10 Lift-Up Hinges for Coffee Tables: In-Depth Review

Looking for extra space for your regular coffee table? Or, do you want to improve the look of your living room with a different touch? Ok then, the lift-top hinges are the best option to create a new look or spacing up to your table. A coffee table lift-up hinge is a type of hidden hinge used for opening and concealing the ends of a coffee table. 

The lift-up hinge is necessary when using the coffee table’s top and bottom separately. For example, if you want to store extra stuff under the tabletop, you’ll need a lifting hinge. These innovative hinges allow you to open the top of your coffee table to add (or remove) storage underneath. 

Tons of lift-up hinge options are available in the market. Unfortunately, picking the right one for your coffee table can be tedious and time-consuming.

I have extensively reviewed and compiled a list of my top 10 lift-top hinges for coffee tables to assist with your coffee table redesign project. Hopefully, the list will provide you with the best pick for lift-top hinges for a coffee table to transform your living area.

MSOBAIW Coffee Table Mechanism Spring Hinge is one of the best lift-top hinges for coffee table choices due to its durability and attractive positioning. Furthermore, it is multi-functional to make your table more flexible.

Let’s not wait. Discover how lift-top hinges can give your simple coffee table a striking look with the proper guideline.

Best Lift-top Hinges For Coffee Table Top: Side-by-side Comparison

You need a detailed comparison of the best lift-top hinges for your coffee table, but don’t have the time! This table offers a comprehensive product overview, including price and key details. With this, I hope to save you time and provide an overall picture of all ten lift-top hinges.

Lift-top Hinges For Coffee Table TopItem WeightProduct DimensionsManufacturerNameUnit CountMaterialInstallation ProcessFor Price
GreatBba Folding Lift-up Standing Rack Hinge‎3.11 pounds12 x 2 x 0.5 inches

2 PairsDurable SteelEasy-to-useClick Here
MSOBAIW  Coffee Table Mechanism Spring Hinge‎3.17 pounds13.89 x 4.53 x 1.97 inchesMSOBAIW1 pairHigh-quality steelEasy AssembleClick Here
KEILEOHO Lift Up Top Hinge Spring Folding Stand Rack‎3.23 pounds13.62 x 5.12 x 2.13 inches
2 piecesHeavy-duty MetalEasy InstallClick Here
MUKCHAP 2 Pairs Table Lift Hardware Mechanism Hinge
6.31 Pounds

15.75 x 4.25 x 2.6 inches‎ MUKCHAP
2 pairsHigh-quality steelSimple installationClick Here
EFORCAR Coffee Table Folding Lift-Up Top
1.06 pounds6.81 x 6.57 x 1.97 inchesEFORCAR1 pairPremium quality metalEasy to set upClick Here
JIUZHU  Lift Up Top  Spring Hinge Gas Hydraulic 
4.51 pounds ‎12.76 x 4.92 x 3.9 inchesJIUZHU1 pairHeavy-duty steelEasy to useClick Here
ZEONHEI  Folding Lift up, Gas Hydraulic Hinge Hardware
6.38 pounds14.92 x 5.43 x 3.58 inchesZEONHEI
2 pairBlack Cold-rolled quality steel Simple installationClick Here
Sauton Coffee Table Lift, Spring Stand Furniture Hinges
3.27 pounds15.86 x 2.95 x 2.05 inchesSAUTON

1 pairAluminum, SteelConvenient installClick Here
ECLV Adjustable Lift-up Top Large Coffee Table Hinges
N/A22 3/4 inch ( L) x 13 5/8 inch (W) x 2 inch (H) to 41 1/4 inch ( L) x 13 5/8 inch (W) x 2 inch (H)ECLV1 pieceMetalEasy fittingClick Here
VOCOMO Soft Close Lid Support Heavy-Duty Hinges1.‎32 pounds13.94 x 2.91 x 1.61 inchesVOCOMO2 piecesStainless SteelFlexible installationClick Here

10 Best Lift-top Hinges: A Comprehensive Review

This guide will provide insight into the available 10 lift-top hinges for coffee table tops. You can be assured that all of the items included in this list are built to last long, and are of the highest quality. Continue reading for more information.

