’s a good pick for quality and storage capacity. Since its inception, they have always provided quality products. 

Feature With Benefits: 

Lift-Top Design: 

You’ll love this amazing coffee table for the lift-top design. The height can be easily adjusted to meet your needs. This means users can make a spacious workspace with this table according to their needs. 

Hidden Storage Compartment: 

There is a secret compartment beneath the table. It lets users keep their everyday items like laptops, A.C. remote controller, and gaming accessories safe. Along with this, there are also open shelf holds that are handy for storing blankets, books, snacks, etc.

Solid Constructional Material: 

The material in this table is amazing. It has a water-resistant veneer and solid constructional materials that won’t be wobbled if you correctly assemble it. The manufacturer uses an MDF finish that is CARB P2-approved. For this, your table varnish color will stay visible after long-term use.

Perfectly Fit In Small Space: 

Keep this table anywhere even if the apartment has little space for decorating furniture. However, it’s a multi-functional table that perfectly fits small apartments, dorms, and dens. By leaning forward, you can reach any item on the coffee table with its elevated design.


  • Easy to assemble;
  • Its holes lined up well;
  • Directions are okay at best;
  • Very sturdy; 
  • Made with heavy-duty metal.


  • Its spring-to-lift top is hefty and impossible to install.

7. Rolanstar Industrial Style Coffee Table: Best For Ergonomic Design

The Rolanstar industrial style is the height of other coffee tables. This one is value for money and has a well-compact size to fit anywhere. Another good fact is it can be assembled by yourself and is much easier to install with two people. This 41.7-inch table is sturdy when it is in the raised position. It doesn’t affect the table when in the up or down position.

Feature With Benefits: 

Versatile Wood Flip Top Design: 

It has a lift-top ergonomic design with the height of other coffee tables. This industrial table is versatile and provides a floating raised work surface. This way, you can comfortably sit and not need to lean forward.

Enough Storage Space: 

Enjoy more than 2-3 benefits with this one. While buying this table, you won’t need to worry about where to store bedroom accessories. Keep your books, magazines, laptops, chess, etc., anywhere because it has a lower open shelf to hold snacks, books, blankets, and other goods.

High-quality Spring Hinge: 

This one comes with high quality and a sturdy structure due to the spring hinge system. It enables the tabletop to be lifted as well as lowered effortlessly. Again, the table has an MDF board and a metal frame to ensure stability and durability.

Easy & Fast Set Up: 

With 18.2″ height, this countertop coffee table has clear instructions and usability to set up fast. You can follow the clear instructions and use the tools provided by the manufacturer. For this, you need to spend only 30 minutes assembling this room.


  • Keep all the things handy and organized;
  • Can assemble alone without the help of an expert;
  • Sturdy metal lift-up mechanism;
  • Easy, convenient storage;
  • Four corner protectors to cover the table corners.


  • It didn’t have a bar to stabilize the hinges when opening.

8. RUSTOWN Farmhouse Round Coffee Table Set: Best For Durability

This piece of MDF-made round table is perfect for those who like vintage-style furniture. The wooden finish and polished appearance we got here are perfect for farmhouse decoration styles. It is durable for having high-quality material which lasts more than a year

Feature With Benefits: 

Vintage Type Farmhouse Design: 

If you’re bored with your regular coffee tables, buy them. Rustown farmhouse’s round coffee table has a unique vantage ring screw on the surface, retro with a sense of history. Moreover, it is designed to be used for rustic styles.

Multipurpose Using Capabilities: 

You can use this table for various purposes because it is suitable for each room in your house, including the living room, dining room, and home office. Again, it comes with the most convex and concave ring-shaped table you’ve ever seen. For these special traits, this table looks so fresh and natural.

Iron-made Legs: 

It is a solid masterpiece for iron-made legs. The manufacturer used two top-notch quality materials, including a pinewood and MDF. Both of them provide strong, high-quality support to you all year round.


  • It can be used as a separate side table;
  • Installation guideline is clear to maintain;
  • Its structure is sturdy and easy to topple over;
  • Natural and sleek look;
  • Super water resistance. 


  • Its hardwood needs to be more stable and strong enough to use for a long time.

9. Bidiso Lift Top Easy-To-Assemble Coffee Table: Best For Shock Absorbing

I’m impressed with the quality of this coffee table. It has everything you need. The installation is effortless, and it gives you the utmost relief.

Feature With Benefits:

High-Quality Particle Board: 

This Bidiso lift top product has a high-strength particle board that ensures stability. It has an easy-to-clean, daily waterproof surface. And all the surfaces require hand cleaning, and you just need a soft rag.

Silent & Shock-Absorbing Structure: 

Another best feature is its pneumatic lifting structure. It can ensure the coffee table’s lifting stability and safety.

Safe To Use At Home For Naughty Kids: 

It will be easier to nurture your naughty kids and prevent them from unpredictable incidents since this one has rounded corners that reduce bruises.

Slow & Safe Closing: 

When the table lift function is turned off, it will land slowly and smoothly to close. Functions like this help avoid collision damage. It also prevents children from pinching their hands accidentally. 


