Ideas To Cover Dining Table: Upgrade The Aesthetic Value

Ideas To Cover Dining Table

Dining table covers are versatile and popularly used for both commercial and residential purposes. Not only it safeguards the table but also makes your plain dining table gorgeous. But the real problem appears while choosing an aesthetic cover that can both protect the table as well as add decorative value. 

A dining table cover is a necessity. But its decorative value is important too. And if that makes you indecisive, we don’t blame you. Styling a dining cover is not so easy if you don’t know about the available options in detail. So before you decide on a dining table cover, first, you should learn about some outstanding ideas to cover the dining table. 

To help you out, I have done the research and experiments on behalf of to pick up the best dining table cover ideas. In this article, I will discuss some outstanding cover ideas to give a stunning look to your dining table. 

So get excited!

10 Ideas To Cover Dining Table: 

Trust me, covering your dining table is not as boring as it may sound. In fact, it is pretty exciting to experiment with different types of table cover ideas. Sometimes you can even work with worn-out and disposed materials to create a cover! You just need to know how to do it. 

I am here with 10 exclusive ideas to cover and adorn your dining table in a unique way. 

1. Rag Tablecloth:

So I am starting with a vibrant and colorful table cover option. It is an eco-friendly option too as the material is made of leftovers and pieces of different clothes. Though it may sound ordinary, it looks absolutely beautiful and bright on the table. Yes, I am talking about a rag tablecloth. 

A rag table cover can be of a basic color but mostly made of various fabrics. The specialty of a rag is the irregular and haphazard design patterns. It is made by hand on a loom to make each rag unique.

Generally, pieces of different fabrics are stitched to make a big rag. It can either cover the entire table or be used as a table runner. Best for everyday usages, a rag tablecloth is machine washable and its color doesn’t fade away easily. 

Easy to maintain and style with, the rag tablecloth can create a style statement on your dining table. It gives a vibrant homely vibe lifting the mood. So keep this idea in your mind for day-to-day decoration. 

2. Modern Table Runner:

Before I go on to the options that fully cover the table, I am mentioning those that partially cover the table and show off the table too. So here is another option widely used for indoor and outdoor dining table decors, a table runner. 

You can go for a rag table runner. But a lot of options are available. Table runners with digital prints are the most popular ones. With floral, geometric, subtle, and messy designs, table runners always give an out-of-the-box look to your dining table. It is literally the best option for vibing indoors or outdoors.

But don’t limit yourself to the printed table runners. You will get other materials and designs too. Even a simple basic color cotton table runner can suffice. The choice is yours!

Table runners never go out of style. Both for indoor and outdoor dining table decoration, a table runner is a smart option to cover the table. Choose one that matches the decor and vibe. 

3. Placemat Set: 

Though a commonly used table cover idea, placemats are really useful in terms of protecting the table. And if you can choose a stylish and modern placemat set, it is going to rock the dining table look. 

Be it a plastic, cotton, or polymer placemat set, the right color, texture, and design can flaunt the dining table decor. As it partially covers the table, makes sure that the placemat blends with the table well. You can either contrast or merge the design of the placemat with the table texture.

Also, choose according to the surrounding decor. For instance, you can choose a groovy design for outdoor table decor. But with an elegant and subtle dining room decor, a soft-colored basic or printed placement set will match the best. 

Think out of the box and think of a look with placemats to rock the dining table decor. 

4. Lace Tablecloth: 

Want a festive vibe on your dining table? Something that symbolizes happiness and celebration? If yes, then a lace tablecloth is your right choice. 

Laces are perfect for both formal and informal occasions. You can put a single-layer lace tablecloth on the table on regular days. The feathery and breathable lace tablecloth looks subtle and soothing making it best for day-to-day purposes.

But if you want it to look fancy and festive, choose a heavy and thick-layered lace tablecloth. This look is suitable for both formal occasions like office parties and informal parties like Christmas, birthdays, weddings, etc. You can exchange the looks even by making the lace layer double or single as per your choice. 

