The Ultimate Guide Of A Terrarium Coffee Table

A Terrarium Coffee Table

Are you looking for any furniture to enhance the beauty of your dining room? Then I suggest you choose a terrarium coffee table. It will enhance the beauty of your home and serve as your essential furniture. Basically, it is a greenhouse that helps enhance the house’s beauty.

A terrarium coffee table is a piece of furniture that allows you to plant different plants or bonsai trees of your choice. There are usually two types of terrariums. One is an open terrarium, and the other is a closed terrarium. However, choosing a closed terrarium for a coffee table is better.

Buying a terrarium coffee table costs a lot of money. However, you can make it yourself to spend a little money. But if you do not know how to make it, continue the article without worrying. Here you can find some more information and the process of making a terrarium coffee table.

How To Make A Terrariums Coffee Table? (9 Easy Steps)

Making a terrarium coffee table is different from making other tables, but it is not a very difficult task. You can easily create the table by following the steps. However, since it is a table that can be used for a long time, it is better to use good quality material. Let’s take a look at the process of making the table! 

Step-1: Necessary Equipment:

The first step in making a terrarium’s coffee table is to assemble the necessary ingredients. Here I have made a list to learn about what it takes to make A Terrariums Coffee Table:

  • Pine Boards 

  • Acrylic Sheet

  • Screws

  • Hairpin Legs

  • Wood glue

  • Circular saw

  • Clamps

  • Grit sandpaper 

Step-2: Cut The Boards

First, cut three boards into 4-ft shapes. Also, cut four 1-foot and four 28-in shapes on the boards to make the box. Then smooth the cut edges using grit sandpaper. It will make it easier and stronger to glue the edges of your boards. 

Step-3: Place The Clamps 

Now place the clamps on the long sides with wood glue. Make sure the edges are even. Now place the clamps on the desired spot so that there are clamps at both ends and in the middle. 

Step-4: Tighten The Clamps

Now use clamps and scrap cardboard between the wood to prevent unwanted dents on the wood. Tighten the clamps so that the beads come out of the joints. Then let the glue dry for one night. 

Step-5: Build The Boxes

Now make the box with the boards already placed in the bet. Use screws and glue to strengthen the board joints. Place the clamps in the corners and ensure that the joints are stiff enough. You can also make a cross brace inside the box to make it stronger. 

Step-6: Cover The Boxes Top

Cover and glue the top of the boxes using the remaining wood. Cut out the 3-inch board to fit inside the acrylic box. Make box walls by repeating and drilling boards in the same way.

Step-7: Build The Acrylic Box

Measure the inside of the table and cut the acrylic accordingly. When cutting, glue the joints to the edges. Now leave it to dry. After drying, insert the acrylic box inside the box of the board. 

Step-8: Screw The Legs

When the table is ready, add four legs around it as per your need. Screw to tighten the joints of the legs. Now that your terrarium coffee table is ready, you can give it the look you want. However, no normal tree can be planted in it. You can plant low-growing trees in it. 

Step-9: Decorate The Terrarium

Now your terrarium coffee table is ready. Now is the time to sort it out. You can use low-growth trees as per your choice. But before that, you have to put soil inside it. After applying the scale in a few layers, you can plant trees in it.

7 Tips For Making A Terrarium Coffee Table:

When designing a terrarium coffee table, there are several things to keep in mind. Since this is not a simple table, you need to be more careful in creating it. Also, if you do not follow some tips in creating it, you may not use your valuable materials properly. when making a terrier table, you must follow the tips given below:

Tips-1: After cutting the wood to make a terrarium coffee table, rub each end of it with sandpaper. Because uneven edges can damage your clothes and hands, and you can skip them if you want, the joints of the uneven edges are not stiff.

Tips-2: Never plant trees or plants that grow normally in the terrarium. Because it is a small enclosed space where there is not enough space for a tree to grow normally, you can plant any bonsai tree in it if you want. But the ‘Doris Taylor’ and ‘Neon Breakers’ plants are the best choices for a terrarium coffee table.

Tips-3: Cactus leaves come in a variety of textures, colors, and shapes that add to the beauty of your terrarium. You can create geometric layouts with cactus of different shapes. Since they do not grow very well even when full, they are a suitable plant for a terrarium.

Tips-4: Use a high-quality acrylic sheet for making terrarium boxes. Because low-quality acrylic sheets can become cloudy in a short time. As a result, your terrarium will not look good. Hence, try to use good quality materials even if it costs a little more.

Tips-5: If you are worried about soil selection, use soil from your garden plant for terrarium use. However, you must mix sand or gravel with the soil. It will allow the soil in your terrarium to absorb water more easily.

Tips-6: Use various plants and bonsai trees inside the terrarium. Since it is a mini garden, it needs to have a variety of plants. You can also plant plants of different colors to enhance the table’s beauty.

Tips-7: Try to keep at least one haworthia plant on your terrarium coffee table. Its spike-shaped, white-striped leaves set it apart from other plants. This plant reaches a height of only 3 to 5 inches when fully mature, so there is nothing to worry about growing.