  • Takes 10-15 minutes to assemble the coffee table;
  • Perfectly compatible with any room style and decor;
  • Modern design & multifunctioning; 
  • 44lbs lightweight capacity; 
  • 3 hidden storage compartments.


  • It has flimsy screws, which delay the installation period.

10. Gaia Round 36″ Diameter Nested Coffee Table: Best For Quality

This 36″ inch-nested coffee table is easy to assemble. Gaia round adds a different touch to the living room and is quite nicer than you expected. It has a sturdy, flawless matte gold finish with a tempering glass top. I like everything about this table due to its wide spacious size, transparent looks, impressive qualities and so on.

Features With Benefits: 

Handcrafted Blackened Bronze Finish: 

The first and foremost feature I have noticed is its handcrafted blackened bronze finish. Styling wisely is the core of everything, which helps you to create different looks and bring different vintages to your home.

Here, this coffee table has a nice polished look which could be the central attraction inside your living room. 

Sturdy Tempered Glass Material: 

If you are talking about the material, you get top-notch quality tempered glass here. It has a round-shaped side border which can also be used as a tea or side corner table. Materials used on these products are durable, strong, and can last more than expected.

Easy To Clean: 

The table is easy to clean and suitable to use anywhere you like most. To clean the table, you need to use the traditional method, like spraying some cleanser or rubbing with dry clothes, and it’s done.

Large Size like A Regular Table: 

The table is quite different from a traditional table because of its size. It is large enough and covers the gap for the 18.5″ tall height. Gaia round also has wide dimensions, including 36-26.5″ inches in diameter. In this sense, it is another good quality of this product.


  • Value for money; 
  • Easily fit anywhere;
  • It looks beautiful and stylish;
  • Affordable; 
  • Allows getting the sizing that seems right to you.


  • Had some scratches in the glass.

Things To Consider Before Buying Coffee Table For Reclining Sofa

A coffee table paired with a reclining sofa and couch looks great in the living room. But there are quite a few factors that go into the discussion of choosing the perfect coffee table. These factors include style, design, size, shape, and many more. Look at the best coffee table buying guide. 

  1. Style: 

One of the top factors that you must consider is style. This style refers to the look of how the coffee table matches the interior of your home. When choosing a piece of furniture, it is crucial to ensure it looks beautiful along with the other items you have. 

If the furniture in your living area is white, you can go for a white or off-white table to match the decor. If the styles do not match, the items will not pair well. 

  1. Shape: 

The shape of the coffee table plays an essential role in the decision. Coffee tables are (1) available in multiple shapes: square, triangle, round, oval, rectangle, etc. Usually, setting the coffee table according to the style of the sofa or seating arrangement is the best option. 

Choose a table that looks good and can be reached easily with your seating arrangement. A round or square table would look suitable for a small or scattered sofa arrangement. For an L-shaped seating arrangement, go for an oval or rectangle table. 

  1. Design: 

The design refers to the top and lower parts of the table. Similar to the shape and style of the table, considering the design is also necessary. There are several designs of coffee tables available in the market. 

From wooden and glass table tops to three or four-legged tables, you can choose any design you like. However, make sure that the design you choose matches the seating style. 

  1. Available Space: 

Nobody likes a clustered or jammed living room. The coffee table seating arrangement will not look good if you jam all the furniture in a small space. When choosing a table, consider the available space in the room and choose accordingly. 

  1. Size: 

Another essential factor to take into consideration is size. Choose a certain size for the coffee table, depending on the available space. Ensure that the table is manageable for the available space. If you have a small seating arrangement and space, go for a small to the medium-sized table. 

  1. Height: 

For proper decoration and style, choosing the right height is a must. The table’s height ensures that it pairs well with the seating arrangement and can be reached easily. 

Coffee tables usually have a height between 14 to 20 inches from the ground. Ensure the table is about an inch or two shorter than the seat’s height. 

  1. Material: 

The next factor that needs to be considered is the material. Marble, wood, ceramic, and other materials are usually used to make coffee tables. Recently, tables made (2) of marble have been a great choice; classic wood designs are always attractive. Ensure that you pick a table with a durable and long-lasting material. 

  1. Ease Of Maintenance: 

Cleaning the coffee table and other furniture is important to maintain the look of the items. Quite a few tables come with complicated designs that could be clearer to clean and maintain. When picking a table, ensure it is easy to clean and does not accumulate much dust. 

  1. Price: 

Last but not least, the price plays an essential factor in the overall decision. The pricing of the tables varies significantly based on design, style, maintenance, and so on. And the cost of the tables usually ranges from $150 to $500 or more. 

Before purchasing a table, make sure to set a budget. Choose a table that matches your style requirements and fits the pricing. 

3 Decoration Ideas For The Coffee Table That Match With Reclining Sofa

Decorating the coffee table paired with your reclining sofa does not need much. You can easily make the table look expensive by decorating it within a small budget. Check out some of the top coffee table decorating ideas.