1. GreatBba Folding Lift-up Standing Rack Hinge (Gas Hydraulic)

If you are searching for top-tier cabinet pulls that are both practical and attractive, look no further than the GreatBba lift-up top coffee table hinge. This Hinge is highly durable, lasting for an extended period due to its sturdy construction.

Features With Benefits:

Flexible: Try this top-of-the-line lift-up coffee table hinge that can accommodate any need. Plus, the hinge rack Bracket avoids bending or stress on your wrists when setting down your meals.

Heavy-duty: This product is constructed of heavy-duty steel, making it anti-rust and corrosion-resistant. It is designed to be durable and robust, ensuring that it will not easily curve or break.

Easy Assemble: You can lift your coffee table without fear of broken arms or ripped flooring! This easy-to-use Folding Lift Top Coffee Table lifts just like a standard desk, so you can move it easily. 

Stable: The ergonomic design ensures stable and comfortable use all day long. Thanks to its incredible stability, this table can be used anywhere, at home or work. 


  • The lift-up table is easy to set up and use;
  • It is an excellent option for larger rooms;
  • You can quickly raise or lower the coffee table;
  • The frame is made of heavy-duty steel;
  • It can be used as a desk or a storage area.


  • No mounting screws are provided.

2. MSOBAIW Lift-up Spring Hinge Multi-Functional With Pneumatic Gas Spring Lift Support 

Are you tired of struggling to raise your coffee table to reach the remote control or magazines? This ingenious mechanism makes lifting and lowering your coffee table a breeze. Lift your coffee table with ease!

Multi-functional: Mount it on the storage box or underneath the table for an extra layer of stability while putting in extra stuff. Make your living room more open and spacious with a multi-functional coffee table. It is easy to use in various projects and fits in any decor. 

Adjustable Design: The clever design features a spring hinge that makes adjustments easy and ensures sturdy function. Additionally, it’s adaptable with different material tops, so you can use it wherever you want.

Easy to use: With its gas spring nifty mechanism, you can easily access your goodies without twisting or straining. Moreover, it features simple installation and fits most tables, making it ideal for any living space.

Durable: This lift-top hinge is made of heavy-duty steel material, ensuring durability, sturdiness, and anti-rust and corrosion-resistant properties. As a result, it is unlikely to break or bend under wear and tear.


  • Pneumatic gas spring lift supports;
  • All furniture types are compatible with this product;
  • The frame is easy to set up;
  • Made with high-quality materials;
  • Supports a 125-degree angle and is applicable for large tables.


  • Installing them might be tricky for inexperienced people.

3. KEILEOHO Lift Up Top Hinge Spring Folding Stand Rack Bracket

Looking for a quality lift top stand to help you stay organized and relaxed? Look no further than KEILEOHO! So, don’t wait to create a fresh and innovative touch to your living room with these lift-top hinges. 

Features With Benefits

High-quality:  This heavy-duty metal lid support is exceptionally durable and well-made. It is solid and safe, making it difficult to bend or break, serving you the ultimate comfort, and comes with 20 pcs of mounting screws.

Easy Install– This high-quality humanized design is easy to fold and install – making it perfect for any room. It is perfect for suspending tea and coffee tables, making them more comfortable.

Humanized design: If you’re looking for a modern and comfortable designed lift-top hinge, the KEILEOHO should be your choice. This lift-top hinge is the perfect solution to give your table a new look.

Long-lasting: It is also highly resistant to wear and tear, making it an excellent long-term investment. Its unique design makes it perfect for any cabinet, drawer, or cupboard. At the same time, the built-in quality offers maximum strength and stability. 


  • It can easily hold one piece of wooden surface;
  • Foldable hinge stands to make storage easy;
  • This hinge mechanism is highly durable and efficient;
  • The stand rack bracket is easy to assemble.


  • A bit tricky setup for newbies.