How To Maintain A Terrarium’s Coffee Table?

A terrarium coffee table can be used for a long time with proper maintenance. Here are some ways in which maintaining a home will make your work easier. 

  1. Watering

Any plant needs water to survive, so you need to water your terrarium. One closed terrarium is sufficient for one month of continuous watering. However, if your terrarium is open, it should be watered every 3-6 weeks. Also, how much water to give depends on the water absorption capacity of the soil. 

  1. Lighting

Indirect lighting is required for terrarium plants. However, direct sunlight creates heat in the glass container, killing the plants growing inside. Excess sunlight can also cause burns to the leaves of your tree.

  1. Fertilizer Application

It is unnecessary to give fertilizer in the first year of making a terrarium. You may not want to pay. However, when you apply fertilizer, the amount should be very small. Because of the small size of the plants, if you apply extra fertilizer on them, their leaves may fade, and the plants may die.

  1. Pest Care

Although there are no bugs in the terrarium, take appropriate action if care is taken. Avoid giving extra water at this time. Otherwise, it may cause haunting. But if you are more careful when building a terrarium, this will not be a problem.

  1. Trimming/ Pruning

As the trees get taller, the leaves need to be pruned. Also, if you see any yellow or brown leaves, remove them immediately, as it is a sign of disease. 

Related Question About Terrarium Coffee Table:

What Plants Are Best For Terrariums Coffee Table?

If you want to create a terrariums coffee table, you need to choose plants that do not grow fast. The trees you use seem to grow very slowly. In this case, you can plant Ferns, Carnivorous plants, Dwarf palms, Airplants, Succulents, Peperomia. However, the “Doris Taylor” and “Neon Breakers” plants are best suited for a coffee table.

These plants do not grow as fast as other trees, so you can safely use them in the terrarium’s coffee tables. Terrariums are also the best place for their plants to grow. If you have decided to plant trees inside the house, terrariums are the right choice. 

How Often Do You Need To Water In A Terrarium?

The number of days to water a terrarium depends on the type of terrarium. Suppose the terrarium on your coffee table is closed: water it once a month, but it may be changed for some reason. If your terrarium is open, it is best to water it every 3-6 weeks. 

However, the time to water may be more or less depending on your tree’s soil. If the absorption capacity of the soil you use is high, you may need to rinse every 1-2 weeks. 

Is Plastic Good For A Terrarium’s Coffee Table?

In most cases, clear glass is used for terrier containers. As a result, it looks the same for a long time. Many people think it is wrong to use plastic containers for a terrarium, which is completely wrong. You can use plastic containers to make terrariums if you want, but that means it has to be good.

Cheap plastics are less likely to fade in a short time. However, if you use anti-fog plastic containers, they will stay transparent for a long time. It prevents plastic condensation from forming as well as allows better visibility. However, for these plastic containers, you have to spend more than ordinary glass containers.

How Long Do Terrarium Coffee Tables Last?

If you maintain your terrarium properly and regularly, it can last up to a few years. But for one, you need to know about its care. Above I have discussed how to take care of a terrarium coffee table from which you can get help. 

If you build a terrarium using good quality materials, it will look new for a long time. Also, with proper maintenance, you can make its interior more attractive. Also, if you use high-quality plastic or glass for the terrarium box, it will always be transparent and shiny. 

Can You Plant Trees In Terrarium Coffee Tables?

Since there is not much space on the table, it is impossible to plant naturally growing trees. You can also plant bonsai plants on a terrarium coffee table if you wish. In this case, the beauty of your table will increase. 

In addition to this, you can also plant trees of your choice in the interior of your home. Bonsai trees look similar to other trees, but they are small and cannot grow normally. However, these are quite popular for beauty enhancement. 

What Soil Is Best For Terrariums?

You can use the soil of your garden trees to make a terrarium. However, cocoa-coarse, peat moss, or houseplant soils are best for terrariums. Many prepare the soil by themselves to make terrariums. But if you do not have time to prepare the soil, you can use the soil in your garden. 

These soils are also good for terrariums trees. However, add sand or gravel mixture to the type of soil you use. However, I think that mixing sand or gravel with ordinary soil in the garden will give good results in this case. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Terrarium’s Coffee Table?

There are numerous benefits of a terrarium coffee table. But the first advantage is helping to grow plants. In between, you can allow growing different types of plants. It will enhance the beauty of your home and fulfill your dream of an interior garden.

Also, serving breakfast to the guests at this table will enhance your taste. You can use this table in many different ways besides serving breakfast. You can also add some artisan lights to the terrarium box of the table.



A terrarium is a kind of greenhouse where you can create a mini garden by planting plants or trees of your choice. When you add a terrarium to a coffee table, it will turn into a terrarium coffee table.

While this is a simple step, many may find it difficult. But if you follow the steps I have shown, the task will be easier for you. With proper maintenance of this terrarium table, you can use it for a few years.


A terrarium coffee table can enhance the room’s beauty, which brings a lot of features. Here you will find all helpful information regarding its creation, maintenance, etc.


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