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usages, a lace tablecloth is machine washable. This means spills and dirt on the lace tablecloth won’t be a problem. So you can use a lace tablecloth for any occasion to cover the table without any worries. 

5. Tulle Table Cover: 

Here is a luxurious and gorgeous option to cover your dining table. If you don’t know what Tulle is, it is simply the material that you see on a bride’s gown. Such a unique idea right?

The tulle tablecloth is feathery and thin giving a calming yet gorgeous look. Layers of tulle are decorated from the countertop to the ground to make a thick layer. It is almost like the table has worn a gown! Just kidding.

But honestly, this look is outstanding and graceful. You can try this for both formal and informal outdoor occasions like weddings, birthdays, homecoming, thanksgiving, official parties, or even casual outdoor dinners.

Experiment with colors too. You can go for a red or pink tulle on a girl’s birthday, and choose white tulle for a wedding- whichever you like. Remember that tulle cover is preferred for large spaces. So install it indoors only if the dining room is large. 

An inexpensive and glamorous way to cover your dining table, tulle is one of the best options you have. A tulle table cover is surely going to impress your guests and create a lively vibe. 

6. Fitted Sheet Table Cover: 

Sometimes you don’t even need to buy anything specific to cover your dining table. As most people have fitted sheets at their home, I assume you have one too. But don’t worry if you don’t have one. You can get an inexpensive fitted sheet in any clothing store. And that is all you need to cover your dining table. 

Fitted sheets are generally long sheets that are moderately thick. Used for different purposes, a fitted sheet is an excellent alternative to your regular tablecloth. Both for outdoor and indoor dining tables, a fitted sheet is good to go. You get a variety of colors and prints as well.

Though the solid-colored fitted sheets are preferred the most, you can use printed ones too. The best part of a fitted sheet is that it sticks to the table and doesn’t blow in the air. It looks beautiful when its seams gently touch the ground and the countertop remains flat. 

Easy to maintain and work on, a fitted sheet is an inexpensive choice to cover a table. Choose a suitable color for the fitted sheet and lay it on the table. That is it!

7. Kraft Paper As A Table Cover:

Don’t panic! I know this is an unusual option to cover your table but apparently very effective. No need to wash or maintain! Just lay and take it off after using it! Easy! 

A kraft paper is a thick paperboard that is durable and doesn’t tear easily. Though commonly used to wrap items, here, you are going to wrap the table countertop. A beige kraft paper can be enveloped on the dining table to cover it. This will protect the table from spills and dirt. Though suitable for one-time usage, you can use it regularly too.

But the interesting aspect is that you can even make use of it differently. For instance, people can write about the food before leaving the table on kraft paper. Or maybe, they can write some words on it at your birthday dinner. So the same kraft paper becomes a chart or memorabilia too!

Kraft papers are cost-efficient and perfect for one-time usage. I would recommend you to use this option for parties and occasions. 

8. Blanket As A Table Cover: 

What about choosing a blanket to cover the table? Experimenting with blankets is one of my favorite ideas to cover the table. I mean it is unique and new every time! 

Blankets are another material that you may not need to buy as you may already have one. Blankets are easy to clean and wash. It also fits well with any type of dining table. Just choose a blanket you like and lay it on the table. It is ideal for outdoor dining tables as it often gives a picnic vibe! You can also lay one on your indoor dining table to install a countryside mood.

I agree that blankets are used for casual occasions but their versatility never fails to stun us. Like, you can use a floral blanket in summer and a snowflake blanket in winter. Or, maybe you can go for a checkered blanket. There is just no limit to the styles of the blanket!

Blankets are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and versatile. So if you are looking for something casual yet beautiful, try laying your favorite blanket on the dining table.

9. Curtain As A Table Cover: 

I know that you are shocked! I don’t blame you because yes, even I was stunned when I explored this idea. Trust me, it has excellent aesthetic value and can multiply your dining room beauty. 

The idea is to match the dining table cover with the curtains in your dining room. A subtle blend of design, pattern, and color creates a stylish and tempting look. I mean your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off of the dining table! Okay, so look at your dining room curtain.