4. MUKCHAP 2 Pairs Table Lift Up Top Hinge

Although I hate to admit it, heavy lifting can be tough on your arms. However, with the help of these sturdy material holders, you’ll remain at ease as you install and use this hinge!

Features With Benefits:

Durable Material: These hinges are made of a sturdy material that distributes weight evenly. It is made of high-quality steel, ensuring optimal durability and strength.

Value for money: You can assure with MUKCHAP table lift hinges, constructed from materials guaranteed to last. Investing in these long-lasting lift-top hinges for a coffee table will be an absolute value for money. 

Versatile applications:  This lift-up table mechanism makes any ordinary table into a versatile writing, dining, or napping surface. From a small coffee table to a vast banquet hall, these hinges can easily help to design furniture.

Convenient Use:  It is suitable for a variety of applications and can be used in many places, and is easy to deform. Setting up your table is a breeze with this lift-top stand.


  • Stability and efficiency are the hallmarks of the hinge mechanism;
  • The hinges are sturdy and durable;
  • Replacements are easy and affordable;
  • The stand is multi-functional and works well with rectangular coffee tables.


  • Installation instructions are not provided for general users, and setup might be tedious.

5. EFORCAR Folding Lift-up Top Modern Coffee Table Hinge Spring Stand

The EFORCAR Coffee Table Lift is the perfect way to raise your coffee table. This lift-top hinge should be the right choice when looking for extra space in your table for a party arrangement or regular use.

Features With Benefits:

Space-saver: Adding a lift-top hinge to your coffee table can effectively maximize space and efficiently use the area in your living room. These Lift-top hinges enable the tabletop to be lifted from the frame, creating valuable storage space or a convenient work surface.

Premium Quality Material:  EFORCAR hinge’s premium quality metal ensures maximum durability and strength. With an anti-rust and corrosion-resistant finish, these materials are designed to stand the test of time and can withstand wear and tear. 

Perfect For DIY Project: With the help of this product, you can quickly turn a typical coffee table into a convenient, tricked-out workstation. These lift-top hinges create a beautiful aesthetic look and are the perfect addition to any DIY project.

Flexible Setup: Not only that, but its simple installation makes it easy to integrate into your existing design. With these lift-top hinges, your home will look more sophisticated and stylish.


  • Folding lift-up stands is effortless to assemble;
  • The mechanism is easy to use;
  • These hinges are perfect for casual or formal occasions;
  • Made of Durable material.


  • Screws and instructions are not included.

6. JIUZHU 1 pair Lifting Frame Mechanism Spring Hinge Gas Hydraulic 

Do you often find your tabletop engulfed in desk clutter? Then, the JIUZHU 1-pair folding lift-up top coffee table is perfect for you. With these lift-top hinges, you can rearrange your tabletop more smartly.

Features With Benefits:

Solid Build Quality: JIUZHU 1 pair adjustable hinges are made from solid and robust materials suitable for many applications. A corrosion-resistant coating is applied to this heavy-duty steel product to prevent rust.

Versatile use: It is versatile and folds up for easy storage, making it perfect for DIY interior projects. These stands can be raised or lowered with a single collapsed hinge for your convenience. 

Simple fitting: These lift-up hinges feature gas struts that facilitate a smooth, slow, convenient, and safe opening and closing process. Its spring hinge mechanism allows it to fold up easily, so it doesn’t get in the way when you need to seat guests.

Long-lasting: Plus, it’s long-lasting – making it an ideal choice for households with a lot of desk space.  The gas hydraulic Hin allows you to adjust the height and angle of the coffee table according to your needs, making it perfect for any space.


  • The lift-up top is easy to adjust;
  • Well-optimized for furniture setup;
  • The height adjustments are perfect for any surface;
  • Made with robust and quality metal.


  • Stand height is not enough.

7. ZEONHEI 2 Pair 50kg Folding Lift-up Top Table, Gas Hydraulic Hinge Hardware

Would you like a robust and straightforward installation for your tabletop hinges? Then, you can’t go wrong with the ZEONHEI 2 Pair Folding Lift-Up Top Table. With this gas hydraulic hinge hardware, your living room will get a more polished look.