  • Place A Carpet: 

Placing a carpet under the table is an excellent way of giving your living room and coffee table a new look. It will give the table a bright and attractive look. Depending on your choice, you can either go for a patterned carpet or a fur one. 

  • Put Vases or Candles: 

Another attractive way of decorating your coffee table is to put it in a vase or candles. Place fresh or artificial flowers in a vase and put them in the middle of the table. You can also put scented candles on a tray and set it on the tabletop. 

  • Place Books And Accessories: 

Depending on the color and texture of the table, decorate it with books or other accessories. Based on the size of the furniture, add details such as plants, toys, and so on. Place books, lamps, etc., in an organized manner on the table to give it a more sophisticated look. 

5 Advantages Of Placing A Coffee Table With Reclining Sofa 

Placing a coffee table with a reclining sofa has quite a few benefits. This includes accessibility, decoration, and so on. Take a look at some of these advantages. 

  1. Makes The Space More Stylish: 

The biggest advantage of pairing a coffee table with a reclining sofa is to make the space more stylish and attractive. Setting only the sofa in the living room makes the space look incomplete and unappealing. However, choose a fitting coffee table to complete the look. 

  1. Serve Food Or Snacks: 

Whether it is a movie or game night or you are hosting a tea party, food and snacks often need to be served in the living room. And serving food on the couch is not good or appealing. In cases like these, coffee tables come in handy. You can place food, cups, utensils, etc., on the table without trouble. 

  1. Do Homework or Office Work: 

Sometimes, people like to work from the comfort of their couch or living room. Placing a table along with the couch allows people to have proper space and support to work properly. Parents can also enjoy sports or other shows while keeping an eye on their kid’s work. 

  1. Place Accessories: 

One of the first things people notice about a home is the living room. An attractive and well-decorated living room will significantly improve the beauty of your home. Placing accessories on the coffee table will help you spruce up the place easily. 

  1. Saves Space: 

Adding a coffee table to the living room will occupy space and make the room look smaller. However, this is not true, and these tables help save space. You can decorate the space with magazines, books, toys, etc., which otherwise occupy space in some cupboard or shelf. 

Related Questions:

What Type Of Coffee Table Is Best For The Reclining Sofa?

There is no fixed coffee table for reclining sofas or home decor. It is typically dependent on your choice and the style of your interior. However, many reclining sofa owners prefer a portable coffee table that can be carried or moved easily. 

You can also go for a coffee table that matches your couch and reclining sofa’s design. Not only that but a round or square glass table fitting the decor is also a fantastic choice. 

Can You Put A Sofa Table Behind A Reclining Couch?

You can position a sofa table behind a reclining couch, depending on your choice or style. However, keeping a certain distance between the couch and the table is essential. Make sure there is a minimum distance of 1 foot between the two objects. 

This will prevent the couch from hitting the table when reclining. And the minimum distance will allow you to reach the table easily from your reclined position.

How Do You Match A Coffee Table With A Couch?

Matching a coffee table with a couch in your home is relatively easy. The perfect setting depends on your coffee table’s shape and the couch’s style. A rectangular or oval table will fit a big L-shaped couch perfectly. 

Going for square or round tables is the best option if you have a small setting. However, before you set the sofa and table in the room, consider the available space. 

How Much Space Do You Need Between A Recliner Sofa And A Coffee Table?

The amount of space you need to leave between a recliner sofa and a coffee table depends on the space available. Typically, the gap should be about 1 to 1.5 feet between the two pieces of furniture. This will give you enough space to recline the sofa properly with decent leg space. 

Even if you are setting a sofa table, make sure to keep space between the sofa and table. Make sure that you have enough space to move when the sofa reclines. 

Should The Coffee Table Be Higher Or Lower Than The Reclining Sofa?

The coffee table paired with the reclining sofa should be lower in height than the chair. Coffee table height typically ranges between 14 to 20 inches. When placing the table, ensure that it is at least 2 inches lower than the height of the sofa seat. 

This setup is important to ensure you can easily reach the table without discomfort. The decor will also look bad if the table is higher than the sofa. 

Can You Put A Coffee Table Behind A Sofa?

Placing a coffee table behind a sofa will make the entire setup look unplanned and bad. However, you can place sofa tables behind a sofa. Coffee tables are usually lower in height than typical sofa chairs and placed in front. 

Sofa tables are generally taller than coffee tables and are typically designed to go behind the sofa. If you place the coffee table behind the sofa, it will be challenging to reach it. 

Final Recommendation: 

In choosing the best coffee table for reclining the sofa, a user must be very judicious. You probably got the details about the top options I picked in the long discussion above. I hope these will meet your preferences and needs. As a result, there is no need to waste time researching anything outside of these.

Different users have different preferences. I recommend the Bidiso Lift Top Coffee Table for those who want something durable and stylish. Although a little more expensive, it will enhance the room’s decor. You can choose the RUSTOWN Farmhouse Round Coffee Table, which users have praised for its versatility.

It is not enough to pay attention to the detailed product discussion. The user should also know enough about its additional issues. An effective buying guide must be followed to get the right product. Every section I have presented in the 

articles are important.


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