Now imagine it on your dining table. That is it! You have to buy an extra curtain to lay on the dining table. You can even change the curtain and table cover set if you have several curtain sets. It is truly a unique idea. 

So ready to use curtains on your dining table? At least try it out once! Thank me later!

10. Shower Curtain As A Table Cover: 

I have heard many complaints about the long shower curtains. Many say that the shower curtains are too long and they need to cut them from the bottom. And they have thrown away the part they have cut! That was really a bad idea as you could have used this part as a tablecloth!

If you haven’t made the mistake yet, cut the extended part of the shower curtain. Now lay the shower curtain on the table! And you are done! So this idea is good enough as you are reusing a shower curtain despite throwing it away. Also, shower curtains are generally unique in design and color.

Normal curtains can’t have the same appearance. The polka dots or incessant stripes are specialties of shower curtains. Besides, shower curtains are water-resistant which is an extra benefit you get if you use shower curtains as a table cover. So you can maintain it easily. 

I believe that you can decorate as well as cover the table outstandingly by using a shower curtain. Try this out!

Price Range Of Different Dining Table Cover Ideas: 

If you are worried about pricing, relax. All the options mentioned are inexpensive. But if you still need an estimate, here is a chart mentioning the approximate prices of each dining table cover ideas:

Dining Table Cover Ideas Price Range (USD)
Rag Tablecloth $5- $15
Modern Table Runner $10- $30
Placemat Set $5- $30
Lace Tablecloth $1- $2 per yd
Tulle Table Cover $0.50- $1.5 per yd
Fitted Sheet Table Cover $5- $10
Kraft Paper As A Tablecloth $15- $20
Blanket Tablecloth $5- $30
Curtain As A Table Cover $5- $30
Shower Curtain As A Table Cover $5- $20

As you can see, none of the options are expensive. You can choose the one that you like the most as the investment is minimal. 

Related Questions: 

How To Arrange A Dining Table With Table Runner And Placemats?

It is not mandatory to cover and decorate the dining table with a single piece of cover. You can mix and match cover ideas to decorate as well as protect the table from spills and heat. And one such common idea is the combination of a table runner and placemats. 

You can buy a set of placemats and a table runner or contrast them.

To decorate with placemats and a table runner, you need to choose a narrow table runner that leaves space to place the placemats. Make sure to keep some bare spaces to maintain the aesthetics of the table. Arranging them is not hard if the table runner blends well with the placemats. 

Therefore, choose a compatible table runner with the placemats, get the right size, and lay them to decorate the dining table. 

What Can You Use Instead Of A Tablecloth? 

If you are not so fond of regular tablecloths, there are other alternatives that you can look into. To create a unique dining table decor, these alternatives work the best. 

The first alternative to a tablecloth is to use a table runner that partially covers the table. The other options can be a lace or tulle table cover that is suitable for festivals, parties, and special occasions. But if you want something casual but out-of-the-box, go for a kraft paper or gift wrap paper.

These papers are sturdy and take the shape of the table wrapping it fully. It alters the look of the table as well as protects it from dirt and spills. Otherwise, you can use a curtain to cover the table instead of using a regular tablecloth. 

Choose one of these alternatives according to your taste and choice. Match them with the decor and decide which one will be the best. 

Can You Use A Bedsheet As A Table Cover? 

Fitted sheets or bed sheets are not commonly used as a table cover. But does that mean that it is not a good idea to use a bedsheet as a table cover? No. In fact, not many can think of the decorative value of a bedsheet that can adorn the dining table too!

You can use a bedsheet as a table cover. It is one of the smartest options to use a bed sheet to cover the table. Be it a polka dot cotton bedsheet or a floral silk bedsheet, it can embellish and alter the look of the dining table. Your guests will be stunned to see such unique decor! As bedsheets are versatile and wide, they can beautifully cover the table and make it look outstanding. 

Therefore, you can surely think of covering the dining table with a bedsheet to give a stylish and phenomenal look to it. 


You have multiple options to cover a dining table. The alternatives are easy to find and execute. You just need to decide on a style and cover that matches your taste and decor. 

Have you picked up any dining table cover ideas yet?


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