Features With Benefits:

Strong-built: ZEONHEI hinge hardware is constructed from heavy-duty black cold-rolled steel, coated with an anti-corrosion paint for durability. With a load capacity of 50 kg/100 lbs, this stand is designed for lasting strength and performance.

Simple installation: This coffee table lifting frame is equipped with 60 mounting screws; each specification is M5 x 20. The pre-punched holes allow for quick and easy installation; attach the spring to the hinge for immediate use.

Multi-purpose Design: ZEONHEI’s lift-up coffee table hinge has multiple functions, making it ideal for different uses. It can be optimized as a dining table, desk, computer table, coffee table, and mini closet extra space. 

Space Optimizer: Providing an effective solution for optimizing your living room furniture arrangement and minimizing the need for additional furniture purchases.


  • The Folding stands are easy to move and set up;
  • It is gas hydraulic hinge hardware;
  • To home theater and office desks, they can serve a wide variety of purposes;
  • Made with durable material.


  • The packaging may be a little loose.

8. Sauton Coffee Table Lift Mechanism, Spring Stand Furniture Hinges

Don’t spend another day putting your coffee table together- lift it. With this Sauton Coffee Table Lift Mechanism, you can lift your coffee table effortlessly.

Key Features With Benefits

Screw Hole Design: If you’re always looking for an easy way to move your coffee table around, look no further than Sauton Coffee Table Lift Mechanism. Its screw-hole design makes loading and unloading your table easy while keeping it stable.

Sturdy material: Plus, the heavy-duty material will ensure your table stays in place even when there’s a lot of stuff. Paint and plating are used to increase the protection of heavy-duty metal hinges.

Suitable For Multipurpose Use: This clever design means you can get the job done quickly and easily without worrying about the mess. Furthermore, this hardware can serve as a foundation for making tea tables, retractable coffee tables, and other furniture.

Simple Installation: This pair of Black Lift Up Modern Coffee Table Mechanism Hardware is ideal for various furniture projects. Featuring multiple drilled-hole designs, installation of this hardware is easy and efficient. 


  • The lift mechanism enables you to move the coffee table quickly;
  • Black spring stands can support heavy coffee tables;
  • The lifting action allows tables to be placed correctly;
  • These hinges offer a flexible setup and are made with thick steel.


  • Screws/mounting hardware is not included in the package.

9. ECLV Adjustable Top Large Coffee Table Hinge Spring with Mounting Screws

If you’re looking for a fantastic way to improve the look and function of your Furniture, take a look at ECLV adjustable lift-up hinges. This piece is perfect for modern and traditional home styles to remodel your Furniture.

Features With Benefits:

Solid-built: ECLA adjustment top lift-up coffee table is an excellent choice for a durable home furniture organizer. This product is made from heavy-duty metal and is designed to endure years of use without bending or breaking. 

Multi-functional Use: Transform your regular coffee table into a functional piece of furniture with ECLV Lift Up Coffee Table Mechanism Hardware. Easy installation makes it perfect for various pieces of furniture. 

Adjustable: It is perfect for use in any room, and its adjustable mechanism makes it easy to fit any Furniture. For added stability, the stand comes with a hinge spring. 

Budget-friendly: This product is affordable compared to other similar ones on the market, making it an excellent value for your money. Hardware quality is not compromised to ensure customer satisfaction.


  • It is an excellent furniture organizer;
  • Easily adaptable to fit any dining room table size or style;
  • Weight capacity offers 100 to 200 lbs; 
  • These hinges are easy to install.


  • The spring is not very sturdy, and no mounted screw is provided.

10. VOCOMO Soft Close Lid Support Gas Struts Heavy Duty Hinges 

Do you frequently use your desk table, which becomes messy for extra stuff? The Vocomo soft close lid Lift hinge is perfect for coffee tables that need additional space but have an impressive design.

Features With Benefits:

Solid Built-in Quality: 200N gas struts are highly durable, making them perfect for long-term use in various environments. These struts are sure to provide reliable and consistent performance, making them an excellent choice for multiple applications.

Flexible Use: It lifts the table flexibly, so you can set it at a comfortable height whether you’re watching TV or reading a book. Mounting screws and hinges let you customize the ECLV Adjustable Lift-up Top Large Coffee Table to fit any space.

Gentle Closing System: The gentle slow-close design of this hinge is constructed for maximum safety for both children and adults. The lids will lower slowly and gently, avoiding any potential risk of crushing even the most petite fingers. 

Easy Setup: Vocomo hinges easy installation instructions guarantee a perfect setup on the first try. Easy-to-follow instructions make the process simple and ensure the lid is secured.


  • The solid hinges are safe to use;
  • The lid support also features an automatic safety system;
  • Made with heavy-duty stainless steel;
  • It will stay strong when you use the 105-degree opening angle.


  • The instruction manual is hard to read.

Things To Consider Before Buying Lift-top Hinges For Coffee Table

Coffee tables are essential to any living room, providing both practical use and a decorative aesthetic. However, their intricate construction requires more thorough consideration when it comes to lift-top hinges for coffee tables

To aid in this process, I have compiled all the essential information to help you find the perfect lift-top hinges. 

  1. Size:  

It’s important to consider both the size of the coffee table and the size of the lift-top hinges when selecting lift-top hinges. In addition, lift-top hinges should be compatible with the coffee table, meaning they should fit properly and have the correct dimensions.

Choosing the incorrect size hinges for any project can often lead to dissatisfaction. It is especially true when installing a lift-top table, as the hinges will only fit well if they are the correct size. For a successful project, pick hinges that are the right size. The lift-top table may only function properly or look aesthetically pleasing with the correct-sized hinges. 

Furthermore, suppose the hinges are too small. In that case, the table may be prone to tipping over, which could cause injury and property damage. There will eventually be an evident return or rejection of the hinges.

Hence, before ordering the lift-top hardware, ensure you take the proper measurement of your coffee table and hinges to avoid extra hassle.

  1. Weight Capacity:

Lift-top hinges should be purchased for coffee tables based on their weight capacity. If the table’s weight exceeds the hinges’ capacity, it can cause instability and damage to the hinges over time. In addition, it can result in an unsafe item and wear and tear on the hinges. 

Hinges that can withstand the weight of a table are essential for maximum security and longevity. Before choosing lift-top hinges for your project, it’s crucial to consider how much weight the hinges can handle. Light-duty and heavy-duty lift-top hinges are available on the market, so you must select the right hinge for your application.

If you choose a hinge with a low weight capacity, it may not be able to open and close or support the weight. Therefore, carefully consider the weight capacity of the lift-top hinges before making a purchase.

  1. Adjustability:

When shopping for a lift-top hinge for a coffee table, selecting the adjustable one is essential. The adjustment feature should be easy to use and allow you to customize the lift top height to your table’s needs. In addition, it will help ensure that the lift top is securely in place regardless of the weight on the table. 

Additionally, adjustable lift-top hinges can help you arrange the overall look of your coffee table. With various finishes and materials available, adjustable lift-top hinges can help you create a unique and stylish.

  1. Quality:

 It is essential to verify the quality of the material before investing in lift-top hinges. Selecting components of superior quality can grant you an optimal experience when operating the lift top. Conversely, if you settle for a substandard material, you risk compromising your satisfaction and money. 

High-quality materials such as durable steel lift-top hinges are designed to resist wear and tear, making them an excellent investment for frequent use. A few things to keep in mind while assessing the quality of the material, include the material’s strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Different materials may react differently to changes in temperature. Investing in top-notch material can grant you significant durability in the long run.

  1. Material Coating:

If you’re buying lift-top hinges for a coffee table, make sure they’re coated with anti-corrosion paint or anti-rust coating. This additional layer of protection can help to protect the hinge from rust and corrosion, ensuring that it lasts for as long as possible. Not only will this provide long-lasting usage for your coffee table, but it can also help extend the hinge’s life. 

Investing in a protective coating will extend the lifespan of your lift-top hinge and keep your coffee table in great shape for years to come. 

  1. Installation Process:

When you’re in the market for lift-top hinges for a coffee table, you must choose hinges that are easy to install. The simple installation will help you set up the tabletop in a matter of minutes, meaning you can enjoy your new coffee table much sooner.

In some cases, intricate setups may require the assistance of a skilled mechanic to fit the hinges properly. Consider the installation’s difficulty before buying the hinges, so you won’t run into any unforeseen trouble.

  1. Multifunctional:

It is highly beneficial to select a multi-functional lift-top hinge for a coffee table. There are many uses for this hinge hardware, including making furniture for various purposes. With multi-purpose hinges, you can transform a regular coffee table into a tricked-out, multi-functional piece of furniture. 

In addition to making the top of the coffee table more accessible, these hinges can also be used to add hidden storage compartments, pull-out drawers, and mini-tables. This versatility of the hinges allows you to customize your furniture to your desired style and needs. Investing in multi-functional lift-top hinges

  1. Cost-effectiveness:

Consider the product’s cost-effectiveness when purchasing lift-top hinges for a coffee table. Many companies offer hinges of excellent quality at affordable prices, so it is worth shopping around to find the best deal. Although higher-quality products will generally have a higher price tag, it is crucial to focus on the quality of the product rather than the cost. 

  1. User Feedback/Review:

You should select lift-top hinges for coffee tables after careful research and consideration. Check user reviews and website feedback to ensure you select the right product. It is also essential to compare different products and prices to ensure you get the best value for your money. 

Additionally, if you’re opting for any customization options, be sure to ask questions and take the time to research the product thoroughly. 

How To Install Lift-Top Hinges For The Coffee Table Top: Step-By-Step Instructions

Installing lift-top coffee table hinges is a relatively straightforward process. However, if you are a novice or not good with drilling tools, you might need an expert to install the hinges for the tabletop.

Let’s check on the basic step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Mark The Hinge Bracket’s Position

Before you start the installation process, it is important to properly mark the position of the hinge bracket on the tabletop. You can do this by measuring the table’s center. As a result, the bracket will line up correctly with the table when installed.

Step 2: Mount Left, And Right Hinges

Check the positioning of the hinges after picking a spot and start initial mounting. Repeat this process for each hinge on the left and right sides. In this way, the hinges will be placed correctly.

Step 3: Position The Table Top

Once the hinges have been securely attached to the frame, the next step is to ensure that the table top is positioned correctly. Before taking the tabletop away from the hinges, carefully examine the surface’s position to ensure it is aligned correctly. 

If the table top needs to be adjusted, gently lift the surface and reposition it in the right setup. Once the tabletop is in the correct place, take it away from the hinges and set it aside in a secure area.

Step 4: Remove Hinges And Prepare To Mount Them To The Tabletop

To properly mount the hinges to the tabletop, it is necessary first to remove them. Once removed, confirm all positioning and marking, punch the necessary holes and begin drilling. It is vital to ensure that all holes are precisely drilled to secure fit. 

Depending on the type of hinge being used, additional steps may need to be taken. Such as using extra screws or mounting plates.

Step 5: Mount Hinges To The Tabletop

Mount the hinges to the tabletop using the appropriate screws and tools. It is essential to tighten the screws securely to guarantee a proper fit. Ensure that the screws are not too long for the tabletop to prevent any potential damage to the surface. 

Use caution and check the screws to confirm that they are adequately tightened. If any screws become loose, use the proper tool to tighten them again.

Step 6: Construct A Support Structure (Cradle) For The Tabletop

Now build a cradle to support the tabletop. This cradle should be strong enough to provide the necessary support for the tabletop. Consider the tabletop’s size, weight, and shape before deciding on the dimensions and construction materials. Once the support structure is built, securely attach it to the tabletop and check that it is firmly in place.

Step 7: Reinstall The Hinges On The Table Base

Finally, remount all the screws correctly and adequately fit the hinges to the table base. Additionally, when reinstalling the screws, make sure to use the same screw type and size used when assembling the table. Doing so will ensure that the table remains sturdy and secure.

Purposes Of A Lift-Top Coffee Table You Should Know

A lift-top coffee table is a fantastic addition to any living space. It can serve various purposes, making it an incredibly versatile piece of furniture. Primarily, it can be used as a coffee table, providing a stable surface to place magazines, books, drink coasters, and more. 

Furthermore, the lift-top feature makes it possible for people of any height to use laptops or tablets comfortably. In addition, the top can be raised to reveal hidden compartments for storing items like remote controls, charging cords, and even board games.

With its array of uses, a lift-top coffee table is an excellent choice for your furniture addition.

Related Questions:

How Does A Lift-Off Hinge Work?

A lift-off hinge is a particular type of hinge designed to be easily removable. Lift-off hinges feature two parts that can be separated for convenient removal of the door if it becomes blocked from the inside. The hinge attaches the doorframe or frame to the hinge, which attaches to the surface. To operate, you can remove the hinge from the post. The door or frame can be easily detached when needed. 

These hinges are commonly used in cabinets, furniture, and other applications. Lift-off hinges are available in various sizes and styles, so they can be easily tailored to fit any application. 

Are Lift-top Coffee Tables Good?

Lift-top coffee tables are a great option if you are looking for a multi-functional piece of furniture. They can be used as a traditional coffee table but also have the added benefit of raising the top to use as a makeshift desk or work surface. They provide a space-saving solution in small spaces while providing a functional living area.

The top can be lifted to a comfortable height, while the storage space underneath can store magazines or other items. Lift-top coffee tables are convenient and stylish and can be found in various materials and finishes to fit your needs.

How Much Weight Can A Lift-Top Coffee Table Hold?

Lift-top coffee tables are designed to provide maximum convenience, flexibility, and long-term durability. The weight capacity of a lift-top coffee table varies depending on the material and construction of the table.

Generally, a standard coffee table can hold up to 100-300 pounds. Meanwhile, the lift-top surface can hold up to 40-100 pounds of weight. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the weight evenly over the table, as this will maximize its weight-bearing capacity and extend the life of the table.

How Do You Make A Coffee Table Lift-Up?

The lift-up feature is perfect for creating extra space for storage or a makeshift table. The key to making a coffee table lift is to install a mechanism that will support the weight of the top. With gas rams, hinges, or pistons, this can be accomplished. 

Once the mechanism is installed, it should be tested for strength, stability, and ease of use. Finally, the lift-up top should be secured appropriately and fixed for added safety and security. Utilizing these steps will ensure that your coffee table lift-up is functional and reliable.

What Should You Look For In A Lift-Top Coffee Table?

When shopping for a lift-top coffee table, consider the size and shape of the table, the quality of its construction, and the materials used. Make sure the table has the necessary supports to hold the top up and that it can be easily opened and closed. Look for a table with a smooth, sturdy surface and an even finish.

Furthermore, the table’s design should complement your home’s decor style. Above all, make sure the table is within your budget and meets your needs. A well-made lift-top coffee table can be a stylish and functional addition to any living space.


After reading this article, you should be well-informed on which cabinet pulls are worth your investment. I have picked out all the options that are of high quality and designed for longevity. 

In them, I recommend the MSOBAIW Spring Hinge, which stands out as the best choice for its perfect balance of multi-functional use and durable steel. This excellent product is perfect for your DIY versatile projects. It will surely enhance your coffee tabletop’s overall look and function.

The VOCOMO Soft Close Hinge is a secure solution for those looking to enhance the aesthetic of their living room tabletop to create a fresh look or extra space. In addition, this hardware is ideal for those who wish to operate the table surface efficiently because of its gentle lid-close design.

Clarify your specifications and select the option that meets your requirements most accurately.


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